Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fast of Esther

Tomorrow, February 29th, on the Jewish Calendar is the Fast of Esther. This day commemorates the day when the Jews of ancient Persia fasted and prayed to avoid annhilation at the hands of the evil vizier Haman. Haman was eventually hung and the genocide averted. Isn't it ironic that today, a new Haman has arisen from Persia (Iran) and seeks the destruction of the Jews? I call upon every single Jew to fast and every person, Jew and non-Jew, to pray to G-d to save Israel. Pray that Ahmadinejd be defeated. Pray for the safe return of Gilead (ben Aviva) Shalit, Ehud (ben Malka) Goldwasser and Eldad (ben Tovah) Regev, the three Israeli soldiers who are still in the hands of Hizbullah terrorists. Pray for the release of Jonathan Pollard, who is still languishing in an American jail for giving to Israel information concerning it's safety. Pray for the Jewish People and for peace and freedom throughout the world. Amen.

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