Monday, February 26, 2007

PC myth: Israel practices Apartheid

The UN and Jimmy (Dhimmi) Carter seem to agree with each other. The UN recently released a statement saying that Israel practices apartheid in the "territories". This charge can only be held together by a combination of anti-semitism and pure unadulerated stupidity. Israel DOES practice discriminatory measure against Palestinians but not because of racial reasons. Israel is the most diverse country in the Mid-East. Arabs can vote, drive, hold office... Palestinians however are subject to extra scrutiny for security concerns, obviously. The REAL apartheid is what's going on at the hands of the territories. Bethelehem , which used to be majority Christian, is now three quarters Muslim. Women are forced to veil themselves. Gays are executed. End the Apartheid- The Palestinian Apartheid against non-Muslims. End the Occupation- the Arab Occupation of Jewish land!

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