Monday, March 5, 2007

Israel Doesn't Need Recognition from her Enemies

The following was written by Shoshannah Blalock of Arutz-7, Israel National News:

We keep hearing that Hamas and Fatah must recognize Israel in order for the Palestinians to have their own nation, side by side with Israel. Does this recognition make Israel a real entity, and without it, she is not real? Why is the Quartet making such a big deal concerning the need for recognition of Israel by her enemies?

Let me make it perfectly clear: Israel does not now, nor will she ever need, her enemies' recognition. The truth is that neither Hamas nor Fatah really recognize Israel. Fatah will say they do to gain what they want. Hamas, however, is more honest about their intentions. Israel knows where Hamas stands. Israel knows both groups want only one thing - the total destruction of the Jewish People. So, while Fatah will play the game and say what is in their best interest for now, Hamas is not willing to do the same.

The truth is that the Palestinian people have done absolutely nothing to deserve their own state. They were supposed to stop their attacks on Israel. But, instead, they have kept them going all along. The news media in America has not been reporting these events like they should. So, many people think the Palestinians have been keeping their promises. But they don't keep their promises and, in the long run, they never will. They don't want to be Israel's neighbor at all. They will settle for nothing less than the destruction of Israel. They want all the land of Israel, not just part of it. They want all the Jews to leave Israel. If the truth be known, they would much rather drive them into the sea.

It is always Israel that gives and gives. She is the one who always makes the painful concessions. Not once have I seen the Palestinians make (or keep) a single concession. They are far too busy with their destructive nature to accomplish anything good. When they aren't killing Jews, they turn their destructive ways of hatred upon one other. And this is the people the nations beg to recognize Israel? Israel does not need their recognition. She has G-d's recognition and that is what counts.

One thing is for sure, Israel will still be around long after her enemies are no more. It has always been this way and it will continue to be this way.

Israel first became a nation in 1312 BCE. That was two thousand years before the rise of Islam. Therefore, we can see, plainly, that the Jewish People are the ones who have a legitimate claim to the land. Seven hundred and twenty-six years later, in 586 BCE, these first ancient Jews in the Land of Israel [Judea] were overrun. Israel's First Temple (on Jerusalem's Old City Temple Mount) was destroyed by the ancient and evil Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar. At that time, many of the Jews were killed or expelled from their land; however, some were allowed to stay. These Jews, along with their offspring, and other Jews who resettled there over the next 500 years, rebuilt the Nation of Israel. They also built the Second Temple in Jerusalem upon the Temple Mount.
Thus, and very importantly, the claim that Jews suddenly appeared in the land only fifty years ago, right after the Holocaust, and then drove out the Arabs is nothing but a preposterous lie.

G-d has a covenant with the Jewish People, and He will keep that covenant, regardless of who recognizes Israel or who doesn't.

From the time Israel became a nation (once again) in 1948, the Arab nations have not wanted her there. They have fought to destroy her in every way they can. They don't want to share the land with the Jews at all. Quite simply, they do not want a Jewish presence in the Middle East. However, the Jewish People are not leaving their home, no matter what the Arabs want.

The Arabs have no rights to Israel at all. They need to be happy with all the 22 Arab countries they have. It is nothing but pure greed, and hatred, that makes them desire the land of Israel and the destruction of the Jewish People.

Israel is only 1/19th the size of California. She is surrounded by hostile Arab-Islamic dictatorships a massive 640 times her size. Yet, Arab propagandists accuse Israel of taking their land. One can see from looking at a map of the entire Middle East just how pathetic these accusations of Israeli expansionism really are. It is quite clear who the expansionists really are.

Israel has always sought peaceful coexistence with her neighbors. Unfortunately, she has been given precisely the opposite. Her neighbors are dedicated to one thing: her destruction. Of the countries surrounding Israel, only Egypt and Jordan have peace treaties with Israel, and, at best, these treaties are on very shaky ground.

The truth is that Israel exists. The truth is, she doesn't need her enemies to believe she exists in order for her to continue to exist. What her enemies think will not change a thing. They didn't give Israel her beginning, and they surely won't cause her ending. They don't possess that kind of power; only the G-d of Israel does.


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Is it any wonder that when the Roman Empire wiped the Jewish kingdom from the map, and sought the biggest enemy of the Jews to give the land to, that they chose the Philistines, and named the territory "Palestinia" after their word for the Philistines? Forget negotiations with the Philistines, it's time to break out the jawbones of asses. It's easy to think of suitable donors.

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The Palestinians have had their state since 1948 - it is known as Jordan. The Hashemites can go back to SA.