Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Let 'Em Kill Each Other!

Why should the US be upset that al-Qaeda is busy terrorizing Shia neighborhoods? Why should Dubya be concerned about Shia murder squads taking their revenge? If our enemies are busy killing each other, then they can't be fighting against the US!
Does anybody still believe that it will be possible to turn Iraq, an artificial country composed of three groups who hate each other, into a peace-loving, pacifistic Switzerland? So then what is the US still doing in Iraq? Iraq is NOT a source for terror, neither is Iran, Pakistan, Somalia or "Fakestine". The Qur'an and the Hadith are and no surge in soldiers, amount of jyzia tax disguised as humanitarian aid and relief or diplomacy is going to change that. How will sending soldiers to a G-dforsaken, wartorn country whose population are paralyzed by a totalitarian belief system, halt the demographic and religious advance of Islam in Europe? When the first shot is fired in the capture of Eurabia, will the US still be tied down in Iraq? It's not too farfetched to say that the European Union will collapse in about 25 years and that tourists will tour the Eifel Minaret and St. Peter's Mosque. 5+ years into the "War on Terror", we still do not even name our enemy! Terror is not an enemy; Islam is! We still mistake ourselves into believing that Saudi Arabia, Pakistan... are our allies. There are calls from the UN and EU to support the "moderate" Abbas, the same Abbas who called for Palestinians to 'raise their rifles against the occupation. Why can't the West realize that there are no moderates in the Islamic world and even if there were, they are irrelevant! In Nazi Germany, very few Germans actively supported Hitler and fewer still were actual members of the Nazi party, yet nonetheless, this 'small minority of extremists' caused the world some deep tzures, pain. The real battle will not be fought in Iraq or Afghanistan; it will be fought in London and Paris. As US soldiers die trying to bring peace and stability to an accursed and barbaric people, jihadist groups have pledged attacks on the bad dhimmis of France for electing the 'crusader and Zionist' Sarkozy.
So I say, let 'em kill each other! The only thing stopping Iraq from a complete civil war is the US. Why would it be an American defeat to leave behind a civil war that could potentially engulf the entire Dar al-Islam, reigniting the centuries of Shia-Sunni schism? Isolate their countries and don't allow any Muslims into ours. Let them fight it out and do out job for us, without the loss of American and Western life.

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WomanHonorThyself said...

exactly!..they are showing the world what they are ..and still the Kool Aid drinkers refuse to see my friend.