Monday, March 26, 2007

"Sons Shall Return to their Borders"?

Monday night, 3500 people returned to the Samarian town of Homesh which was destroyed two years ago as part of Sharon's "Disengagement" plan. The participants in the return to Homesh vowed to stay there as long as necessary to rebuild the community once more.
I hope that the participants rebuild Homesh very soon, as well as Gush Katif, Neve Dekalim, Amona and all of the other towns destroyed in the state-sponsored pogrom. That should send a message to the Islamo-fascist haters that we Jews are here to stay. We were expelled from this land twice before, by the Babylonians and the Romans but we returned. As soon as the Arabs will understand that the Jews are not going anywhere and are not returning to the exile, the sooner the terrorist attacks will end. May the rebuilding of Homesh signal the beginning of the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the beginning of Jewish sovereignty over Israel.


Dan Zaremba said...

What I always failed to grasp was the reason why the Muslim Arabs occupying (some parts) of Judea weren't 'disengaged' into Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.
Come to think of it none of the lands mentioned above belong to the Muslim Arabs anyway.

Anonymous said...

Faith freedom has been hijacked by jihadi's and the site now fails to open is a now a Muslim site denigrating all the great work Sina did in freeing slaves to Islam.
I hope he will be back soon hitting them where it the intellect.

felix said...

I was one of those who favored Israel getting out of Gaza, mostly for demographic reasons. However I don't think Israel should leave the west bank/Judea/Summaria. So "Gaza first, Gaza last" makes sense to me. I think eventually Gaza will become a demilitarized part of Egypt.