Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Have the Germans done Tshuva?

On the side is a picture of the Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. Despite all of the museums and Holocaust memorials in Germany, I want to know, have the German really done Tshuva- repentance? Do the Germans of today deserve blame for the sins of the previous generation?
In Judaism, when somebody sins, they must beg for forgiveness and fast in regret. What has Germany done? Said they're sorry a few times? Build some monuments? I don't want any monument; Hitler, of accursed memory, wanted monuments and museums to the destroyed race of the Jewish People. He planned to turn the Altneu-Shul synagogue in Krakow into a museum about the Jews.
In Germany, there are still many big buildings that used to be synagogues that are now used as opera houses. Jewish property was seized and never returned. If the German people truly want to atone and do tshuva for their role in the genocide of the Holocaust, the German Parliament should declare a national fast day. The Pope himself should declare a fast day in regret for the inaction of Pope Pius XII and the Catholic Church. Most importantly, Germany should be on guard against the modern day Nazis, the Islamofascists. Consider the following alarming example of Sharia uber alles in Deutscheland. Robert Spencer writes: Beaten and threatened with death by her husband, a young Muslim mother of two in Germany petitioned a Frankfurt court for a speedy divorce. German law mandates a year-long waiting period between separation and divorce, but also contains “hardship” criteria that allow for that period to be shortened. However, Judge Christa Datz-Winter decided that this was not a “hardship” case. According to Spiegel Online, Datz-Winter quoted Qur’an 4:34, which says that “men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other,” and that men should punish disobedient women: “admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them.” After all, Datz-Winter pointed out, both husband and wife were Moroccan. Germany must declare support for the inalienable right of the Jews over the entire Land of Israel.
Germany has the responsibility to do tshuva for their role in the Holocaust and to lead the world in the fight against totalitarianism and anti-semitism, most notable in the modern day form of Islamofascism. To do any less is an incomplete tshuva and a disgrace to the memory of the 6 million martyrs.


Statistikhengst said...

1.)The judge who made this stupid decision was removed from the case, the case was decided by another judge in favor of the beaten woman, and the first judge is now facing disciplinary procedures for her terrible behaviour.

If you are going to quote a court case, then you should quote all of the important facts and not just that which pleases you.

2.) I am an american jew, living in Germany since 1997. I am also an opera singer and have sung in practically every major opera house in Germany. I do not know of even one single opera house that was a former synagogue. Will research this, but am relatively sure that you are way off base on this one. Name me just one opera house that is a former synagogue.

3.) As for T'shuvah itself, it is hard to judge an entire people. Germany went through a period in the 80s where the media literally inundated the germans with the holocaust, therefore causing a form of burn out. In deciding on judging the germans on T'shuvah, you need to go from community to community, for instance, the story of the bishop of Muenster and the importation of baltic jews to Muenster in order to rebuild a jewish community there. Or the enormous counter-demonstrations that happen every time those neo-nazi pigs demonstrate.

There is no such holocaust museum in Washington, but there is one in Berlin. The new synagogue in Munich is a wonder.

Put short, you are in no position to judge whether the germans have done enough T'shuvah or not. Only G-d can determine that, and as far as I can see, you are not G-d.

I am just a strongly pro-Israel and zionist as you and really like your blog very much, but before you slam an entire people, you should really do better research than you did in this post.

Avi said...

Let me correct myself. I do not blame all Germans but I feel that not enough has been done to rectify the sin. Building monuments is not enough but Germany must fight the reincarnation of Nazism- Islam- and stop allowing Germany to be a breeding ground for their hate. The syangogue that I was refering to was the syangogue of Cologne which was destroyed and an opera house built atop it. There is no demarcation that a synagogue once stood there.

CTCB said...

Have the Israelis done Tshuva for the over 1000 innocent Lebanese lives they took just recently? Have they done Tshuva for all the innocent Palestinians whose lives they have taken in a staggering disproportionate ratio?

I have heard about the Jewish Holocaust since a child; however, I never heard about the Romanians, gypsies, homosexuals, retarded and other minorities who died in it.
I never heard about the Armenian genocide until I was much older.

What about the Christian slaughter in Russia?

Frankly, Jews might better think of their own penance than continually digging up others' sins.

Where are the monuments throughout the world to other holocaust victims?

Will we build one to the Iraqis?

Michael said...

The time for Germany or Germans in general to still harbour guilt feelings on what is reputed to have happened over 60 years ago is long past. Jews in general stopped being "victims" in my mind when I discovered the part they had played in the Soviet Bolshevik Revolution which resulted in the deaths of between 20 to 30 million Christians. That is what Germany should remember , indeed all Europeans.
Israel now must be judged on how it's behaving in the world now and how its behaved in the last 60 years, it doesn't make very pleasing reading, continuous persecutions against their Arab neighbours, land grabbing, racism, the ignoring of International Law and numerous UN Resolutions, refusal to comply with laws limiting nuclear weapons, an involvement with illegal arm sales and prominence in drug trafficking, etc , etc.
Europe must move away from America in the support of the Apartheid State and with the USA's failing economic importance an opportunity will soon arise.