Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Temple Mount

40 yeards after Jerusalem was united and liberated by Israel, Jews are still forbidden to ascend to their most holy place. 40 years after the triumphant call "the Temple Mount is in our hands", we are still without a Temple and cannot pray on Har HaBayit.
When Israel liberated Jerusalem and the Temple Mount in 67, Israel sadly transfered control over the Temple Mount to the Islamic wakf, religious council. In a sorry attempt to appease those Jew-hating rabid animals, Jewish ascent to the most sacred of sites is forbidden. Any Jew who is caught suspiciously moving his lips and swaying or suspected of praying is quickly escorted off the Mount. Guards search for any religious articles and confiscate them before allowing any Jews up. How is it possible in a time that Jews can pray in Russia, Iran and even on the MOON, they can't pray in Jerusalem, in the sovereign Jewish State on their most holy site?
30 great Jewish rabbis have just issued calls for Jewry to go en masse, in purity to the Temple Mount. Many ignorant people claim that it is forbidden under Jewish law to go since we are all impure however, the Rambam/Mainmonides, the great medieval rabbi, records that he ascended and prayed at a synagogue on the Mount!
Alo Naale! Let us Ascend! May our eyes behold You return to Zion is mercy! Amen


WomanHonorThyself said...

Amen!..come see my Yom Yerushalayim post!

Michael said...

The most moving experience I ever had was davening maariv at the Kotel.