Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Expulsion from Hebron?

Amir Peretz, Israeli Defence Minister, is expected to decide soon whether to expel 200 Jews, mostly yeshiva students, from a house in Hebron. The property was acquired legally by a Jewish American businnessman from the former Arab tenants for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Besides the 200 Jews, the house, known as 'Peace House' stands empty. It provides a place for worshippers at the Tomb of Patriarchs, to stay.
Why should a couple hundred Jews in a legally aqcuired building in the sovereign Jewish State near the Tomb of our Forefather upset anybody? Because the Arabs cannot tolerate the site of even one Jew. Let's not forget the Hamas charter, which just has been reafirmed, that states that in the End, when every Muslim will go to kill a Jew, the Jews will hide behind trees and the very trees will say 'Come Muslim, there is a Jew behind me. Kill him'. This story is a direct quote from the Sahih Bukhari Muslim holy text.
Hebron has had a continual Jewish presence since the time of the Patriarchs until the Arab Riots before the establishment of the State. It is time to return to our homeland. The Jordan has two banks. These two sides were promised to Israel by Hashem and the British originally promised this to the Jews as a condition for the British Mandate. I'm not suggesting that Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and parts of Egypt simply stop existing and give up their lands to Israel but we certainly did get the short end of the stick. Israel should declare a Biblical Right of Return, where every inch of territory captured by Israel in a defensive war that was once part of Biblical Israel, will be annexed, its inhabitants expelled and the territory prepared for Jewish settlement. This is what should have happened in Southern Lebanon over the summer. Those attacks would have ended fast. Anyways, its only a matter of time until such a war will start...

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