Monday, March 12, 2007

You are Humiliating Me

A common theme in the Arab world is shame and humiliation. If a man's daughter shames him by being along with a man before marriage, he can kill her. To prevent this, a girl may have her clitoris cut out when she is young or be forced to be accompanied by a male chaperone. An arab man must protect of his clan, his tribe and his family.
Today, Palestinians frequently complain about how they are humiliated by the Israeli 'Occupation'. The curfews and searches are embarassing and degrading. They feel ashamed when they are subject to inspection and suspicion. A common refrain is "you are humiliating me!". This accusation seems to be enough to justify all sorts of evil such as suicide bombings, kidnapping, beheadings and rockets. If the Palestinians weren't humiliated, they wouldn't resort to blowing little children in their mother's arms apart; they would beat their swords into plowshares and sit down and negotiate. If only that degrading Occupation would end.
Humiliation is no excuse for hatred and murder. Palestinians, your humiliation pales in comparison to the shame of the Jews who were expelled from Amona with horses and clubs. Your humiliation is nothing next to the pain of the family of Erez Levanon zt"l who was kidnapped and murdered while absorbed in prayer. Your humilation does not come close to the sadness of the children killed in the Sbarro's Pizza bombing in Jerusalem. You think that you are humiliated now, just you wait. Wait until the day when you will have to answer for you crimes. Wait for the day when you Israel will fight back. Wait for the day when you will be judged befor G-d Himself. Then, you will be ashamed. Then, you will know tru humiliation.


Brooke said...

Perhaps if the psuedo-stinians could stop their homicide bombing, they wouldn't need to be 'humiliated' by Israeli searches performed to safeguard CIVILIANS.


Great post!

Anonymous said...

This is the universal cry of the wussie - the non-man male mysogynist and misanthrope -a.k.a. the greatest losers known to humankind.