Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Isn't Anybody Bored by this Already?

Isn't anybody else bored by the same thing, over and over? Read a newspaper and you'll see the same story: "Muslim explodes in (fill in the blank)" or "(Add Number) dead after terrorist attacks". The news is always about a new front that's been opened up in the global jihad movement.
It's not as if Islam is a terribly interessting religion- except as a case study of hatred, barbarim and cruelty. Arguing with a Muslim is like talking to a wall- full of doublespeak, contradictions and outright lies. I'm bored, bored of talking about such a primitive faith. Why do I let my time be occupied by such a barbaric people armed with a primitive religion? If it were not for our "multiculturalism" which shackles us and demands that we tolerate the medieval Muslim fascists, this discussion would be done with. The would be no more 9/11's, no more Madrid Bus Bombings, no more Netanya Passover Massacres... If we were only free to discuss Islam without being accused of being 'islamophobes' or 'racists', there would be no need for this blog, no need for this discussion. Frankly, I'm bored with this whole subject. I will, however, continue to talk about it until people understand what's at stake.


FLORIAN said... linked me as Florida's insensitivity training--It's not Florida--but FLORIAN.
That's my name. Thanks.

PS: Yes we are very bored of the Islamic vermin and their murderous tactics.

Brooke said...

HI! I'm finally fixing my links to put you on. Color me an extreme procrastinator! ;)

I'm bored and sick to death of tolerating these Islamists!

Michael said...

I don't know if the world is bored, or just desperate to avoid another bombing.

Too bad everyone's forgotten why appeasement was tried in the first place, and even worse that everyone's forgotten that it failed....

10 men said...

Press DA BUTTON George!

Then we can all get some peace and get back to our lives.

DA said...

Yeah, I hate when talking about how much I hate Jews gets me branded an anti-semite. I can't believe when you talk about how much you hate Muslims people would think you're a bigot.

Sulayman said...

Oh suuuure, stereotype me as a Muslim. It's not like we didn't learn that was a bad idea from doing that to other religions, right?

As a Muslim, I condemn violence and feel it is clearly against Islam, and terrorism is a sin. I doubt you've even spent time with actual freedom-loving Muslims, and instead only bash them from behind a keyboard. How sad, and I pity you for not actually seeing the good and human side to Muslim people.

Sulayman said...

Bar, do you even listen to yourself?

You posted on DA's blog, "I have no problem with Muslims who believe in democracy, human rights and the right of the Jewish people to live in Israel."

Yet now you decide to go bashing and offending Muslims. Not just radical ones, but all Muslims by your above post.

You've in one fell swoop offended every Muslim, including the democracy-loving ones here in America. We're against anti-semitism, but you engaging in islamophobic remarks are just as bad, don't you get it? I follow my religion to the best of my ability, I pray 5 times a day and say that terrorism is a wicked, evil sin. I don't think that Jews are the sons of apes or pigs (nice misinterpretation of yours by the way, the Quran was saying how some of the children of Israel were punished by God, not the modern Jewish people). I think it would be better for all of us if you stopped bashing Islam with blanket statements and actually tried to reach out to pro-American Muslims.Hheck, I've been trying to do that but keep running up against bigots and hateful people.