Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Prisonner Exchange

Hamas is demanding the release of 1300 Palestinian prisoners, including those with blood on their hands, in exchange for Gilad Shalit. Also, according to a study published by a victims of terror, release Palestinian terrorists have murdered at least 177 Jews. I have a plan for Olmert to get Shalit released: Announce that Hamas has 3 days to release him or every building in Gaza over a certain hight will be destroyed and every day that they wait, the height will be lowered. Warn them that is he is G-d forbid killed, all of Gaza will be turned into rubble- Rubble don't cause no trouble! That should get him free.


Michael said...

That should get him free.

Sadly, it probably won't, although it may reduce problem in the long term.

Brooke said...

I seriously doubt that he's even still alive. The PA is setting an exchange they know Israel cannot accept, so they can then say, "Hey... We tried."

I agree with one thing; Gaza would look far better as a pile of smoking rubble.

Avi said...

It is widely believe in Israel that he is still alive. They have sent pictures actually. Abour Regev and Goldwasser, no word but it is believe that Shalit is alive. the Palestinians have always demanded insane exchanges such as thousands of prisoners for the dead bodies of three Israeli businessmen

Anonymous said...

I also think your suggestion, while excellent in the grand scheme of things, would not get Shalit freed -- simply because the Arabs are too accustomed to hearing meaningless bluster from Israel's "leaders."

Olmert -- or whoever -- would have to actually "walk the walk" and turn all of Arab-occupied 'Aza into a parking lot. I'm not highly confident of his readiness to do that.

I'd be delighted to be proven wrong, however.