Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Islamic Love

The Religion of Peace strikes again! Sunni and Shia Muslims hate each ohter with a passion that rivals their hatred of the Infidels. What should be done? How can we stop the violence? What did the US do? How can we bring stability to Iraq? The answers to those question are : nothing; we shouldn't; nothing and we should be doing the opposite, respectively. The Muslims world is replete with ethnic and religious tensions. Us Infidels should EXPLOIT those tensions. If the Muslims are busy killing each other, they will be too busy to kill us. The US should partition Iraq into Kurdistan, Shialand and Sunniville and declare solidarity with the Kurds. This could start a wave of non-Arab nationalism in the Muslim world. Iran can barely control its many minorities and could not survive a Kurdish uprising and neither could Syria. These independent non-Arab countries, with some education, may realize that Islam is a tool of Islamic imperialsim and reject it. See how Muslims love each other!

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