Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Fakestinians

A few questions that everyone who claims to support "Palestinian" statehood should answer:
1) Who was the leader of the Palestinians before Arafat, may his memory be accursed?
2) What was the currency of Palestine before the Jews stole it?
3) Jerusalem was the capital of which Palestinian empire?
4) Which Palestinian kings are buried in Jerusalem?
5) What are some of the technological advances that the world owes the Palestinians?
6) What are some of the cultural gifts of Palestine?

Don't worry if you can't answer any of the questions; you weren't asleep during World History during high school. The "Palestinians" are a made up people who only came to exist after Israel's liberation of Judea and Samaria in '67. When they were OCCUPIED by the Jordanians and Egyptians, they never seemed to raise even a nationalistc peep. Palestine never had a currency because there was never a such country as Palestine. The name Palestine was coined by the Romans in honour of one of the biblical inhabitants of the Land, the Philistines, in, ironically, an attempt to remove the Jewish connection to Eretz Yisrael. Jerusalem was never the capital of a Palestinian empire, which never existed. It was always a backwater, neglected city when under the Arabs. It was never the capital of any Arab or Muslim empire. The only kings buried in Jerusalem and Israel are Jewish kings: King David, Solomon...
In reality, there is absolutely no difference linguistically, culturally and religiously between an Arab in Cairo, Damscus and "Palestine" because the Fakestinians have no history, no past and are simply an articial entity created to demonize Israel.


Yankee Doodle said...

The Palestinian Arabs are victims -- of the Arabs.

Corrupt Arab regimes need an "enemy" and an "issue" to keep everyone's mind off the fact that the regimes are corrupt and exploiting their power and their people. The "Palestinian Issue" is the perfect thing to decoy everyone's attention from the real criminals in certain places in the Arab world.

FLORIAN said...

Fakestinians are a joke. They have no homeland and nobody (even their arab "brothers") cares about them. Anybody with even a 6th grade education in History knows there is NO SUCH THING AS A PALESTINIAN RACE OR NATION. WHERE DO THEY TRACE THEIR ROOTS TO? MOHAMMED? They are just nomadic Jordanians.

Goat said...

Yankee Doodle, add the UN to those that want to keep these Arabs as victims of Israel when in truth it is the Arab nations empowered by the UN that keep them in these slums. What I gather from Mike Totten and others is that the Palestinians are generally disliked more than the Jews around the Arab world though few would admit. They have no historic homeland, there is no Palestine to be found in the Torah or parallel texts.
I see the IDF has moved on Gaza. I hear about 70% of the people prefer Israel to run the Strip,they had jobs and security back then.

Der Baron von Bornstein said...

The fact that Palestinian nationalism developed later than Zionism and indeed in response to it does not in any way diminish the legitimacy of Palestinian nationalism or make it less valid than Zionism. All nationalisms arise in opposition to some "other." Why else would there be the need to specify who you are? And all nationalisms are defined by what they oppose.

-James L. Gelvin

Filasteeni, meaning Palestinian, was a common adjectival noun (see Arabic grammar) adopted by natives of the region, starting as early as about a hundred years after the Hijra, in 638.

Even besides all that, fine, say there were no "Palestinians"- There was a people, whether Syrian or Jordanian, making their homes in the area. For any single ethnic or religious group to be granted a nation or state simply because of it's ethnic identity, is inherently racist. It sucks in Iran, and it sucks in Israel and it sucked in Nazi Germany.

Der Baron von Bornstein said...

Also, in what sense are the 6 questions in any way validity markers of a state's right to exist? There are any and no validity markers of any and every state's right to exist.

The presence of a leader before Arafat, a currency before the Jews, a capital, kings, technological (what have the Mongolians done for us lately?) etc, none of these have anything to do with Palestine's Current right to exist. Further, it shows your cultural bias and disregard for the Non-Jewish Palestinians.

Brooke said...

I like the term "psuedo-stinians"

beakerkin said...


If you look it up I believe I coined the phrase Pseudostinians. The oldest use in Google is my quote in FPM.

What the basis of this ethnicity is has never been defined by anyone. The usual excuse from leftists are that ethnicity is an artificial construct, but it isn't.

Ethnicity is derived from three places.

1 Historical Identity
2 Distinct Language
3 Unique Religion
4 Clearly distinct culture.

There is not nor has there ever been any basis for this Palestinian ethnicity. The best argument was that they have a regional accent. This would qualify the people of Brooklyn NY.
The other argument is that the identify themselves this way. Following this logic every person in a mental ward who thinks he is Elvis is Elvis.

1 Historical I

John Brown said...

Funny stuff here.

It doesn't matter what you call them. It matters that European Zionists forced them from their homes, slaughtering them by the thousand, in the name of an invisible Sky-Goblin.

Zionism and Apartheid Israel don't create anything. They only destroy.

The UN midwifed Apartheid Israel into existence, and the wretched Land-Grabbers exist today only because of Uncle Sam's Welfare Checks.

Otherwise, it's just another defeated European colony.

Michael said...

John Brown:
Since you made the claim that Zionism creates nothing:

Israelis have invented, in the last few months:
a cheaper way to extract oil shale;
advanced surgical simulators for laporscopic techniques; and
the EyeBall, an advanced reconassaince device for law enforcement;

This is just off the top of my head. Don't forget that companies such as Microsoft and Motorola keep large R&D sections here in Israel because they want to be close to the high-tech know-how. Your cell phone depends on Israeli made technology.

Israel is a world leader in semi-desert agriculture, and advanced irrigation systems.

Teva, an Israeli pharmaceutical company, is the world's largest producer of generic drugs.

These are just a few of the things that Israel has created, and given to the world.

Bar Kochba:
I can answer your six questions!

1) Who was the leader of the Palestinians before Arafat, may his memory be accursed?
No one; prior to '64, there were no "palestinian nationalists," and prior to '48, "palestinian referred to the Jews. So maybe, Ben Gurion?

2) What was the currency of Palestine before the Jews stole it?
The British Palestine Pound.

3) Jerusalem was the capital of which Palestinian empire?
A fictional one.

4) Which Palestinian kings are buried in Jerusalem?
None. Arafat is in Ramallah...

5) What are some of the technological advances that the world owes the Palestinians?
The suicide bomb vest?

6) What are some of the cultural gifts of Palestine?
Airline hijackings and suicide bombers; the true signs of any advanced culture...

Der Baron von Bornstein said...

My friend, People created those things. Not Zionism.

Michael said...

Zionist people created them. In the state that Zionism built. And then they shared them with the world.

Bald Headed Geek said...

You can't fight emotions with facts, because those who support the Palestinians do so out of emotion (whether it be anti-Semitic emotions, pro-Arab emotions, etc.). They cannot be troubled by or with facts.......


P.S. I am "stealing" that picture from your previous post so that I can post it on my blog, too!


The Merry Widow said...

I like paloswinians myself, they are Egyptian and Jordanian, depending on if you are talking about the Gaza Strip or the West Bank.


Der Baron von Bornstein said...

"Zionist people created them. In the state that Zionism built. And then they shared them with the world."

That's besides the point, my friend. Creating those inventions does not validate the Israeli State. If a Palestinian person went and made an AIDS Cure, would you grant the Palestinians validity?

The Merry Widow said...

How about validating the Egyptians or Jordanians?
Which is what they are!


Nostradamus said...

The "fakestinians" funny.

I want to remind all of the retards and racists commenting that GAZA WAS A CITY 2000 YEARS BEFORE THE FIRST SET WAS SET IN JERUSALEM.

In fact, Abraham was born in modern day IRAQ. He went WEST and found Israel, and then God literally told him to KILL and RAPE teh SEVEN tribes of Cannan and then he will receive the "promised land"

I know all of you morons will call me the usual. A liar. A racist. Blah blah blah.

Well, I'm not a liar because my evidence of RAPE and ETHNIC cleansing of the people that ALREADY LIVE IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL IS WELL DOCUMENTED IN THE OLD TESTAMENT.

And I'm not a racist because I'm a jew.

Here's a little lovely passage from Exodus 23:23 NAB, that God SUPPOSEDLY told to Abraham, about KILLING the tribes that already lived in the land, claimed by jews.

"My angel will go before you and bring you to the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Canaanites, Hivites, and Jebusites; and I will wipe them out." (Exodus 23:23 NAB)

WOW. "wipe them out" So the next time jewish settlers tell you it's their land, and that god promised it to them, you konw, that they ar KOO KOO FOR COCOA PUFFS.

And that's why so many jews are pro palestinian, and SO MANY AMERICAN BIBLE THUMPERS are pro israeli. Because only a SIMPLETON, would believe, that God wants us to kill each other, over land.

Direct all your hate speech towards if you want to argue, or call me the usual name like "self hating kike".

Anonymous said...

Nostradamus, there's no God and I frankly don't care who Abraham raped or didn't rape. Besides, he's the forefather of the Muslims as well as ours, so you should find another excuse to hate the Zionists.

In recent centuries Palestine was a wasteland until Jews came and settled here. Fakestinians can settle in one of the other 22 Arab states, which they came from.

Atheist Zionist.

Anonymous said...

Der Baron von Bornstein sounds like a dirty Commie. He calls nation-states "racist." Almost all countries were founded by a single ethnic group, and Israel is no exception. The Jews lived in Israel for millennia before the Arabs invaded in the sixth centuries, and the land belongs to them. The Arabs have dozens of nation-states, whereas the Jews only have one.

Anonymous said...

"Nostradamus" obviously suffers from Stockholm syndrome.

Anonymous said...

> And I'm not a racist because I'm a jew.


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