Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chag Sameach- Shavuot

Over 3000 years ago this day, the entire People of Israel stood at the foot of Mount Sinai and received the Torah. The Jewish People were the only ones to accept it willingly, declaring "We will do and then we shall listen". Previously, G-d had gone to every nation on Earth and asked them to accept the Torah. He went to the Children of Ishamel at Mount Padan and asked them if they would accept his Torah. The Ishmaelites asked what the Torah contained. G-d said that it taught not to murder. The Ishmaelites kindly declined.
Next G-d went to the Children of Esau at Mount Seir and asked them to accept the Torah. G-d told them that the Torah taught not to steal. They also politely declined. G-d went on to every single people in the world and they all refused, except the Jews. Thank G-d that we did.

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