Sunday, March 4, 2007

Palestine: A Case Study

The Jihadist lobby in the US and Europe have succesfully convinced many people that Muslim terror attacks on Israel will end when the "Occupation" does. When Israel leaves, Palestinians will magically lay down their arms and beat their swords into plowshares, or so we're told.
Truth is, Palestinians already have their own state. Since Israel "disengaged" from Gaza two summers ago, Palestinians have had a de-facto state. Interestingly enough, this state is neither democratic, free nor peaceful. In fact, the Palestinian government has said on a number of occasions that they will not recognise Israel. The Hamas Charter reads: "Israel exists and will continue to exist until it is obliterated by Islam as it has obliterated others before it". Hmm... that's a far cry from 'kumbaya' and 'Give Peace a Chance'.
Maybe Israel didn't sacrifice enough. Of course, once Israel evicts 100 000 Jews to placate hordes of vicious animals, Palestinians will hold hands with Israelis and sing 'We are the Children, We are the World". I don't think so. Even if Gaza isn't enough for them, that's no excuse for rockets raining down on schools in Sderot or suicide attacks on bakeries in Eilat. In 1948, when the Jews got a tiny little, barely defensible, which was much smaller than the original borders promised by the British, they didn't riot. The Jews didn't murder Arabs. Rather, they celebrated and built a democracy that cherishes human rights and freedoms. Maybe that respect for human life and rights is one not shared by every culture, such as the Islamic one. That is a lesson that the West would be wise to learn.

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