Sunday, June 24, 2007

Academics for Dhimmitude

Here are the Anti-Defamation League's ads against the British academic boycott of Israel. It bears repeating that while criticism of Israel is not necessarily anti-semitic (all democracies must be criticized to keep them in check), demonizing Israel and holding her to a double standard is pure antisemitism.


Michael said...

That is one great set of posters.
To bad the people who most need to understand them will never read them...

nanc said...

oh b.k. - i have a blogger friend in israel who would love this. here's his site - his name is jay and he also posts at robert spencer's dhimmi watch. check him out.

John Brown said...

I crack up when I see crocodile tears cried by Vanilla Sam over the treatment of the poor Africans.

If only Africa had such genuine support a couple decades ago when Uncle Sam was running around assassinating leaders all over the continent.

Of course the Sudanese govt's war on that countries African population is a problem.

But crying to the UN will help nothing. After all, the UN supports Apartheid Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Otherwise, it wouldn't have midwifed the Zionist fake-state into existence in the first place.

My solution in Sudan: Uncle Sam should certainly stop arming the terrorists attacking the African people.

But we both know that that's not going to happen. After all, there's oil there.

And if we've learned one thing, it's that Uncle Sam kills for oil.

Zimbabwe is an interesting case. Prior to 1980, they had an Apartheid system a lot like Apartheid Israel. Mysteriously, Vanilla Sam was quiet about it.

Now he squawks!

People of conscience in the UK are boycotting Apartheid Israel because they see it for what it is: a genocidal terrorist colony of White Europeans created for the sole purpose of suppressing Arab nationalism.

Brooke said...

Oh, right Brownie. You are the one who claims that VANILLA SAM doesn't care about black people, and when VANILLA SAM does say that he cares, he's just being hypocritical.

You just can't please some people.

Oh, and why don't you save your HEAD COFFINS for the psuedo-stinian homicide bombers?

John Brown said...


You're afraid to post my words on your blog, right? I thought so.

Anyway, to your point, we saw how much Vanilla Sam really cares about Black people during the New Orleans genocide, didn't we?

As I've said, if Uncle Sam really wanted to end the war against African Sudanese, he would stop Bankrolling it.

That's a funny thought.

After all, oil is at stake.

Elizabeth said...

It's kinda easy to boycott Zimbabwe, isn't it? I mean I don't think they're exporting anything these days.

nanc said...


Joe Gringo said...


New Orleans genocide??

So you fell for the rapes, the murders, the cannibalism taking place in the Superdome?

Oh some of you lefties are truly pathetic.

For some good ol' racism, I recommend you take a stroll to just about every country outside the USA...México, China, Central & South America...hell anywhere in Asia....and you'll get very healthy dose of it.....good ol' Vanilla Sam is the most tolerant country in the world.

nanc said...

he forgets how well we tolerate his kind, joe.

Jay Tuch said...

John Brown is your typical liberal. That means that the facts are not as important as what the liberal would actually like the facts to be. Call it dreaming if you will.

To call Israel genocidal is to call Hamas Mother Theresa.

The facts bear otherwise, but then again, if they don't fit the mold...they don't count.

You can only have an intellectual discussion if both sides have an open mind to learn the facts. JB has no such intention.

He wants the facts a certain way and will double talk you all to death until his perceived victory rocks him to sleep.

His type is helpless. his type is our worst enemy.

Brooke said...


You're one to talk about NOT publishing words, Brown. Your blog is censorship central!

Also, if you want to see massacre against folks of African descent, I suggest that you visit Africa itself, and I'm not talking about some fantasy funding of the genocide in Darfur.



Or, if you wish to see some more massacre of innocents, we could always take a stroll to psuedo-stine, which you seem to be so fond of.



John Brown said...


Apartheid Israel was midwifed by the UN in 1947 and has been slaughtering Palestinians in an ethnic cleansing campaign for 60 years now thanks in large part to Welfare Checks given by Uncle Sam.

You can ignore the land-theft, the bulldozers, the checkpoints, etc. if you want.

I really don't care.

But it is ironic that you say how I refuse to acknowledge facts while citing nothing.

You squawk about Hamas; meanwhile, Apartheid Israel kills dozens of civilians for every one of Hamas's victims.

John Brown said...

Have I ever deleted one of your posts, Brooke?

Don't think so.

Just tell me when you're not scared of my words anymore.

I call genocide a forced expulsion of a native population followed by a refusal to allow them safe return.

Sort of like what happened in Palestine following the Nakba.

Or the Trail of Tears.

That's genocide.

You can believe whatever fabricated rhetoric the racist mercenaries and pigs said about Black New Orleans. Fairy Tales make it easier to duck reality. It was easier for Vanilla Sam to believe that slavery civilized the slaves than fighting to end it!

Today, Uncle Sam continues to refuse to allow thousands of people to return to their homes. That's because Sam plans to steal their land.

It's a land grab. Just like Apartheid Israel was one big land-grab for European Zionist colonizers, New Orleans is a land-grab for the casino industry and real-estate developers.

Michael said...

See what I meant?
John Brown stopped by, and I'll bet he never even read the posters that Bar Kochba blogged about...

John Brown said...

I read and commented on virtually every one of the posters, Michael.

Incidentally, some more news about Uncle Sam's crocodile tears in Sudan.

alCIAda meets - again - with the genociders... probably to give them advice.

Brooke said...

No, Brown, but you have been known to not publish them at all.

Of course, since I won't tolerate your obscene tongue at my site, I'm a klansman, or whatever.

Your comments are devoid of fact and consist only of ad hominem.

Oh, and if you want to talk about expulsion of a the psuedo-stinians from their native home, you should probably talk to the Jordanians.

Besides, if Israel really wanted to eradicate the psuedo-stinians, you think they'd have done it by now... The Jews got a pretty good first-hand lesson on extermination in the 40's, after all.

Always On Watch said...

Bar Kochba,
Have you heard about what the World Council of Churches is planning? A rally-against-Israel day. See this recent item from the Washington Post.

No wonder more and more Christians are losing interest in those churches which are members of the WCC.

Anonymous said...

John Brown,
You are so full of it!

Ever since 9/11, even at Little Green Footballs, you've made anti-American comments (often off-topic), then dared the site owner to ban you. When you get banned, you cry foul.

You accuse Vanilla Sam of hypocrisy. But you're the biggest hypocrite of all. You have no credibility once commenters and bloggers get to know you.

Maybe if you showed others a little respect, you'd be more welcome on the web.

Bar Kochba said...

AOW: Same churches that perpetrated pogroms, the Inquistion, blood libels... same theology that had Jews burnt at the stake during the Crusades as the Crusaders sang "C., we adore thee".
Its all fueled by the perverted notion of Dispentionalism, that the Christians are the New Israel.

The Merry Widow said...

BK-It's actually Dominion Theology that replaces Israel as "the church", which is heresy. It usually travels with Kingdom Now, which says that the "church" will bring in Messiah's Kingdom, that's where all the people who believe in theocracies hang out. You will find them also in cahoots with fringe groups like the "christian" arm of the aryan nation. And other such charming types! And yes, Pat Buchanan is in that group!
Needless to say, I hightail it outta Dodge when they show up, I don't want to be around in case G*D cares to drop some lightening bolts on them!

Dispensationalists tend to be Israel supporters, I'm that breed of cat, myself.
WCC and NCC are social gospel, we can bring in utopians!

nanc said...

b.k. - f.y.i. gw is a united methodist.

condi is a united presbyterian.

both religions buy into the replacement theology scheme. remember, it is G-d who is responsible for those in power as it states in the o.t.

i voted for bush, but it was that or a write-in. i am highly disappointed in these turns of events.

Brooke said...

I'm seriously considering writing in Jack Bauer in '08.


Jungle Mom said...

Just remember all Christians do not hold to this theology. Many of us abhor the ones that do!!

nanc said...

i'm sorry, condi is a presbyterian, u.s.a. - check them out.

Elmer's Brother said...

jb you got banned because you perpetrated criminal acts

such as threatening my children

and your pedophilic remarks

no one is afraid fo your words

you just need to eat a urinal mint you got bad breath