Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Israel!

Today is Yom Haaztamut- the 59th year of the Independence of the State of Israel. Amidst all of the celebrations, fireworks and barbeques, we should all find some time to thank Hashem for the great miracles that He wrought for us. After 2000 years of brutal exile, oppression, progroms, inquisitions, Crusades, Jihads and Holocausts, Hashem decided to return us to our Holy Land in order to fulfill His promise:
"Hashem, your God, will change your lot; and taking pity on you, He will again gather you from all the nations wherein he has scattered you.

Though you may have been driven to the farthest corner of the world, even from there will Hashem, your God, gather you; even from there will he bring you back.

Hashem, your God, will then bring you into the land which your fathers once occupied, that you too may occupy it, and he will make you more prosperous and numerous than your fathers."

Raise up your flags in pride as you remember the gift of being born a free Jew, in a independent State. We should remember that millions of Jews have dies wishing that they would have had such a merit and that we should not surrender our freedom lightly. Thank You Hashem for all of your infinite mercies and kindnesses and mey we all merit the Complete Redemption, Speedily in Our Days, Amen.

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