Monday, April 16, 2007

Never Again?

Can you tell the difference?

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 15, 2007 (UPI) -- Great Britain, France and Canada saw a sharp rise in anti-Semitic attacks and vandalism last year, a World Holocaust Day report revealed Sunday.
Reported incidents of anti-Semitism rose worldwide -- the highest total number since 2000, said a study by the Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism and Racism at Israel's Tel Aviv University.

The report, written with the World Jewish Congress, was released on Sunday to correspond with Holocaust Memorial Day, Haaretz reported.

In all, 590 incidents of violence or vandalism were reported in 2006 against Jews, Jewish property and Jewish institutions, the study said.

In Great Britain, more than 100 Jews were attacked -- the highest number in the 20 years -- while the number of violent incidents in France rose by 45 percent and doubled in Canada.

The report said the attackers primarily were Muslim immigrants and extreme right-wing youths. Anti-Semitic influences in 20006 included Israel's attack on Lebanon and statements by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to deny the Holocaust, said Dina Porat, head of the Roth Institute.

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