Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Isn't Anybody Bored by this Already?

Isn't anybody else bored by the same thing, over and over? Read a newspaper and you'll see the same story: "Muslim explodes in (fill in the blank)" or "(Add Number) dead after terrorist attacks". The news is always about a new front that's been opened up in the global jihad movement.
It's not as if Islam is a terribly interessting religion- except as a case study of hatred, barbarim and cruelty. Arguing with a Muslim is like talking to a wall- full of doublespeak, contradictions and outright lies. I'm bored, bored of talking about such a primitive faith. Why do I let my time be occupied by such a barbaric people armed with a primitive religion? If it were not for our "multiculturalism" which shackles us and demands that we tolerate the medieval Muslim fascists, this discussion would be done with. The would be no more 9/11's, no more Madrid Bus Bombings, no more Netanya Passover Massacres... If we were only free to discuss Islam without being accused of being 'islamophobes' or 'racists', there would be no need for this blog, no need for this discussion. Frankly, I'm bored with this whole subject. I will, however, continue to talk about it until people understand what's at stake.

Everybody Knows that Islam is a Religion of Peace...

Har, har... this would be even funnier is it weren't possibly true.

Monday, March 26, 2007

"Sons Shall Return to their Borders"?

Monday night, 3500 people returned to the Samarian town of Homesh which was destroyed two years ago as part of Sharon's "Disengagement" plan. The participants in the return to Homesh vowed to stay there as long as necessary to rebuild the community once more.
I hope that the participants rebuild Homesh very soon, as well as Gush Katif, Neve Dekalim, Amona and all of the other towns destroyed in the state-sponsored pogrom. That should send a message to the Islamo-fascist haters that we Jews are here to stay. We were expelled from this land twice before, by the Babylonians and the Romans but we returned. As soon as the Arabs will understand that the Jews are not going anywhere and are not returning to the exile, the sooner the terrorist attacks will end. May the rebuilding of Homesh signal the beginning of the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the beginning of Jewish sovereignty over Israel.

Thug-in-Chief's Military Official to US: Don't Attack

A senior Iranian Military official had just warned the US against starting a war against Iran. “If America starts a war against Iran, it won’t be the one who finishes it,” Morteza Saffari, naval forces commander of the elite Revolutionary Guards, was quoted as saying by the ISNA news agency. He had also said that Iran will not let even one American soldier enter the country.
Fine then. We can defeat Iran without any soldiers. Why doen't the US declare solidarity with the rebellious minorities of Iran such as the Kurds, Baluchis or Azeris? The US should hijack government radio and broadcasts and encourage the people to revolt. The US needs to win the war of ideas and information. Drop leaflets on major Iranian cities detailing the many "gifts" that the government has brought them such as unemployment, a slowing economy, near-war... Demoralize the people by letting them know which cities will be completely wiped off the map by American bombs if a war breaks out. Let them know exactly the consequences of a war and how it can be averted, namely by rejecting this government and rejecting Islam. Tell them that Ahmadinejad and all his Mullahs are not real Iranians. As a head Ayatollah once said, he could not care less if all of Iran was destroyed for the sake of Islam. Real patriotic, eh? Let them know that we are prepared to make peace but ready and willing to make war.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Resonable Accommodation

Here in Quebec, the new buzzword is "reasonable accommodation" of minorities. This has included a Hasidic Synagogue asking the Y across the street to tint their windows so that exercising woman won't be seen during services, a rural town with no minorities adopting a resolution banning stoning or burning of woman among other things, a girl being forbidden to play soccer because she refused to take off her hijab, and much more... This backlash against immigrants is somewhat worrying given the long history of Quebecois anti-semitism and racism.
"Reasonable accommodation" should be just that- accommodation when reasonable. The Y was right in tinting their windows, as a matter of respect. Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and others should be accommodated when possible as long as this does not infringe on the Western Christian nature of the state and its values.
The other day, a group of Muslims traveled up north to a traditional cabane a sucre, sugar shack, and demanded to be served non-pork products- and the administration made them a new menu! As a kosher Jew, I don't go in to non-kosher restaurants demanding to be accommodated! The Muslims are always demanding ridiculous things. That Muslim girl should have taken off her hijab. When my kick-boxing classes are scheduled for Saturdays, Shabbat, I don't scream and cry; I simply don't go.
We, as Westerners, should not give in one inch to the accommodation of Muslims. This is not because I am a racist or because I hate Muslims. The simple truth is that a cardinal principle in Islam is that Islam "dominates and is not dominated". The leads the separation between Muslims and non-Muslim dhimma, second-class citizens. The Qur'an commands: "Fight against those... who do not embrace the true Faith, until they pay the tribute out of hand and are utterly humiliated" (9:29) Every time that we accommodate Muslims and try to change ourselves, we are validating their belief that they "dominate and are not dominated". Every time a cabane a sucre makes a special hallal menu, every time a London pub changes its name from Saracen's Head to Multicultural Pub, every time a school changes its team name from the Crusaders to the Non-denominationals, we are affirming the fact that we Infidels are nothing but dhimmis, ready to be humiliated and subjugated before the Dar-al Islam. In Guantanamo Bay, guards are instructed not to handle the inmates' Qur'ans without wearing gloves. It's one thing for them to believe that we are unclean- but to validate their belief in our inferiority? Not one inch will I retreat before Islam. This is the 21st century's Crusade.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Expulsion from Hebron?

Amir Peretz, Israeli Defence Minister, is expected to decide soon whether to expel 200 Jews, mostly yeshiva students, from a house in Hebron. The property was acquired legally by a Jewish American businnessman from the former Arab tenants for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Besides the 200 Jews, the house, known as 'Peace House' stands empty. It provides a place for worshippers at the Tomb of Patriarchs, to stay.
Why should a couple hundred Jews in a legally aqcuired building in the sovereign Jewish State near the Tomb of our Forefather upset anybody? Because the Arabs cannot tolerate the site of even one Jew. Let's not forget the Hamas charter, which just has been reafirmed, that states that in the End, when every Muslim will go to kill a Jew, the Jews will hide behind trees and the very trees will say 'Come Muslim, there is a Jew behind me. Kill him'. This story is a direct quote from the Sahih Bukhari Muslim holy text.
Hebron has had a continual Jewish presence since the time of the Patriarchs until the Arab Riots before the establishment of the State. It is time to return to our homeland. The Jordan has two banks. These two sides were promised to Israel by Hashem and the British originally promised this to the Jews as a condition for the British Mandate. I'm not suggesting that Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and parts of Egypt simply stop existing and give up their lands to Israel but we certainly did get the short end of the stick. Israel should declare a Biblical Right of Return, where every inch of territory captured by Israel in a defensive war that was once part of Biblical Israel, will be annexed, its inhabitants expelled and the territory prepared for Jewish settlement. This is what should have happened in Southern Lebanon over the summer. Those attacks would have ended fast. Anyways, its only a matter of time until such a war will start...


Israeli Arab MK Taleb a-Sana of the United Arab List has called for a global boycott of Israel- the country whose government he is part of. This comes a few days after another arab MK announced that he does not the HaTikvah, the Jewish State's anthem. A-Sana made his statements in response to the refusal of the IDF or government to remove Jews from a building located between Kiryat Arba and Hevron that was legally purchased by the Hevron Jewish community for $700,000 from a Jordanian agent.
In a parallel act of dhimmitude, the Knesset has just voted to establish in Israel the largest Arabic University outside of an Arab country. What would be taught there? Qur'an 101: the Battle of Kaybar, Jihad: How to Stab a Jew, Islamic History: the Killers of Prophets? What holidays would the school celebrate? Nakba day?
How can this happen in Israel- a sovereign Jewish state! End the dhimmitude! Jewish pride now.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Confessions of a Jewish Fundamentalist

The other day, during an Internet discussion, I was accused of being a "fundamentalist jew", a "racist" and an "islamophobe". I'd like to take this opportunity to clarify my beliefs and opinions.
I am absolutely not a racist. I believe that all men are created equal. I believe in, as taught in the Torah, the common brotherhood of man and the common fatherhood of G-d. I do not hate anybody, especially Muslims. I would love nothing more than a flowering of human rights and democracy throughout the Muslim world, where they are severely lacking. I would gladly accept a fair peace proposal between Israel and the surrounding Arab states. It is in no way racist to criticize Islam as Islam is not a race but a religious and political ideology. Obviously not all Muslims are terrorists or support jihad. That, however, does not mean that Islam does not teach violence. This line of reasoning means that Judaism cannot teach respect and kindness as some Jews are mean and vindictive. Not all Muslims wage jihad just as not all Jews keep kosher.
Am I an islamophobe? What does that term even entail? As I have already said, I do not hate Muslims. A phobia means an irrational or baseless fear of something. A fear of Islam and jihad is nothing baseless or irrational; just ask Salman Rushdie or the danish cartoonists. Islam mean 'submission', thus islamophobia means 'fear of submission'. Yes, I say proudly, I am afraid of submission to sharia and hatred. I, as a Jew, am concerned, just as Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, women and gays should be. We cannot submit. We will fight and in 50 years, when some Eurabian scholar reads this, he will wonder how Western Civilization collectively commited national suicide in the face of barbarism. He will want to know how the civilization that has survived the Huns, the Black Plague and two World Wars simply gave up and accepted submission- 'dhimmitude'- from the Islamic menace.
I guess that I am a fundamentalist then. I fundamentally believe in the equality of all man. I believe fundamentally in the immutable and eternal spirit of the Torah and Jewish people. I fundamentally believe that freedom is Hashem's gift to mankind. I fundamentally believe in the divine right of the Nation of Israel to live freely in the Land of Israel according to the Torah of Israel.
I extend an olive branch to anyone who rejects hatred and embraces human rights and freedoms. I am a friend to any person, Jew, Christian or Muslim, who abandons violence and intolerance and works towards perfecting the world in the kingdom of the Almighty. May we merit the day when nations will not lift swords against one another; neither shall they learn war anymore. May the day when the lamb will ie with the wolf and all the world will accept the kingship of G-d come speedily in our lifetimes. Amen.

More Doublespeak from the Religion of Peace

Put Your Home Where Your Loyalty Is

Israel's first ever Arab Muslim minister, Minister of Science, Culture and Sports Raleb Majadle - refuses to sing Israel's national anthem, HaTikvah. If this man refuses to sing the nation's anthem, how can he be trusted to be loyal to Israel as a Jewish State? Why should Majadle be in government if he obviously does not identify with character of the state?
Majadle's rejectionsim is part of a worrying trend of anti-semitism and anto-Zionism by Israel's Arab citizens. In a recent poll done by the Haifa Institute, more than a quarter of Israeli Arabs do not believe that the Holocaust happened. One third of colled and high-school graduates deny it. Artuz-7 news reported that 48% percent of Israeli Arabs believe that Hizbullah’s shelling of Israel’s northern residents was justified. The same figure believe the kidnapping of IDF reservists Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser was justified and 90 percent consider Israel’s bombing of Lebanon to have constituted war crimes. 76 percent of Arabs believe that Zionism is racist and 68 percent of Israeli Jews fear an Israeli-Arab wave of violence.
Israeli Arabs are exempt from serving in the army, many of them support the enemies of Israel and yet they are allowed to be part of the government! The emperor has no clothes! If the loyalties of Israeli Arabs belongs somewhere else, maybe their homes should belong there too.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pledge of Allegiance

Statistics Canada recently announced that Canada is now practically wholy dependent on immigration (read Muslim immigration) for population growth. This, combined with the recent poll of Canadian Muslims that found that 12% of Muslims (70 000- 80 000) agree that last summer's terror plot to behead the PM and blow up the Parliament was justified, means that the Queen's Northern Dominion is in trouble. Canada finds itself in the same dangerous situation as many other Western countries, namely Londinistan and al-France. One of the dangers of Muslim immigration is that many, but by no means all, feel loyalty not to their adopted countries but to the worldwide Islamic ummah. As the imam of Birmingham's Green Lane Mosque said: “You have to live like a state within a state until you take over.”
“We want the laws of Islam to be practiced, we want to do away with the man-made laws.”
“Muslims shouldn’t be satisfied with living in other than the total Islamic state.”
“I encourage all of you to be from amongst them, to begin to cultivate ourselves for the time that is fast approaching where the tables are going to turn and the Muslims are going to be in the position of being uppermost in strength, and when that happens, people won’t get killed – unjustly.”
“Allah has decreed this thing, that I am going to be dominant. The dominance of course is a political dominance.”

The following is a suggested pledge of allegiance for all immigrants to accept upon coming to Canada (it can be modified for any other country:

"I, Johny bin Jihad, pledge allegiance to the Dominion of Canada, to her laws and customs. I pledge myself to her flag, people and constitution. I will not seek to undermine her authority and I accept upon myself Canadian identity. I can retain my own ethnic identity but at the same time recongnize that I am now part of the Canadian people and must behave accordingly, in accord with her laws and customs. I will not seek to islamize or create a state-within-a state within the borders of Canada. I pledge loyalty to the Queen of Canada, to her constitution and her war of life.
With G-d Almighty as my witness, I hereby sign,

J. Jihad "

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

An Open Letter to Barack Obama

Dear Mr Obama,
You seemed like an eloquent and persuasive speaker. I almost believed that your speeches were well written and researched. It seems like I was wrong. In a speech, you said "Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people". Really? Nobody? Are you sure about that?
Mr. Obama, as an ex-Muslim, or apostate as you are known in the Islamic world, you cannot be serious. Since you were schooled in Indonesia, you must be familiar with the plight of the hundreds of thousands of Christians who have fled due to Islamic aggression. Since you claim to have a very personal relationship with J.C., I'm somewhat suprised that you are unconcerned with the over 2500 churches that have been burnt in Indonesia in the past year.
Still, maybe the Palestinians are suffering more, what with the evil Israeli "ethnic cleansing". Hmmm... that doesn't quite cut it. Do you know about the hundreds of thousands of Thai Buddhists who have been chased out from Southern Thailand because of Islamic Jihad? Didn't think so. What about the decapitated Buddhist monks? Nothing? Seems like a lot of people of suffering.
Are you still sure? Ilan Halimi tz"l, the Jewish Parisian boy who was abducted, tortured and murdered last year by Muslim murderers, isn't. I think that Erez Levanon tz"l, who was kidnapped and killed by terrorists while in the midst of prayer two weeks ago, agrees with Ilan. Does the Palestinian suffering still seem that bad? Does it compare with the grief of the family of 9-month old Shalevet Pas who was killed by a sniper while in her parents arms in Hebron? I somehow doubt it.
Mr. Obama, you seemed like such a charismatic speaker. I seem to have made a mistake. Palestinian suffering? I'm sure the millions of dollars meant for humanitarian purposes that Hamas used to buy weapons, really helps put things in perspectives. Mr. Obama, next time, don't seek sympathy for terrorists. In civilized society, murderers aren't rewarded, they're punished. That is exactly what should be done to ease the "Palestinian Suffering".


Bar Kochba

Monday, March 12, 2007

You are Humiliating Me

A common theme in the Arab world is shame and humiliation. If a man's daughter shames him by being along with a man before marriage, he can kill her. To prevent this, a girl may have her clitoris cut out when she is young or be forced to be accompanied by a male chaperone. An arab man must protect of his clan, his tribe and his family.
Today, Palestinians frequently complain about how they are humiliated by the Israeli 'Occupation'. The curfews and searches are embarassing and degrading. They feel ashamed when they are subject to inspection and suspicion. A common refrain is "you are humiliating me!". This accusation seems to be enough to justify all sorts of evil such as suicide bombings, kidnapping, beheadings and rockets. If the Palestinians weren't humiliated, they wouldn't resort to blowing little children in their mother's arms apart; they would beat their swords into plowshares and sit down and negotiate. If only that degrading Occupation would end.
Humiliation is no excuse for hatred and murder. Palestinians, your humiliation pales in comparison to the shame of the Jews who were expelled from Amona with horses and clubs. Your humiliation is nothing next to the pain of the family of Erez Levanon zt"l who was kidnapped and murdered while absorbed in prayer. Your humilation does not come close to the sadness of the children killed in the Sbarro's Pizza bombing in Jerusalem. You think that you are humiliated now, just you wait. Wait until the day when you will have to answer for you crimes. Wait for the day when you Israel will fight back. Wait for the day when you will be judged befor G-d Himself. Then, you will be ashamed. Then, you will know tru humiliation.

Free Kareem

We call upon everybody to demand that the brave Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer, who dared criticize the Egyptian governement and Islamic extremism, be freed. Kareem has been jailed in Alexandria, Egypt, since November 2006. He has been denied access to visitors and his own legal defense team, and his family has publicly denounced him. Because Egyptian prisoners rely on family members to provide clothing and food, Kareem faces a harsh existence without their support. He has been subjected to interrogations and was asked questions such as "Do you fast during Ramadan?" or "Do you pray?". An Egyptian court has upheld his 4-year sentence for criticizing the governement and "insulting Islam" - his own private views over the Internet.
The following is a post from a fellow Egyptian blogger:

As an Egyptian fellow blogger I stand with Karim, because I will never side with processes meant to terrorize innocent citizens who are exercising their innate right to freedom of expression and because I will never be part of a tribunal of inquisition in the 21st century. Those tribunals judged arbitrarily and without appeal like the current Emergency Laws and military courts applied in Egypt.


… Back in the eleventh century, the Catholic Church made the gradual change from the spiritual to worldly matters with institution of tribunal of Inquisition. Religion had to be imposed and enforced with the appointment of unqualified and misappropriate men of the holy orders which became a matter of inheritance that led to the degeneration of the spiritual life. Many of them did not know how to read and had forgotten how to say a mass. In Egypt today, informal mosques became a job for the unempolyed uneducated people to release fatwas and earn a living through people’s “Zakat” and donations. These tax-free informal mosques attract unemployed Egyptians and non-Egyptians. Any male, who volunteer to stay from dawn to sun set and call for prayers, is qualified to release fatwas and be a politician, if needed, to decide on terrorizing Egyptians before non-Egyptians and judging the level of their faith and spirituality.

Egyptian blogger Abdel Karim did not wear a suicidal belt around his waist or threaten to blow up himself in malls or metro stations. Abdel Karim was like any normal person in any free country, he worked out his mind to think about issues in life as any young budding youth. He put his ideas on his blog. In the civilized world, ideas can be always argued or refuted but never killed. Needless to say that human are in continuous process of evolution at the intellectual, emotional and psychological levels and that interrupting these processes is totally against the laws of nature. Abdel Karim was made a criminal and terrorist by his Al-Azhar University in collaboration with the government and state security agencies. He was made a terrorist in the eyes of the society by Al-Azahr Institution. By sentencing Abdel Karim to 4 years, he is denied the right to grow and develop. It is worth mentioning here that Al-Azhar fails to make straight forward condemnation for the real terrorists who blow up themselves, killing innocent people but it succeeds to bring a four year sentence to a 22-year old innocent student to trial.

This Monday, on March 12 in Alexandria, Egypt, will be the first session of appeal for Egyptian blogger Abdel Karim. The world is watching one of the tribunals of Inquisition happening in Egypt in the 21st century. Karim was sentenced to four years in prison for insulting the religion and the President of Egypt.

Proclaim freedom throughout the land and liberty to all its inhabitants!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Good Offense

Agence France-Presse has reported that Syria has massed thousands of missiles along the Israeli border. Israel, being caught unprepared during last summer's war, can't afford not to get ready. Israel, instead of acting preemptively, will no doubt adopt more "bunker mentality" and react by building bunkers, fences and distributing gas masks. If caught in a war, Israel will fight with its hand tied behind its back and the second it defends itself, it will be accused of retaliating "disproportionately". Before it will be able to finish the job, the UN will intervene and Israel will accept a one-sided surrender agreement and Syria will be allowed to rearm.
Enough of this bunker mentality! No more fences or separation! It's time for Israel to take the fight to Syria. Israel must fight, fight for Ron Arad, who has been in Syrian hands for over 20 years. If Syria attacks Israel, it must lose territory. Every single military strategist in the world knows that one of the best ways to victory is conquest. Any territory that Israel captures in a war against Syria will be annexed, all of its inhabitants expelled anf the land prepared for Jewish settlement. This was what happened when the Golan Hights were liberated and now the area is safely under Israeli control. The world must know that the Jews will not go like sheep to the slaughter. The time for negotiation has ended. The time for war has come.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

End the Occupation!

We demand that Israel put an end to the Occupation - the Islamic Occupation of Jewish land. Somehow, in the village on Chelm that is the Israeli governement, only Jews are subject to restictions while Arabs are not. Last summer, 7000 Jews were forcibly expelled from their rightful homes to placate murderous animals. The rationale behind this was that the Arabs in Gaza far outnumbered the Jews. The "geniuses" behind this plan failed to take into account the reason why the Arab population was able to grow so quickly - illegal Egyptian immigration. When Israel took over Gaza, the standard of living rapidly rose as modern infrastructure was built. Many Egyptian squatters came to benefit from Israel's success and as such, the population grew so rapidly. The obvious solution would be to expel the illegals among whom are many terrorists and murderers. Somehow, the obvious always seems to escape the post-Zionist establishment.
The current Israeli governement, Kadima, ran on a platform of expulsion for 100 000 Jews in Judea and Samaria. Despite the fact that these settlements are perfectly legal as these were lands captured in a defensive war and are vital to Israel's security, if we wish to put an end to illegal settlements, we should do it for Jews and Arabs alike. A study done by the Israel Central Bureau for statistics under Netanyahu found that upwards of 400,000 KNOWN illegal immigrants in Israel since the start of Olso, obstensively pushing the West Bank population from 1 million to 1.5 million Arabs. There have been twenty at least new Arab settlements since 1998.
As Winston Churchill said in 1939, "So far from being persecuted, the Arabs have crowded into the country and multiplied till their population has increased more than even all world Jewry could lift up the Jewish population." [Martin Gilbert, Churchill, vol. 5, p. 1072. ]
Most problematic and dangerous is Israel's willingness to surrender its soul, the Temple Mount. Currently, Jews are forbidden to pray at this site as not to upset the Muslims. Do you know why the Temple Mount, or the Noble Sanctuary in Arabic, is holy to Muslims? Because it was the site of the First and Second Jewish Temples. Islam has an extremely long history of imperialism and supremacism and as such, mosques are frequently erected over the holy sites of other religions (think the Tomb of the Forefathers in Hebron or the Hagia Sophia in Turkey).
End the Occupation now! I pray for the day when Jews will be able to walk in the entire Land of Israel in peace and security and most importantly sovereignty. May it be speedily in our days, amen.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Post-Zionist Collapse

What is the biggest threat facing Israel right now? Iranian nukes? Palestinian terrorism? Inept leadership? Nope. The answer is something far worse, something so dangerous that it demoralizes us and leaves us paralyzed- Post-Zionism.
The founders of the State, despite being secular, knew why they were here. They saw themselves in very biblical terms, helping rebuild the desolate kingdom of Judea. They understood that the survival of Israel depends on having a raison d'etre for the State to rally the citizens. They were fulfilling the Jewish dream of "being a free people in our land, the land of Zion and Jerusalem".
Today, the people of Israel no longer have faith in the Dream and faith in G-d. What are we doing in Israel? Why did G-d return us to our ancient homeland after over 3000 years of wandering in exile? Was it to build a Western country full of night clubs and non-kosher restaurants? Is our purpose to live the good life and spend Shabbat and Yom Kippur tanning on the beach?
No, our purpose is to "perfect the world in the Kingdom of the Almighty". We are here to be a "light to the nations", a country built on holiness, compassion, justice and mercy. We are a people sustained by a convenant with G-d. Without faith in our mission, we have no strength. If we are trying to created a sunny California on the Mediterannean, then why not head for the real one when the going gets rough? Without belief in the Zionist Dream, we cannot defend ourselves and stand up to our enemies. Why do you think Israel lost the war this past summer? Because we lack faith in our purpose. We do not possess the right mindset to be able to combat enemies who are fighting a "holy war". We can't understand them.
The PM of Israel, Ehud Olmert, said in a speech: "We (Israel) are tired of fighting and tired of winning". No, Mr. Olmert, the People of Israel will never tire of fighting. We are ready to fight until the very end. If you are read to falter, just remeber the words of King David: "Behold, the Protector of Israel neither rests nor sleeps".

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Gifts of Islam: Part I - Arts and Culture

Walk into an Islamic museum and ask to see the Muslim equivalent of the Mona Lisa. Ask to hear the Muslim Bethoven. Don't be too surprised when the curator will stare at you blankly. Don't try looking at another museum- it doens't exist. Islamic law is very firm on this. It quotes many ahadith:
"Allah Mighty and Majestic sent me as a guidance and mercy to believers and commanded me to do away with musical instruments... and afairs of the pre-Islamic period of ignorance. On the Day of Judgement, Allah will pour molten lead into the ears of whoever sists listening to a songstress. Song makes hipocrisy grown in the heart as water does herbage" (Umdat al-Salik r.40-1) Islam also equally condemns art. Muhammad says: "Angels do not enter the house in which there is a dog or some images of living creatures."
But what about the Golden Age of Islam, you protest. It can't be denied that scientitic achievement flowed out of the Islamic world at one time but little because of Islam rather than in spite of it. Most of the culture was inspired by the non-Muslim indigenous culture. Many great artists and thinkers were Jews or Christians ie. Mainmonides/ Rambam. If Islam was so advanced, why did it enter such a steep decline that it still hasn't emerged from? Because all of the dhimmis, Jews and Christians, who made the discoveries, converted to Islam.
So what are some achievements of Islam? Narrow-mindedness, intolerance, war and barbarity. It's time for those enshakled by it to realize this.

Long Live Kurdistan!

And Baluchistan, and Azeristan, and Druzistan and Darfur... We, as Jews, stand in solidarity with all the non-arab and non-Muslim peoples of the Middle-East. The Kurds are the largest people in the world living without a state. They have their own language, culture, homeland... It's time to give them a country. This would be very useful for us Infidels. An independent Kurdish state could have very important ramifications for the entire Dar-al-Islam, House of Islam. It could encourage the Kurdish minorities in Iran and Syria to revolt, as well as other minorities such as the Baluchis and Azeris in Iran. This could create a whole wave of ethnic nationalism throughout the region. Israel could help carve Lebanon into a Christian state and a Druze one. The Druze of Syria could join with this new Druzistan. The US could end the genocide in Darfur and there establish a black Darfuri state. In the new states, Islam could be swept out with revolutionary fervour. With a little education from the Infidels, Islam would be revealed for what it is, namely a tool of Arab imperialism. That's why non-arabs bow 5 times a day to Arabia and learn to memorize the Quran in Arabis- 'the perfect language'. Long live Infidelistan!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Israel Doesn't Need Recognition from her Enemies

The following was written by Shoshannah Blalock of Arutz-7, Israel National News:

We keep hearing that Hamas and Fatah must recognize Israel in order for the Palestinians to have their own nation, side by side with Israel. Does this recognition make Israel a real entity, and without it, she is not real? Why is the Quartet making such a big deal concerning the need for recognition of Israel by her enemies?

Let me make it perfectly clear: Israel does not now, nor will she ever need, her enemies' recognition. The truth is that neither Hamas nor Fatah really recognize Israel. Fatah will say they do to gain what they want. Hamas, however, is more honest about their intentions. Israel knows where Hamas stands. Israel knows both groups want only one thing - the total destruction of the Jewish People. So, while Fatah will play the game and say what is in their best interest for now, Hamas is not willing to do the same.

The truth is that the Palestinian people have done absolutely nothing to deserve their own state. They were supposed to stop their attacks on Israel. But, instead, they have kept them going all along. The news media in America has not been reporting these events like they should. So, many people think the Palestinians have been keeping their promises. But they don't keep their promises and, in the long run, they never will. They don't want to be Israel's neighbor at all. They will settle for nothing less than the destruction of Israel. They want all the land of Israel, not just part of it. They want all the Jews to leave Israel. If the truth be known, they would much rather drive them into the sea.

It is always Israel that gives and gives. She is the one who always makes the painful concessions. Not once have I seen the Palestinians make (or keep) a single concession. They are far too busy with their destructive nature to accomplish anything good. When they aren't killing Jews, they turn their destructive ways of hatred upon one other. And this is the people the nations beg to recognize Israel? Israel does not need their recognition. She has G-d's recognition and that is what counts.

One thing is for sure, Israel will still be around long after her enemies are no more. It has always been this way and it will continue to be this way.

Israel first became a nation in 1312 BCE. That was two thousand years before the rise of Islam. Therefore, we can see, plainly, that the Jewish People are the ones who have a legitimate claim to the land. Seven hundred and twenty-six years later, in 586 BCE, these first ancient Jews in the Land of Israel [Judea] were overrun. Israel's First Temple (on Jerusalem's Old City Temple Mount) was destroyed by the ancient and evil Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar. At that time, many of the Jews were killed or expelled from their land; however, some were allowed to stay. These Jews, along with their offspring, and other Jews who resettled there over the next 500 years, rebuilt the Nation of Israel. They also built the Second Temple in Jerusalem upon the Temple Mount.
Thus, and very importantly, the claim that Jews suddenly appeared in the land only fifty years ago, right after the Holocaust, and then drove out the Arabs is nothing but a preposterous lie.

G-d has a covenant with the Jewish People, and He will keep that covenant, regardless of who recognizes Israel or who doesn't.

From the time Israel became a nation (once again) in 1948, the Arab nations have not wanted her there. They have fought to destroy her in every way they can. They don't want to share the land with the Jews at all. Quite simply, they do not want a Jewish presence in the Middle East. However, the Jewish People are not leaving their home, no matter what the Arabs want.

The Arabs have no rights to Israel at all. They need to be happy with all the 22 Arab countries they have. It is nothing but pure greed, and hatred, that makes them desire the land of Israel and the destruction of the Jewish People.

Israel is only 1/19th the size of California. She is surrounded by hostile Arab-Islamic dictatorships a massive 640 times her size. Yet, Arab propagandists accuse Israel of taking their land. One can see from looking at a map of the entire Middle East just how pathetic these accusations of Israeli expansionism really are. It is quite clear who the expansionists really are.

Israel has always sought peaceful coexistence with her neighbors. Unfortunately, she has been given precisely the opposite. Her neighbors are dedicated to one thing: her destruction. Of the countries surrounding Israel, only Egypt and Jordan have peace treaties with Israel, and, at best, these treaties are on very shaky ground.

The truth is that Israel exists. The truth is, she doesn't need her enemies to believe she exists in order for her to continue to exist. What her enemies think will not change a thing. They didn't give Israel her beginning, and they surely won't cause her ending. They don't possess that kind of power; only the G-d of Israel does.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Palestine: A Case Study

The Jihadist lobby in the US and Europe have succesfully convinced many people that Muslim terror attacks on Israel will end when the "Occupation" does. When Israel leaves, Palestinians will magically lay down their arms and beat their swords into plowshares, or so we're told.
Truth is, Palestinians already have their own state. Since Israel "disengaged" from Gaza two summers ago, Palestinians have had a de-facto state. Interestingly enough, this state is neither democratic, free nor peaceful. In fact, the Palestinian government has said on a number of occasions that they will not recognise Israel. The Hamas Charter reads: "Israel exists and will continue to exist until it is obliterated by Islam as it has obliterated others before it". Hmm... that's a far cry from 'kumbaya' and 'Give Peace a Chance'.
Maybe Israel didn't sacrifice enough. Of course, once Israel evicts 100 000 Jews to placate hordes of vicious animals, Palestinians will hold hands with Israelis and sing 'We are the Children, We are the World". I don't think so. Even if Gaza isn't enough for them, that's no excuse for rockets raining down on schools in Sderot or suicide attacks on bakeries in Eilat. In 1948, when the Jews got a tiny little, barely defensible, which was much smaller than the original borders promised by the British, they didn't riot. The Jews didn't murder Arabs. Rather, they celebrated and built a democracy that cherishes human rights and freedoms. Maybe that respect for human life and rights is one not shared by every culture, such as the Islamic one. That is a lesson that the West would be wise to learn.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Jewish Road Map

Despite the absolute failure of the so-called Road Map to Peace, the US and EU continue to be commited to this disaster. I propose a Jewish Road Map to Peace:
1. Israel must declare sovereignty over all of the Land of Israel currently in its possession.
4. Israel must allow Jews complete access over the Temple Mount while protecting the rights of the Muslims to the site granted that they do not interfere with Jewish services. A synagogue will be built on the Mount in accordance with strict Halachic standards.
3. Israel must declare that any opposition will be met with harshly. Any village from which a suicide attack or missile come from will be destroyed, all of its inhabitants expelled to the nearest Arab country and the land prepared for Jewish settlement. All Arabs are free to make sure that their homes are not used for terror or to leave.
4. All Arabs will be given the choice of signing a declaration of loyalty to the State and People of Israel or of moving elsewhere. If their loyalties do not belong to Israel then neither do their homes belong in it.
5. Israel will withdraw from the UN and tell the world that its right to exists comes from G-d Almighty and not a hundred anti-semitic non-Jews.