Tuesday, March 13, 2007

An Open Letter to Barack Obama

Dear Mr Obama,
You seemed like an eloquent and persuasive speaker. I almost believed that your speeches were well written and researched. It seems like I was wrong. In a speech, you said "Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people". Really? Nobody? Are you sure about that?
Mr. Obama, as an ex-Muslim, or apostate as you are known in the Islamic world, you cannot be serious. Since you were schooled in Indonesia, you must be familiar with the plight of the hundreds of thousands of Christians who have fled due to Islamic aggression. Since you claim to have a very personal relationship with J.C., I'm somewhat suprised that you are unconcerned with the over 2500 churches that have been burnt in Indonesia in the past year.
Still, maybe the Palestinians are suffering more, what with the evil Israeli "ethnic cleansing". Hmmm... that doesn't quite cut it. Do you know about the hundreds of thousands of Thai Buddhists who have been chased out from Southern Thailand because of Islamic Jihad? Didn't think so. What about the decapitated Buddhist monks? Nothing? Seems like a lot of people of suffering.
Are you still sure? Ilan Halimi tz"l, the Jewish Parisian boy who was abducted, tortured and murdered last year by Muslim murderers, isn't. I think that Erez Levanon tz"l, who was kidnapped and killed by terrorists while in the midst of prayer two weeks ago, agrees with Ilan. Does the Palestinian suffering still seem that bad? Does it compare with the grief of the family of 9-month old Shalevet Pas who was killed by a sniper while in her parents arms in Hebron? I somehow doubt it.
Mr. Obama, you seemed like such a charismatic speaker. I seem to have made a mistake. Palestinian suffering? I'm sure the millions of dollars meant for humanitarian purposes that Hamas used to buy weapons, really helps put things in perspectives. Mr. Obama, next time, don't seek sympathy for terrorists. In civilized society, murderers aren't rewarded, they're punished. That is exactly what should be done to ease the "Palestinian Suffering".


Bar Kochba

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