Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Pride Parade in Jerusalem?

The Gays are at it again. After their last 3 attempts to hold their Immorality Parade down the streets of Jerusalem- each time they were cancelled "coincidentally" by a renewed danger and threat to Israel- the Jerusalem Open House, center for GLBTs, have planned another Pride Parade for June 21. The Parade that was set for 2 summers ago was cancelled since the IDF and Security Forces were busy expelling Jews from their homes in Gaza and N. Samaria and there weren't enough guards to protect a parade of such an inflamatory nature. It was then reschedueled for last Summer, when the Lebanon War broke out and it was then postponed for a few months, until Hamas issued renewed threats of suicide bombings and security was a concern.
(Hmmm.... seems very coincidental that the last three parades were cancelled by threats to Israel's existence or to Jews. Maybe Somebody's trying to send us a message, you know, like what's written in that book lying abandonned on your shelf, the Tanakh, Bible, about how if the Jews immitate the ways of the Canaanites, who were known for thei homosexual and heterosexual promiscuity, the Land would vomit them out?)
Anyways, the Pride Parade is symptomatic of a far worse problem- the moral degradation of Israeli and Jewish society. Israel has lost its Jewish moral compass that will guide it in the world. That is why it cannot take a decisive stand against the existential Arab threat. Imagine a very suggestive and sexual parade marching down the holy streets of Jerusalem, brazenly marching to the Kotel! It shows how far Israel has strayed for its moral role of being a "Light Unto the Nations" and of its covenant with G-d. Most Israeli gays are extreme leftists and many previous parades have been coupled with pro-Arab, anti-Jewish signs and slogans. Such a people have no connection to and care little for Jerusalem but only seek to infuritate the minority of the Jewish People who actually care about that little thing called the Torah! In opposition to the last attempted Abomination Parade, there were stormy protests, outside prayer vigils, a petition which managed to get tens of thousands of votes... but it seems that the a small minority of Gay militants's rights are more important than those of the Jewish majority. Last time, a Modesty Parade was arranged to counter-march the Gay-Priders.
If security was a concern last time, we should remember that Hashem promised to be with the Jewish People in war only if our camps are pure. If we indulge in immoral sexual acts, we will be expelled from the Land!


Brooke said...

Homosexual Israelis with pro-Arab signs?

It boggles the mind! The Arabs HATE the Jews anyway, and they especially hate homosexuals. Double-whammy, you idiots!

It is sad to see Israel going the way of San Fran-freako, and such places of moral debauchery.

WomanHonorThyself said...

now thats sad............sigh

FLORIAN said...

I wonder how much longer the Lord will put up with this crap?

Like in the days of Noah............

Always On Watch said...

The left's alignment with Islam is stupidity beyond words, especially that of leftist homosexuals.

The Lord must be saddened when He looks down on His creation.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

you probably know that olmert's daughter is part of that gay craze. It fits doesn't it? A common cause for a woman or girl to go that way is cruel treatment by a father. Well, olmert's home life must have been something sickening. As far as I know, all of his children are weird in one way or another. That's beside the fact that his wife is a "leftist" or Vichyite or kapo bitch.

Jacob said...

Hate is fun! Thats where all the problems come from: immigrants, women, gays, arabs, leftists, blacks, hippies, did I miss anyone? Let's just kill them. The world will be a safer place.

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