Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Long Live Kurdistan!

And Baluchistan, and Azeristan, and Druzistan and Darfur... We, as Jews, stand in solidarity with all the non-arab and non-Muslim peoples of the Middle-East. The Kurds are the largest people in the world living without a state. They have their own language, culture, homeland... It's time to give them a country. This would be very useful for us Infidels. An independent Kurdish state could have very important ramifications for the entire Dar-al-Islam, House of Islam. It could encourage the Kurdish minorities in Iran and Syria to revolt, as well as other minorities such as the Baluchis and Azeris in Iran. This could create a whole wave of ethnic nationalism throughout the region. Israel could help carve Lebanon into a Christian state and a Druze one. The Druze of Syria could join with this new Druzistan. The US could end the genocide in Darfur and there establish a black Darfuri state. In the new states, Islam could be swept out with revolutionary fervour. With a little education from the Infidels, Islam would be revealed for what it is, namely a tool of Arab imperialism. That's why non-arabs bow 5 times a day to Arabia and learn to memorize the Quran in Arabis- 'the perfect language'. Long live Infidelistan!

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Mizgîn said...

Why do you say that you stand in solidarity with Kurds? Why don't you say the truth that you only stand in solidarity with Kurds under Iraqi, Syrian, and Iranian occupation because to do so serves your own interests?

You don't even mention Turkey, where the majority of the world's Kurds have been, and continue to be, SEVERELY repressed for 80+ years.

Why don't you stand in solidarity with us? Why don't you demand that your ally, Turkey, grant full autonomy to 20 million Kurds under Turkish brutality?