Monday, April 7, 2008

Separation and Redemption

As history has shown, the natural trend of the Jews is towards assimilation. We don't want to be different. We want to fit it, to belong, to be like everyone else. Even when Jews are prepared to assert themselves, we want allies and friends. Many Jews do not see themselves as members of the Jewish nation but rather "Americans (or Canadians, or British, or French) of the Mosaic Persuasion". As the old saying goes, be a man on the street and a Jew at home. Such was the tragic thinking of the Jews in Egypt.

On Pasuk, (Shemot 1:7) "And the land was filled with them (the Jews)," the Yalkut stated: "If the Egyptians went to the theater, it was full of Jews; if they went to the circus, again, the place was full of Jews." As soon as Levi, the last surviving brother, passed away, the Jews moved away from the customs and ways of Ya'akov and moved out of the shtetl, into cosmopolitain Egypt. The Jews began assimilating in ernest. Pharaoh used their desire for integration and acceptance to his own benefit, as he said (1:10), "Come, let us outsmart them." Pharaoh announced a new public works project for the good of Egypt and invited all of the Jews and native Egyptians to participate. Being loyal citizens, the Jews joined with the Egyptians in this new and glorious project. Pharaoh even set the first brick! As all the Jews had gathered to work, free of charge in order to gain acceptance, Pharaoh brought in the taskmasters who forbade the Jews to stop working. He tricked Am Yisrael into slavery!

To the degree which the Israelites tried to integrate into Egyptian society, they were violently thrown out. Being rejected, they turned insular and returned to their roots. The Midrash tells us that in the merit of the Jews keeping their Jewish names, Jewish language and Jewish garb, they merited the Redemption. Assimilation brought slavery and oppression while separation and self-identification heralded divine compassion and great miracles. G-d took the Jewish people out of Israel to separate us from the other nations, to remove us from the influence of idolatry and of wickedness, to end the foreign influence over us.

"And you shall be holy to Me, for I, the Lord, am holy, and I have distinguished you from the peoples, to be Mine." (Vayikra 20:26)

"So I said to you, You shall inherit their land, and I shall give it to you to possess it a land flowing with milk and honey. I am the Lord your G-d, Who has separated you from the peoples." (Vayikra 20:24)

Sadly, the nation of Israel seems intent today on committing the same foolish sin. Hillel, the Jewish organization on campus, has recently announced that it is opening its doors to non-Jews for membership. According to the report, "the organization is throwing open its doors to everyone, designing programs that appeal to Jews and non-Jews and hyping its contribution to university -- not only Jewish – life." Reportedly, more and more non-Jews are serving on Hillel boards. Whereas the group's mission statement before 2006 was to increase the number of Jews "doing Jewish with other Jews," it now seeks to "enrich" Jewish student life, the Jewish people and the world.

"Most of the students that we have are not interested in doing Jewish with other Jews," a Hillel campus head told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. "They're interested in doing Jewish with their friends who are doing Catholic and Puerto Rican and Turkish -- their friends and their family. The challenge for us is how do you create expressions of Jewish life that students will deem to be authentic at the same time as they are not exclusive or tribal."

Hillel, which purportedly claims to seek to enrich Jewish life on campus and to bring Jews together, is opening the door to assimilation and spiritual destruction. Already, in the United States, every second Jew that gets married is opting out of Judaism, and marries a non-Jew. What is it about Jews that we want to seem tolerant and accepting at all costs, even putting ourselves at jeopardy? (Could it be that being in exile too long has led us to forget that we too have rights?) This is the same dangerous thinking that leads Jews to shun Jewish schools because they are too "sheltered", for the Israeli government to continue its suicidal tendencies at the behest of the United States or to persue policies that put Jewish life in danger in order to gain acceptance by the anti-semitic United Nations. It is this mindset that demands that we continue to allow non-Jews, Evangelical Christians, to support us, even though this gives them a foothold in the Land and brings on the more serious problem of missionization and spiritual erosion.

Jews, we cannot be part of the United Nations, to assimilate among the goyyim. We are a "people that dwells alone and among the peoples is not reckoned" (BaMidbar, 23:9). This is a mitzvah! By relying on non-Jews, we postpone the Ultimate Redemption which will only when we are so pitifully alone, when it will be obvious that Israel has no one to rely on except for HaShem. Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D wrote: "For so long as the Jew has even one ally, he will be convinced - in his smallness of mind - that his salvation came from that ally. It is only when he is alone - against all of his own efforts and frantic attempts - that he will, through no choice, be compelled to turn to G-d." We do not want acceptance or to integrate. We do not want to be the same or to fit in. Jews, we cannot give up our heritage. Such is a crime and postpones the coming of the Righteous Moshiach. The Redemption from Egypt only occured when it was clear that no one would stand up for the Jews, when Pharaoh arrogantly boasted: "Who is HaShem that I should obey Him and let Israel go?" (Shemot 5:2). Only then did HaShem unleash His full fury and wrath against Egypt and humble the wicked. The plagues and the splitting of the Sea proclaimed to the entire world "There is none like Me on all the earth! (9:14)"

"Blessed are You, Hashem our G-d, King of the universe, Who separates between holy and secular, between light and darkness, between Israel and the nations, between the seventh day and the six days of labor. Blessed are You, Hashem, who separates between the holy and the secular."


Anonymous said...

Very, very strong and clear utterance! I agree with you on the subject of assimilation and mixed marriage. We hear the chant of "Never Again" all too often, yet we do not fully comprehend its meaning. Never again to us being just another people! Never again to us abandoning our faith! (in my case to not losing all faith) Never again to slavery, whether at the hands of the Egyptians, the Soviets, or anyone else!

I don't agree with you on one thing. You say it's imprudent to work alongside Evangelical Christians for a Greater Israel. I think that so long as these Christians help us and don't try to convert us, we should work together.

Avi said...

I don't think that I can oofer you a secular argument against accepting Christian aid as long as they do not convert us. They are free to support us but we cann rely on them.

Rabbi Meir Kahane, z"l, wrote in Or HaRa'ayon (pp.508-510)

Our times constitute the beginning of the redemption and the footsteps
of the Messiah. G-d in his kindness, in preparation for speedy redemption, presently demands of us Kiddush Hashem of the sort based on faith and trust in Him. Yet we, our children and our elders have sunk in the mire of exile, and have raised up on a miserable banner the fear and degradation of "It is forbidden to provoke the nations." This theme, whose sorrowful conception and birth are in the exile, constitutes a humiliating affront to our people, and worse, a profanation of the great name of the Supreme King. If it suited the lowliness of the exile, when we were unwilling slaves to the nations, powerless to raise ourselves up to defend ourselves, how dare we bring that same desgraceful concept into the holy land, the land of G-d.
While G-d has afforded us the greatest, most powerful miracles since the Hasmonean victories, we have remained that same exilic product, that same slave to the nations and slave to slaves, with that same base spirit which led G-d to decree what He decreed against our ancestors in the desert.

Kiddush Hashem is the call of the hour, and Kiddush Hashem is conceived, born and sustained via complete faith and trust in G-d. We must never forget the following great principle: Whoever
relies on the non-Jew and seeks his aid, repels the Messiah, pushes off the redemption and brings upon us G-d's wrath and ire. Redemption will come only when Israel are alone, without any outside protection of help. Only when the nations see, with wonderment and mouth agape, how mighty and strong G-d is without help, will G-d's name be magnified and sanctified on earth. Then shall the vision be realized before the eyes of the nations that "The L-rd
alone shall be exalted in that day" (Isa. 2:17).

Moreover, Israel, stubborn and insolent, will never believe that G-d is their Redeemer so long as they have even one gentile nation standing at their side. Only when "the L-rd alone is exalted on that day," only when Israel sees that "G-d, alone, will direct them" (Deut. 32:12), will Israel believe in G-d and in the Torah of Moses His servant.

Indeed, this is how it will be: a nation alone with G-d alone, and both of them alone facing the whole world. Only in that manner will Israel's redemption come, and so to speak, of G-d, via, "Thus will I be magnified, sanctified and become known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the L-rd" (Ezek. 38:23)

The Rambam states that it is forbidden to make alliances with Gentile nations. That is not just a suggestion. It is Jewish law.

Devorah Chayah said...

FYI, all xian aid has one goal only and that is to make the Jew beholden to the xian so that his defenses against the xian and the xian faith will be weakened.

They admit as much on their websites and also discuss this strategy among themselves in their congregations.

The xian definition of "proselytizing" requires the xian to initiate an encounter. However, if they merely do a good turn for the non-xian which will make him feel obligated and lead to his asking the xian about the motivation for his generosity, this opens the door for him to "share his faith" and is not proselytizing by their definition. By this method, they can deny any intent to proselytize with a clear conscience.

Ask any xian "supporter" of Israel what he would do if a Jew came to him and asked him about converting to xianity. If the "xian" answers that he would advise the Jew to consult a rabbi about any doubts he harbors regarding his faith and encourage him to remain a Jew, then he is a true friend of the Jewish people.

But, I can tell you right now that not even one professing xian would consider such a thing. They are xians because they believe in that path and they believe it is for everyone, both Jew and gentile.

Papa Frank said...

davash -- any aid given by a Christian is just like any aid given by anyone else. It is all individual and some individuals have an agenda and some do not. Some people want to lord over someone. Some people want to make themselves feel good. Some people are following the command to do good to those who hate you. Some people give out of guilt for christian atrocities towards the Jewish people in the past. And some people have a heart that cares about Israel and cares about the Jewish people and they give from the overflow of their heart. For you to lump all Christians together here is very unfair.

Devorah Chayah said...

I reiterate for the benefit of one who cannot copy my name correctly---
"Ask any xian 'supporter' of Israel what he would do if a Jew came to him and asked him about converting to xianity. ...."

Care to answer the question?

Papa Frank said...

That's like asking what you would do if someone came to you and asked for a cup of water. Of course you would give them a cup of water. There is a big difference between seeking out and developing relationships for the purpose of attempting to convert someone and simply giving answers to someone seeking you out and asking about your faith. How about this question -- which is better -- to sow hate and discord or to sow love and kindness? Or do you consider us gentiles less than Jews with the spirit of a dog and not a man?

Geula Girl said...

to the Frank family

any aid given by a christian is just like any aid given by anyone else. It is all individual and some individuals have an agenda and some do not

Are you kidding me? christians donate money to the many christian organizations who all have an agenda as stated on their websites (under mission or vision). Not only that but they do not donate money anonymously as most Jews do, they want recognition, awards and plaques.

As stated in the goals of the christian allies caucus

1.To recognize the contribution Christians ...
2.To bring to the attention of the people of Israel the unqualified support Christians have given...
3.To provide Christians on the ground in Israel with assistance in dealing with red tape....
(specifically visas that will allow them to reside here indefinitely)

When these organizations give money they make sure we know where it is coming from so we can reciprocate in the future.

Avi said...

"Or do you consider us gentiles less than Jews with the spirit of a dog and not a man?"

Jason, that comment was uncalled for. The Righteous of all nations have a share in the World to Come.

Geula Girl said...

to bk
This is exactly why they are taking Hebrew names, learning in ulpan and buying beged ivri and why Reuven Prager and others like him are harming the Jewish people. If you want to know what xtians really think read their comments on A7 and jpost. They are so arrogant that they can't stay quiet when we question their motives.

Papa Frank said...

BK -- that is the exact attitude and view that KL shared here on your blog. Only Jews have a spirit that can understand and gentiles have the same spirit as the animals.

Papa Frank said...

geula girl -- you are committing the same mistake here. To lump all Christians together is like lumping all Jews together. ALL Christians do not do anything. Some Christians do this and some do that and so on. Christianity, just like Judaism, is made up of individuals with their own minds and own attitudes.

Devorah Chayah said...


Interesting you would choose just that analogy since our sages liken Torah to water. What you don't seem to understand is that you are NOT equipped spiritually or mentally to dispense this "water." You do not seem to understand that you are not an expert who is qualified to "give answers." You don't even know what the questions are yet! But this is the way of xianity, everyone is his own posek.

This is why I said a true friend of the Jewish People who has his best interests at heart will advise him to seek out a Torah authority for his spiritual questions. If you were a righteous gentile, defined as one who observes the Seven Laws of Noah, you would also seek out a Torah authority for your own questions. But you would never dream of such a thing because you are already convinced that your 'knowledge' is vastly superior to any rabbi's.

If I say that a medical secretary has no business giving people medical advice since she is not a qualified medical doctor, does it follow that I am calling her a "dog?" This is an antisemitic canard based on a misreading of the NT. By throwing it out like this, you've revealed your true nature.

Papa Frank said...

devash -- I threw that out because it was previously said by another person on this blog. Your lumping all Christians together reveals your nature.

Papa Frank said...

Here is the question that burns within me. Who would you say is qualified to dispense answers? Do you look for answers yourself in the Torah or do you rely only on those you consider to be experts? Is not the law of the Lord for each person? Is it not written on our hearts? Does not God Himself instruct us through study and through nature? I do not think my knowledge to be surerior to that of a rabbi. I view rabbis just as I view everyone else - as individuals. Some rabbis are intelligent and have the best of intentions seeking to move the people that they encounter closer to God. Some rabbis serve their own pride. Some rabbis are good and some are bad. If all rabbis were one way then they would not disagree. In the end it is you or I that will give account. We stand or fall before God and God alone. Does God not want us to meet Him ourselves? Did He not walk with Adam in the garden? Does He want to be in communion with man? Did He not choose Abraham because of his faith and trust in God and not because of his knowledge or expertise?

Devorah Chayah said...

Our covenant with G-d is a legal document. From the time the Torah was given, we stood on line to consult with the greatest legal authority of the time for instruction in it. That was Moshe Rabbeinu. Then Moshe Rabbeinu delegated some of his authority to The Great Assembly and then we went to them and on down to the prophets and the rabbis who inherited that authority from them. I don't expect the Franks to understand any of this, because they aren't looking for the truth of the matter. They believe they already have it. You can see from what is written in the comments that he believes each individual is his own 'Torah' authority. What has been said about the rabbis applies equally to doctors and lawyers and engineers, too, but a wise person seeks out an expert when he needs professional advice. The trouble here is that the Jewish view of Torah and the xian view of Torah are widely disparate views. They hold nothing in common, but the xian imagines (erroneously)that his view is the correct one and that the Jew needs him to explain it to him. And never the twain shall meet.

Papa Frank said...

So I guess you aren't going to answer any of these questions then? Many Jews complain that Jesus is seen as an intermediary between God and man and that there should be nothing between the two. How is this different than belief that Torah cannot be understood on your own but that there is a need to turn to a professional or an authority on Torah to instruct you how to walk with God? I understand that God made an everlasting covenant with His people. I do not believe that this covenant has changed or that this covenant has been replaced.

Papa Frank said...

I AM searching for the truth of the matter. If you spent as much effort sharing what you know of Torah instead of demeaning those who seek to learn then you might be considered a light to the nations like other people I have encountered. My desire is to know more of God and to serve God and to dance in joy and praise before him even as David did. If my current beliefs are in error then I want to continue to be sifted by God.

Devorah Chayah said...

Funny how this started out as a condemnation of missionary xianity's tactics against Jews and then xians come and hijack the discussion and turn it into a forum for bashing Jews about their (according to xianity) innate inability to understand Torah (lacking the "Holy Spirit") and to have a personal relationship with G-d (since we lack the J-man's sacrifice).

Every Jew knows the truth about this. There is no need to answer your questions. You have no right to ask them. Jews and Judaism are not on trial here. Furthermore, it is forbidden to teach Torah to gentiles except what they must know to follow the Seven Laws of Noah.

Being a light to the nations is not about Jews proselytizing xians anymore than it is about xians proselytizing non-xians. That's NT, not Torah.

When Am Yisrael is living in her own Land, according to Torah Law, she IS a light to the nations and a model society for humankind's example. It's not a mitzvah. It's a statement of fact.

The Frank Family is not going to learn anything here because everything they read comes out distorted through their xian worldview.

B'kitsur, the Frank Family and their ilk would convert a Jew to their false religion given any opportunity. They admitted as much. That makes them the enemy, according to Torah Law. Aside from that there is nothing left to talk about. I say again, Jews and Judaism are not on trial here or it shouldn't be allowed to be!

Papa Frank said...

I asked for understanding and only received condemnation. I did not bash Jews. I have not put Judaism on trial. I have asked legitimate questions whose answers could lead to me learning and understanding more. I have not sought for anyone here to abandon Judaism or tried to "trick" anyone into not being a Jew. I have not pretended to be a Jew or ever displayed myself as anything but a gentile Christian. I never brought up the sacrifice of Jesus or the teaching work of the Holy Spirit only you spoke of these things. Whatever "christian" you are fighting or burning with anger against they are not here. Once again, the result of lumping all Christians together in their thinking and in their intentions. Why would I ask a Jew to be a Christian? That would be trading down. You don't understand my heart at all.

Devorah Chayah said...

Back to square one. What would you advise a Jew who told you he was thinking of converting to xianity?

a) Lead him in the Sinner's Prayer and then congratulate him on becoming a Completed Jew or,

b) Try to convince him to seek out a trusted rabbi for guidance and encourage him to remain true to the faith of his fathers.

A simple "a" or "b" answer will do.

Papa Frank said...

I would do neither a or b but that wouldn't matter to you because your mind is made up that we are all the same.

Yehudi said...

Ok guys...
Devash, I love your zeal! I wish all Jews were as passionate about Am Yisrael v'haTorah as you are! I have known the Frank family for a long time, and I can say that they have no intention of converting anybody. Jason is literally a sponge for yedda v'emet. Obviously, the same cannot be said about other fact, most. Jason is a friend to Israel and Jews, and shouldn't be seen as a threat or the enemy.

Jason, although your relationship with Hashem is individual and you are accountable for your own sin, G-d established a line of authority through Moshe to the Great assembly and on down the line through our rabbis of today. They are empowered to render judgement on matters of Torah and it is considered as though Hashem Himself has rendered the judgement.

There is absolutely no need to be combative. What does that accomplish? There is certainly a need to combat proselytizing by non-Jews and "messianics," but to be openly hostile towards others is counter-productive.

Papa Frank said...

Daniel -- finally!!! Someone who has taken the time to get to know me and my heart. Thank you for your words of kindness.

Yehudi said...

There's no reason we can't all have civil conversation and even debate, as it is written, "as iron sharpens iron." Right?

Yehudi said...

"yedda v'emet"...probably should be da'at v'emet

Devorah Chayah said...

"Daniel" can't be the arbiter because he is biased. He's been bought off with a debt of obligation which is exactly what was intended and proves the original point.

The Frank Family said in answer to my simple question...
"I would do neither a or b..."

Please give a straight answer. Spell it out plainly. What are you afraid of?

It is a deceiver that plays word games and uses avoidance, changing the subject and becoming accusatory .

Anonymous said...

Hey "devash"(should be dvash if anything), honey, you're way too zealous and your zeal is getting is blinding you. I'll probably be back in Israel soon, but here in America, Christianity is the main religion. This country has been so good as to offer people like us political exile and to help Israel.

Look, I realize just as well as you do that American/Christian aid comes at a price but I'd rather have American Christians on my side rather than the Islamofascist world.

Have you ever even been to Israel? Do you donate money to causes like Magen David Adom or a group like Yad Le'achim for that matter? We, as Jews, should first and foremost question ourselves and whether we're doing our utmost before questioning the intentions of Gentiles.

B.K. I think that in this case, it's your comments, especially quoting the "Saint" that are out of place and I mean absolutely no offense by that.

geula girl and Jason: I agree with you two, as strange as it sounds.

Papa Frank said...

devash -- neither a nor b is the answer that is the truth. The entire world is not black and white all the time. When it comes to me personally sharing my faith with people when asked about it I answer with many more questions than answers. Any "conversion" comes from God and not from man. If I were to convince someone to change they would have to have faith in me and so they would stumble when they saw me stumble. If they are convinced by God himself then their faith would be in Him and He never stumbles. My "job" is not conversion but to simply point people to God and allow God to be God. So the real answer would be that I would encourage them to immerse themselves in the Torah and prayer and ask God what He wants to teach them. God will show them what He wants to teach them because He is a good and loving God and knows how to give good gifts to those that seek Him. As a Christian or as a Jew it is not our job to make more of ourselves but to show people God and allow God to turn their heart towards Him.

Anonymous said...

Wrong Eitan, the Zealous are the righteous, never forget Pinchas and his descendents were made Cohanim, they and not us or our ancestors, because they were zealous for Hashem.

Devash, good work, you got Frank to, yet again, expose himself as what he is. Pretty soon he will start rambling about the Chachamim being nests of vipers. Baruch Hashem, you remember the words of the Navi, the Notsrim are a broken cane they offer no support and prick the hand of he who leans upon them.(slightly rewritten for the current situation) The Torah and the Gemara are utterly clear on what is to be done to anyone who wishes to rip Jews from Torah especially when it is to accursed Avodah Zara. Throughout our history every Nostri who decided they were our friend took only one of 2 paths, eventually accepting Emet and abandoning Avodah Zara or hating the Jews with all their hearts. Do not forget that Martin Luther, yimach shmo vizichro, whose writings the entirely wicked Julius Streicher used as part of his defense at the Nuremberg trials, was initially a supporter of more liberal attitudes to the Jews.

Furthermore, Frank while your soul is, at least potentially, higher then a dog's it is indeed lesser then a Jew's.

Papa Frank said...

"rip Jews from Torah" ??? I guess you either can't read or didn't read my last post. I believe the Torah to be completely and entirely true and the very words of God. I would encourage anyone and everyone to immerse themselves in Torah and in prayer in order to seek God.

Papa Frank said...

Oh yeah -- I almost forgot. My soul is the very image of my Creator as I was created in His image.

Yehudi said...

Devash, I completely reject your last comment. How can you, even for a second, pretend to know me well enough to propose that my judgement is clouded, or that I have been "bought off?" I have no right to arbitrate? I more right than you, because you are a woman, and it is not your place to debate Torah among the men. How do you like hearing that? If you want to learn Torah, join the Sisterhood in your shul, or talk to your husband. Do not again suggest that I lack the character to render unbiased judgement.

Anonymous said...

But you are mistaken Yehudi, while a woman may not become a Rabbi never is it forbiden for her to learn and debate with the men.

Yehudi said...

Perhaps you are right...however, does she have the right to make an abstract judgement about my character on a public blog? How dare she declare that my judgement is clouded because a friend, (who happened to be a Christian), gave us money with no strings attached, from one friend to another! I will say that terrible time of need, there were 6 people who helped us. Two were Jews. Four were Christians who we had never met. Not one person has ever suggested that I 'consider' Jesus..or come to a church. No mention of anything religious of any kind. A simple, "We would like to help."

Again, a heartfelt thank you to those who helped. My point is this:
It is possible to be friends with a non-Jew and still retain your Jewish identity. They don't have leperosy, least Jason Frank and the others who helped us, have proven that they are loyal friends without an agenda.

Anonymous said...

Oh well...sorry for starting this argument. Once again, we're divided. Tell me Kahaneloyalist, what good does calling Jason all those names do? Will it change him? Does he need to be changed?

Papa Frank said...

If I do have to be changed I would like some sort of super power like moving things with my mind or flying with a super cape of some sort. Maybe laser beam eyes!!! ;)