Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Good Offense

Agence France-Presse has reported that Syria has massed thousands of missiles along the Israeli border. Israel, being caught unprepared during last summer's war, can't afford not to get ready. Israel, instead of acting preemptively, will no doubt adopt more "bunker mentality" and react by building bunkers, fences and distributing gas masks. If caught in a war, Israel will fight with its hand tied behind its back and the second it defends itself, it will be accused of retaliating "disproportionately". Before it will be able to finish the job, the UN will intervene and Israel will accept a one-sided surrender agreement and Syria will be allowed to rearm.
Enough of this bunker mentality! No more fences or separation! It's time for Israel to take the fight to Syria. Israel must fight, fight for Ron Arad, who has been in Syrian hands for over 20 years. If Syria attacks Israel, it must lose territory. Every single military strategist in the world knows that one of the best ways to victory is conquest. Any territory that Israel captures in a war against Syria will be annexed, all of its inhabitants expelled anf the land prepared for Jewish settlement. This was what happened when the Golan Hights were liberated and now the area is safely under Israeli control. The world must know that the Jews will not go like sheep to the slaughter. The time for negotiation has ended. The time for war has come.

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PD111 said...

Years ago I posted this on LGF

Israel has engaged in a policy of retaliation after each terrorist attack by Arabs. This has not only been counterproductive but of not much use as Arabs outnumber Isrealis some 50:1. Thus to make any difference to Arab opinion, Israel would have to exact 100:1 ratio in favour of Israel. This is unlikely and politically unsustainable. Besides the Jihadi is bound for paradise and thus the Arab polity does not regard his departure from this life with great loss.

My view has been that the Jihad is about the conquest of territory, especially Israeli/Jewish territory. So to win the Jihad, not only no territory be given to the enemy but actually Israel should have made plain that after each terrorist attack, a certain segment of Eretz Israel, ie the West Bank, would be irrevocably annexed to Israel. This seems fair, as murdered Israelis cannot be brought back to life. The whole Jihad business then begins to be counterproductive, while Israel starts to gain its historic land and gain strategic depth as well.

In wars, the loser has to suffer the consequences of defeat, particularly so if it started the war in the first place.

Israel with its PCness, has inverted the traditional reality of war to fit in with its liberal mores, and is now paying for it, and so I agree with you that Israel has to wage war in a manner that leads to the total defeat of the enemy, and that means that the enemy has to realise and accept that it has been defeated. If the enemy, for doctrinal reasons, does not accept that defeat, then at the least it has to accept that the goal of destroying Israel anytime soon, is not on the cards.