Friday, April 11, 2008

The Ariel Blood Libel

A few weeks ago, before Purim, the son of an Israeli missionary in the city of Ariel was hurt in a bomb blast, disguised in a Purim basket. While this attack is certainly disgusting and cannot be justified, without any shred of proof, members of the Evangelical, Baptist, Anglican and Messianic churches have leveled a number of serious and anti-semitic accusation against the Torah-observant community.

Pat Robertson's, our supposed "friend", newspaper, Christian World News, has published an article accusing Orthodox Jewry of attacking the missionary's son and other attacks against Christians in Israel.

(excerpt from CBN):

News of this terror attack has reverberated throughout Israel and around the world.
Some see the bombing against the Ortiz family as an unprecedented attack on Messianic believers - Jews who believe Jesus - or Yeshua - is the Jewish Messiah and see no contradiction between being Jewish and believing Jesus was the Son of God.

"One of the most difficult things for the family is that when the press originally brought the story out in Israel in Hebrew, they said that someone from a radical missionary cult was injured," said Calev Meyers of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice.

The Ortiz family asked Meyers to act as a family spokesman.

"The reason the press treated it this way is that the Messianic community in Israel are the victims of ongoing vicious propaganda against the community - especially in the ultra-religious media," Meyers said.

"The ongoing vicious propaganda that comes against families like this and against the Messianic Jewish community lays the basis for radical events or attacks like this against the community and that's what we're really trying to fight," he said.
Meyers said, "One of their messages would be, 'We're not giving up and we're going to continue to build the Kingdom of God in Israel, even in the face of this kind of aggression."

Not one of these libels are true. Fatah terrorists have already taken credit for the attack, according to the Bethlehem-based Maan news agency. Of course, this hasn't stopped our "friends" from repeating vicious slander against the Jewish people. The article mentions the Narkiss church fire of last October, and a few other church attacks, and points a finger at the Jews. Despite all of the attacks, police are yet to have any suspects or leads. These accusations are nothing short of a blood libel. Pat Robertson is publicly accusing Orthodox Jews of plotting to murder the son of a pastor.

It is reprehendible how the Christian community has twisted this attack to serve their purposes, to demonstate how "oppressed" they are. They neglect to mention their total disregard for Jewish faith and beliefs. In fact, this month, the World Evangelical Alliance launched a major campaign calling for renewed efforts at Jewish conversion. They took out full page ads the New York Times and other major newspapers. That organization claims 420 million evangelicals in 128 countries. Christian money continues to pour into Israel, to build houses, communities, and most importantly, to "witness" to Jews. There is a veritable epidemic in Israel of Christian missionization, a plague that we have brought upon ourselves. The Jewish nation, parallel to the physical threat, faces the danger of shmad, spiritual annhilation. Let's see how fast the money vanishes when we state that we are not interested in their false messiah.

Watch this video about "persecution" of cultists in Arad. Notice how the Christians refer to Torah-observant Jews as "Pharisees" and mock their black coats and beards, taunts which they learnt from their god.

And look how soon Christian "love" turns on us when we demand respect for our faith. The missionary is attempting to run over a Jew while wearing a t-shirt that says 'J lives me'!

It is time to make fences around the Torah. No more missionaries! Any friend of Israel must respect our Jewish faith. That is our condition.


Rita Loca said...

That is not Christian behavior. The New Testament clearly teaches that if we preach the gospel and it is rejected we are to move on.
Anytime, any place a so called Christian acts like this, they are acting in sin!!!

Papa Frank said...

Christianity is not about convincing others to convert or to change but rather is about sharing what God has done. I personally apologize for those who missionize in spite of being rejected. I would echo the same sentiments as Jungle Mom concerning these people.

Anonymous said...

BK, why are you so apologetic? It reminds me how Jews, even those who should have known better fell over themselves to condemn David Raziel zt'l and Baruch Goldstein zt'l.

These are Goyim in our country trying to convert Jews to their cult of worshiping the dead one. Stop thinking with Goy values, ask yourself only this, what does the Torah say is to be done to Goyim who try to make Jews abandon Torah, doubly so for those who wish Jews to embrace Avodah Zara?

Gemara Avodah Zara and Sanhedrin are very clear on what is to be done. Its not nice, its not Western and the Goyim wont much care for it; but it is Judaism.

Progressive Pinhead said...

With regard to Goldstein.

I condemn the death of every person in this conflict regardless of who the killed was and who was the killer was. I say that every death is signifigant and a tragedy, you say that only Jewish deaths matter and the rest were well deserved. This is the difference between you and me. I am a universalist and you are a tribalist.

Tribalism has had its day. Take a lesson from the dead nothing good has ever come from tribalism.

Anyone who praises horrible acts of needless violence has no right to condemn suicide bombings or missionaries.

Papa Frank said...

Though we have certainly butted heads in the past I am in agreement with you on this Young Activist. That is a very poignant, mature, and responsible attitude. KL comments here only take into account a small and very specific set of commands for specific situations and does not take into account the whole scope of Torah teaching. The whole scope of the Torah teaches holiness and godliness and bringing the nations, all the nations, closer to God. It is not a story of condemnation, though some will be condemned, but rather a story of creation and the God who desires to be in communion with His Creation. Certainly Jews have the integral and leading part in that process but never as rulers and always as leaders.

Anonymous said...

KL: You've got to be kidding, bro! You're justifying Baruch Goldstein's killing spree!? I hope that was a joke and if it was it wasn't funny.

Deborah said...

Get your facts straight. It wasn't evangelical Christians who accused radical Jews of doing this to Ami, it was Israeli police. Christian and conservative media merely reported the story as the facts are laid out. A claim of responsibility by a radical fatah organization didn't cause the Israeli police to turn away from suspecting other Jews from committing this crime against the Messianic Jewish sect, which most Jews disagree with, and in most cases, display hatred toward. The police obviously have good reason to suspect it could be a radical Jewish sect that did this to Ami.

But I pray it was not a radical Jewish sect... that would sadden me more than I am already saddened... it would break my heart!

nanc said...

b.k. you CANNOT gauge christian behavior with the actions of a very few!

why do you endeavour to slander and put all of us in the same pot?

i have children who pray for the peace of jerusalem at least two times a day and then they want to know why YOU hate us?

Anonymous said...

Hey bro I Meme'd you so whenever you get a chance, feel free to either read my email or check out my blog for the directions.

Kahaneloyalist: I may have overreacted. You know I have nothing against you personally, bro!

Avi said...

JM and Jason: I do not just condemn repeated missionizing- I condemn any missionizing efforts towards Jews. It reaks of anti-semitism. While you will deny it, it is based in the wicked doctrine of supercessionism, that G-d has replaced His covenant with the Jews with the sacrifice of JC. It says that Judaism has no right to exist which comes very close to saying that Jews have no right to exist. We can see the deadly results from Christianity's bloody past.

If a Jew would come to you asking about JC and Christianity, and you 'witness' to him, then you are perpetuating a spiritual holocaust against the Jewish people and I would consider you my enemy. Think about that.

KL: Where have I been remotely apologetic? You know my position with idolatry-peddlers.

As for Goldstein, I heard that it was in self-defense as the Arabs were planning a pogrom and where screaming 'itbach al-yahud'. If so, then I commend him. If that is false, I condemn him wholeheartedly.

Deborah: Pat Robertson and his ilk publically accused Jews of plotting to murder a pastor's son, without a shred of evidence. You have propagated this slander on your site. It is nothing short of a blood libel.

Nanc: I do not hate you at all. Far from it. If you pray for the peace of Jerusalem without any hope that Jews should become Christians, then you are a true friend. However, you have links on your site to apostate Jewish blogs which encourage Jews to abandon Judaism. You, again, are perpetuating spiritual genocide against us.

Papa Frank said...

The "deadly results from Christianity's bloody past" has completely nothing to do with Christians that preach the gospel and move on but has everything to do with christians that forced themselves on another religion as one would rape a woman. That is an entirely different situation. One does not in any way, shape, or form equal the other. Someone who shares their faith with the people they meet is far different than someone who forces their religion on someone else or even someone who seeks people of any particular religion to "witness" to.

Avi said...

There really is little difference between Messianic seders and pamphlets and Crusaders and Inquistions. The intent is the same- the eradication of the Jewish people through assimilation.

Anonymous said...

Eitan, BK, if you condemn the Tzadik Baruch Goldstein then you must also condemn Yair Stern hy'd and David Raziel zt'l, to do otherwise would be hypocrisy of the highest order.

For Raziel and Stern both also religious Jews made it a point to kill civilians, following the Halachic injunction, in a time of war we kill the best of them(enemy nation).

Avi said...

I spoke to my LOR (local Orthodox rabbi) and he explained to me that it is permissible to kill civilians if necessary, but if it unecessary and serves no purpose, it should not be done. If they were simply Muslims praying peacefully at Mearat HaMachpela, what good will killing them do? (It is similar to the yeshiva massavre, chas v'shalom). However, it was in self-defense and Goldstein prevented a pogrom.

Anonymous said...

Bar: You actually buy into the conspirace theory: that Baruch prevented a massacre? I've heard all about it. When it happened I was 19, naive and with Kach. People began saying the Arabs had had weapons hidden beneath their prayer rugs and were preparing a massacre. There's still no viable proof to that affect. Like you said he killed innocent people.

Yair Stern and David Raziel led the war against the British Mandate (Yair died of British fire and David in Baghdad) and the Arabs. They considered civilian casualties not an means to an end but an ends to a means. There's a big difference between these.

Anonymous said...

Eitan, why dont you read the conclusion of the Shamgar commission which investigated Dr. Goldstein's heroic actions, they themselves admitted a massacre was planned.

Eitan are you aware Raziel's first action was to kill 2 random arabs as revenge for a terror attack? They were chosen entirely at random and had no connection to Arab terrorism. So I again say, if you condemn Baruch then condemn David Raziel as well.

BK, your LOR will have to take it up with Rambam Hilchot Melachim Perek 6, and Rav Dov Lior shlita who is possibly the Gadol HaDor, they would disagree with him quite strongly.

Progressive Pinhead said...

KL, you have no right to condemn Hamas if you also praise the killing of innocent civilians. Your talk of a massacare being planned sounds a lot like the blood libel of the Nazis. Their can be no rationalization for such a cowardly act.

Of course Goldstein's good friend, Mike Guzofsky said shortly after the attack "He wanted to stop the peace process dead. He couldn't have picked a better day – Purim, when Jews fight back."

Even if the Arabs were yelling death to Jews, Goldstein was deleivering death to Arabs, which is worse?

Progressive Pinhead said...

By the way KL, Stern wanted to collaborate with the Nazis.

You must either be very confused or very evil if you think of these people as heroes.

Deborah said...

I will continue to pour monies into Israel to bless Israel and the Jewish people, whether its my own money or through fund raisers in which supporters comprise Messianic Jews and Christian Zionist. We are currently preparing to host a fund raiser to build a new trauma unit onto a major Israeli hospital, by which many Messianics will bless their homeland and their people. My love and support remains intact for ALL Jews, Israeli and non-Israeli. I will continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. And I pray HaShem blesses the Jewish people abundantly, which includes Messianic Jews.

I and several others hold that Messianic Jews are a non-rabbinical sect of Judaism, but are Jews none-the-less. If you don't like what they believe than merely treat them like you would a Jew who believes in and prays to Buddha.

Don't accuse me of blood libel on my blog when atheistic Jews and Jews who adhere to a false gods, idols, and who believe they are their own gods or their own messiah are accepted in your community and are not seen as assimilating.

To accept a Jew who worships Buddha and not accept a Jew who believes a Jew is their Messiah makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! I love and support ALL Jews and Israel!

This is where we part company as I will no longer tolerate hatred toward Messianic Jews and Christians at my blog and have removed you from my blog roll, please remove me from yours. You and I both love and serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, none other, but the spirit that drove Cain to murder Abel is beginning to drive you now. God has called us to peace.

Call me what you will, but it's of no consequence - I will continue to pray for you in asking G-d to bless you. I will continue to pray shalom for you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Raziel, as Rosh Irgun planned and mounted pre-emptive strikes as well as retributions. Goldstein's massacre was neither. I didn't hear of any comission but if had connection to the Yesha council it was skewed (and you know why).

Activist: Sure Stern wanted to cooperate with the Nazis. That was before news of the massacres in Europe arrived in Palestine and took place at a time when Mandate Palestine was being held on to by the Brits in spite of all our efforts to create a Jewish homeland. You must take circuimstances into consideration before passing judgement.

Deborah: You're a hypocrite. We realize why you're helping. However, money is money, and I don't think Israel will refuse your dough.

Anonymous said...

Eitan, the Shamgar commission was mounted by the Israeli government and was led by retired Supreme Court Justice Shamgar, who no one would ever accuse of being anything but a Leftist. That commission said the PLO was planning a massacre bigger then the one in 1929, beyond which their are flyers put out by Fatah bragging of the planned massacre, when you return to Israel I will introduce you to a Jew who kept one.

Furthermore I take offense at your suggestion that if the commission had been connected to the YESHA council it must be skewed. Why do you say it is impossible for someone to put aside their own views in the search for objective truth. Judaism disagrees and says the seal of Hashem is himself is truth, we must search and accept the truth even if it opposes what we would like to believe.

Activist, what Yair Stern zt'l was attempting to do was a straight bribe, if the Nazis wouldnt kill the Jews of Europe the Lechi would assist them in their war effort.

Progressive Pinhead said...

Ah, so as long as Hitler limited his persecution to non-Jews Stern was willing to go along with it.

"First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me--
and there was no one left to speak out for me."

Martin Niemoller

Anonymous said...

YA, that comment makes no sense as Hitler yimach shmo, was already persecuting the Jews when Yair Stern hy'd made contact.

Progressive Pinhead said...

It makes perfect sense in light of your comment. "If the Nazis wouldnt kill the Jews of Europe the Lechi would assist them in their war effort."

Anonymous said...

Kahaneloyalist: first, agreed as per Yair Stern. Second, my apologies for any indignation on your part concerning my Yesha Council comment. I'll call you. We have a lot to discuss.