Monday, March 26, 2007

Thug-in-Chief's Military Official to US: Don't Attack

A senior Iranian Military official had just warned the US against starting a war against Iran. “If America starts a war against Iran, it won’t be the one who finishes it,” Morteza Saffari, naval forces commander of the elite Revolutionary Guards, was quoted as saying by the ISNA news agency. He had also said that Iran will not let even one American soldier enter the country.
Fine then. We can defeat Iran without any soldiers. Why doen't the US declare solidarity with the rebellious minorities of Iran such as the Kurds, Baluchis or Azeris? The US should hijack government radio and broadcasts and encourage the people to revolt. The US needs to win the war of ideas and information. Drop leaflets on major Iranian cities detailing the many "gifts" that the government has brought them such as unemployment, a slowing economy, near-war... Demoralize the people by letting them know which cities will be completely wiped off the map by American bombs if a war breaks out. Let them know exactly the consequences of a war and how it can be averted, namely by rejecting this government and rejecting Islam. Tell them that Ahmadinejad and all his Mullahs are not real Iranians. As a head Ayatollah once said, he could not care less if all of Iran was destroyed for the sake of Islam. Real patriotic, eh? Let them know that we are prepared to make peace but ready and willing to make war.


10men said...

Interesting times we live in.
My only hope is if john Lewis's excellent essay "No substitute for victory" comes true. I'm sure it will & pray that it will.
Thanks for the link, I will do the same.

Gravelrash said...

Iran will be as glorious on the battle field as all other Arab armies have been, most recently Iraq and it's "fabled" Revolutionary Guard.
The Arab has never learned....don't mess with Gods chosen people!
I stand with Israel, and proudly.

Michael said...

The Iranians need a reminder of the last time thy militarily challenged the US:
During the last 2 years of the Iran-Iraq War, when the US Navy tried to protect shipping in the Persian Gulf.
The tensions escalated to a full scale battle on 18 April, 1988, in which, for a loss of two men, the US Navy sank or crippled 3 Iranian warships, at least 6 smaller boats, and destroyed 2 oil platforms. The fight left the entire Iranian coastline defenceless, and laid Iran open to economic strangulation by the closing of all seaborne trade.
Shortly after, Iran settled the war with Iraq.
When the challenge is taken, the mullahs back down.
Bush needs to be told that this can happen again, as the disparity in naval power in the Gulf is greater now than then.