Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jonathan Pollard: Prisoner of Zion

Jonathan Pollard has been languishing in an American jail for over 22 years - for a crime whose average sentence is 4 years! Pollard, while working as a naval analyst, came across some information vital to Israel's security. Despite being forbidden to hand over the essential information about Syria and other Arab countries military capabilities, Pollard knew that his duty was to help the Jewish People. When Pollard fled to the Israeli embassy in Jerusalem, he was betrayed and handed over to the Americans. He was charged with giving information over to an ally which normally results in a 4 year sentence. Jonathan is serving for life.
Jewish organization worldwide are calling for Pollard's release for the upcoming Passover, the Holiday of Freedom. Leading Rabbis have written the following letter to President Bush:
Dear Mr. President,
We appeal to you as President of the greatest power on earth, the epitome of compassion and generosity, to grant clemency to Mr. Jonathan Pollard who has been incarcerated for more than twenty years.
With deep respect and appreciation,
(signed: Rabbis Elyashiv and Shteinman)

Jonathan has served 22 long years of torture and hardship. For years he was locked in solitary confinement and was forbidden to see the light of day. He has been separated with form his wife for 22 years. Jonathan, we're waiting for you at home.

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Anonymous said...

Jonathan Pollard is a warrior who was fighting against global islamofacsism before the non-muslim world -civilization- awoke. Hr did not aid and comfort an enemy - rather our ally, only democracy in the mid-east, and nation under continual attack by our mutual enemies. Meanwhile -islamonazi allies in US media - routinely offer up national security secrets which have caused direct and grave damage to the USA -yet still walk free.
Perhaps lawyers can use the precidents displayed by current "standards" (or lack thereof) in freeing Jonathan Pollard - call it the NYT right to give secrets away -and which aid and comfort our enemies-over and over and over and still walk free.