Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yom Hashoah

Tommorow night is Yom Hashoah- Holocaust Rememberance Day. The date corresponds to the 29th day of the Hebrew month of Nissan when the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto refused to board the trains to the death camps and fought against the Nazis. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising took longer to pacify than it took the Nazis to conquer all of France. Please light a Yarzheit (Rememberance) candle in memory of the 6 million martyred men, women and children, the thousands of Jewish communities, third of world Jewry, 50% of European Jewry and 90% of Eastern European Jewry that was wiped out.
The greatest thing that we can do in memory of the 6 million is to speak out against the silence that allowed the Shoah to take place. Never Again? We are silent as Iran builds an atomic bomb with the purpose of 'wiping Israel off the map', when Hamas calls for the death of the Jews. When Hitler, may his memory be bloted out, threatened the Jews, it was dismissed as a 'Jewish Problem'- that is until he attacked the world. Hamas and Iran are just Jewish Problems, until they will attacks the world.
Let us remember the song that thousands of Jews perished in the gas chambers of Aushwitz and Treblinka singing: Ani Maamin- I believe.
I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah and even though he may tarry I will await him every day until he arrives.
May their souls rest in peace under the wings of the Dinvine Shechina Presence and may they be bound up in the bonds of Eternal Life. Amen.

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Brooke said...

My solidarity.

I disagree with one thing; may Hitler's memory NEVER be blotted out! That very act is happening in schools in the UK, with some facilities refusing to even mention the Holocaust! This gives evil credence to Iran's (and most Islamists') view that it never happened!

Always remember, and always remember the indifference and cowardice that brought all the world to this sad rememberance.