Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Post-Zionist Collapse

What is the biggest threat facing Israel right now? Iranian nukes? Palestinian terrorism? Inept leadership? Nope. The answer is something far worse, something so dangerous that it demoralizes us and leaves us paralyzed- Post-Zionism.
The founders of the State, despite being secular, knew why they were here. They saw themselves in very biblical terms, helping rebuild the desolate kingdom of Judea. They understood that the survival of Israel depends on having a raison d'etre for the State to rally the citizens. They were fulfilling the Jewish dream of "being a free people in our land, the land of Zion and Jerusalem".
Today, the people of Israel no longer have faith in the Dream and faith in G-d. What are we doing in Israel? Why did G-d return us to our ancient homeland after over 3000 years of wandering in exile? Was it to build a Western country full of night clubs and non-kosher restaurants? Is our purpose to live the good life and spend Shabbat and Yom Kippur tanning on the beach?
No, our purpose is to "perfect the world in the Kingdom of the Almighty". We are here to be a "light to the nations", a country built on holiness, compassion, justice and mercy. We are a people sustained by a convenant with G-d. Without faith in our mission, we have no strength. If we are trying to created a sunny California on the Mediterannean, then why not head for the real one when the going gets rough? Without belief in the Zionist Dream, we cannot defend ourselves and stand up to our enemies. Why do you think Israel lost the war this past summer? Because we lack faith in our purpose. We do not possess the right mindset to be able to combat enemies who are fighting a "holy war". We can't understand them.
The PM of Israel, Ehud Olmert, said in a speech: "We (Israel) are tired of fighting and tired of winning". No, Mr. Olmert, the People of Israel will never tire of fighting. We are ready to fight until the very end. If you are read to falter, just remeber the words of King David: "Behold, the Protector of Israel neither rests nor sleeps".


PD111 said...

Yet another something I posted on LGF in 2003.


According to a poll some 31% of Israelis back the Geneva accords.

Now this is an enormous fraction of Israelis who actually go along with what all Arabs and some Europeans and Americans would like for the state of Israel.

The main problem is not Carter, Annan, EU and the idiotic Left in the US, but what has happened to Israelis themselves.

If one assumes that some 30% of Israelis also favour some kind of Sampson or Masada option, then we have a situation, where around 60% of Israelis have some kind of suicidal death wish.

It seems to me, that not only have Arabs lost their fear of Israel, but also more importantly, Israelis have become fearful of the world. And the smell of that fear is being picked up by the enemies of Israel (EoI). The EoI justifiably, are redoubling their efforts to demonise Israel and get it to accept, in one form or another, the Geneva accords, just so that it puts Israel in mortal strategic peril.


First and foremost Israelis have to help themnselves by believing in themselves, and then and only then, will the supporters of Israel around the world will offer their support. At this moment many of us are demoralised by not only Olmert but the increasingly defeatist Israeli public.

Anonymous said...

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