Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Iraq: Light Unto the Muslim Nations?

The cause was noble, the mission was just. George W. Bush, after RIGHTFULL deposing a murderous tyrant, was and remains commited to building a democratic state in Iraq which should inspire the rest of the Islamic world to reform and to put aside hatred and aggresssion. This is a very nice and noble idea on the part ot the President yet it is so naively misguided. 6 years into the "war on terror" (we still cannot even name the enemy - Jihadist ISLAM! Not Radical Islam, Militant Islam, Islamism or Islamofascism but Islam as it has been practiced since the 7th century) the Bush Administration is still willfully ignorant about our enemies' motives. Could WWII have been fought while we insisted that Nazism is an ideology of peace that had been hijacked by extremists? Of course not! Islam has not been hijacked because that implies that Islam was headed to some pinnacle of human rights and was turned around and Air Koranistan suddenly became violent. 9/11 is a product of 1400 years of Islamic hatred and aggression. Read the Qur'an! "Fight against such of those tom whom the Scriptures were given as they believe neither in Allah nor the Last Day... and do not embrace the true Faith, until they pay the tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued." (Q 9:29)
Islam is a totalitarian belief system that believes that the power of legislature is in the hands of Allah and not of mere mortals. It cannot be reformed because that would contradict 1400 years of Islamic teaching and Muhammad's violent example. Democracy, where the sovereingty lies with the people, has no place in such a culture. That is why all attempts to bring democracy to Iraq are misguided.
The US owes the "Iraqis" nothing. (Iraq is an artificial country compromised of three distinct groups who want nothing to do with one another.) The Kurds should be given a state which would help fight Arabic imperialism- Islam. This would resonate well with other non-Arab muslims who are now beginning to realize that Islam is a tool of Arabic Imperialism such as the black Darfuris, the Berbers in Algeria... Let the Sunnis and Shias kill each other! Their hatred existed long before the US and the US hasd no responsibility to be a peacemaker between them. Our goal should be anything that will weaken the Dar-al-Islam, the Camp of Islam. We should exploit the ethnic (Arab vs. non-Arab), religious (Sunni vs. Shia) and financial (oil rich emirates vs. dirt poor shariastans) to create chaos across the House of Islam. We wouldn' need to fight jihad "over there" if we simply stopped them from coming "over here" by curtailing Muslim immigration. Then the Muslim world would quickly collapse from overpopulation and Europe would no longer be threatened with Eurabia. The West should stop sending the jyziah submission tax disguised as humanitarian aide to the Islamix world. The West should strike militarily and destroy any threats to Western civilization swiftly and harshly and quickly leave, letting the inhabitants sort out the mess in some cruel battleground. The West should isolate itself from the Dar-al-Islam and let it sink into even greater depravity. Muslims will either kill each other or make peace when they eventually realize that their moral, cultural, finanical and technological primitiveness stems from Islam itself and its teachings.


WomanHonorThyself said...

Brilliant analysis ..the naiivete..(spelling? of the Left is ushering in WW111...I will add ya to my blogroll...Keep fighting the good fight!

Michael said...

Sensible thoughts, Bar Kochba, but how do we get the Western gov't's to do it?