Thursday, March 1, 2007

Jewish Road Map

Despite the absolute failure of the so-called Road Map to Peace, the US and EU continue to be commited to this disaster. I propose a Jewish Road Map to Peace:
1. Israel must declare sovereignty over all of the Land of Israel currently in its possession.
4. Israel must allow Jews complete access over the Temple Mount while protecting the rights of the Muslims to the site granted that they do not interfere with Jewish services. A synagogue will be built on the Mount in accordance with strict Halachic standards.
3. Israel must declare that any opposition will be met with harshly. Any village from which a suicide attack or missile come from will be destroyed, all of its inhabitants expelled to the nearest Arab country and the land prepared for Jewish settlement. All Arabs are free to make sure that their homes are not used for terror or to leave.
4. All Arabs will be given the choice of signing a declaration of loyalty to the State and People of Israel or of moving elsewhere. If their loyalties do not belong to Israel then neither do their homes belong in it.
5. Israel will withdraw from the UN and tell the world that its right to exists comes from G-d Almighty and not a hundred anti-semitic non-Jews.


Anonymous said...

That would be awesome!
I'm sick of Arabs acting like they are superior(they are not our equals) and that Islam must rule the world. I am not Jewish, but I support, believe and will help Defend Israels' right to exist because they are the only Democracy surround by barbarians!

urban11 said...

sounds good to me!

Mark said...

Here, here. At last, sovereignty!

Anonymous said...

If I were an Israeli, you would have my vote for PM.

urbanadder22 said...

" . . . protecting the rights of the Muslims to the site granted that they do not interfere with Jewish services."

That is unnecessary. The moslem claim to the Temple Mount is based on a some imaginary trip to see allah by mohammed. Should we respect that horse-manure? (A horse was supposedly involved in that trip, tethered to the wall whilst she--I think she had human breasts, unless memory fails me again-- waited for mohammed to come back.)

Moreover, once you let them go back up there, you know what will happen. Keep them out. The arab world will erupt in outrage? So what else is new?

Moshe Dayan made the biggest mistake in the mistake-riddled history of Israel when he showed softness to the moslems. He could have shut them and their "noble sanctuary" and whatever down for good.