Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pedophile 'Prophet'

From CNN:
(CNN) -- Polygamist sect leader Warren Steed Jeffs, who is awaiting trial in southern Utah, was charged with eight additional felony counts from Arizona in two separate cases, authorities said Thursday.

Polygamist Warren Jeffs is facing eight additional counts related to alleged incest and sexual contact with a minor.

A grand jury indicted Jeffs May 10 on two counts of sexual conduct with a minor and two counts of incest for alleged incidents that occurred in 2002, according to a statement issued by Mohave County Attorney Matthew J. Smith.

On Thursday, another grand jury indicted him on two additional counts of sexual conduct with a minor and two additional counts of incest. Those offenses took place in Colorado City, Arizona, in 2003, according to the indictment.

Both indictments state that Jeffs, leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS), committed the offenses "as an accomplice."

According to Arizona law, sexual conduct with a minor is a Class 6 felony punishable upon conviction by up to a year in prison. Incest is a class 4 felony punishable upon conviction by up to 2½ years in prison.

Doesn't this sound somewhat familiar- a leader of a radical sect, sexual offense with a minor, polygamy, rape? Why, isn't that the Prophet Muhammad? The Prophet loved children, especially 6-year olds. Actually, not much has changed in terms of Islamic love.
From Jihad Watch:

WITH their teacher absent, 10 students were allowed to leave school early. These were the girls the gunmen saw first, 10 easy targets walking hand-in-hand through the blue metal gate and on to the winding dirt road.

A 13-year-old named Shukria was shot in the arm and the back, and teetered into an adjacent wheat field. Zarmina, her 12-year-old sister, ran to her side, listening to the wounded girl's precious breath and trying to help her stand. But Shukria was too heavy to lift and the two gunmen, sitting astride a single motorbike, sped closer.

As Zarmina scurried away, the men took a more studied aim at those they had already shot, finishing off Shukria with bullets to her stomach and heart. Then the attackers seemed to succumb to the frenzy they had begun, forsaking the motorbike and fleeing on foot in a panic, two bobbing heads - one tucked into a helmet, the other swaddled by a handkerchief - vanishing amid the earthen colour of the concealing wheat.

Six girls were shot here on the sunny afternoon last month; two of them died.
And we're supposed to negotiate with these people?
More from CNN:
KABUL, Afghanistan (Reuters) -- A 14-year-old would-be suicide bomber from Pakistan, caught while on a mission to blow up an Afghan provincial governor, was pardoned on Sunday by President Hamid Karzai.
I guess we can't really blame him- his 'loving' parents probably sent him off smiling with promises of his 72 virgins. He can't help his adolescent hormones. Just goes to show how Muslims just love their children- especially dead infidel ones!


WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya Bar!..pedophelia is instititionalized...argg..great piece my friend!

Brooke said...

What is it with Islamists hating children so much?

We punish our scum, they CELEBRATE theirs.

nanc said...

are you enjoying your vaycay?

Michael said...

Interesting connections there, BK.
I had seen both stories from Afghanistan, but hadn't thought to put them together.

And as a father, I'll say that pedophiles deserve to die. Preferably the way that Gibson died at the end of Braveheart.

Avi said...

Vacation's great! Beach, pool, sun... what could be bad?

southfield_2001 said...

We should never negotiate with the islamists. There's not a single redeeming thing those assholes offer to the world.

FLORIAN said...

Islamists.....doesn't the word just give you goose-bumps? These scum haven't contributed anything to the world since their establishment.

Rita Loca said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

In 'thought for today' I wish to comment on our holy scripture, specifically those references to Mohammed's (pbuh) laundry arrangements as related at

Mohammed's child wife Aiesha said : "I used to wash the traces of Janaba (semen) from the clothes of the Prophet and he used to go for prayers while traces of water were still on it" (water spots were still visible). (Book #4, Hadith #229)

Narrated Sulaiman bin Yasar : I asked Aisha about the clothes soiled with semen. She replied, "I used to wash it off the clothes of Allah's Apostle and he would go for the prayer while water spots were still visible. " (Book #4, Hadith #231)

Narrated 'Amr bin Maimun : I heard Sulaiman bin Yasar talking about the clothes soiled with semen. He said that Aiesha had said, "I used to wash it off the clothes of Allah 's Apostle and he would go for the prayers while water spots were still visible on them. (Book #4, Hadith #232)

Narrated Aiesha : I used to wash the semen off the clothes of the Prophet and even then I used to notice one or more spots on them. (Book #4, Hadith #233)

Muslims may be perplexed by these passages in the scriptures, and may well ask "If Aisha was Mohammed's wife, why was she washing the semen out of Mohammed's clothes instead of out of her own panties?"

The explanation is that Aisha was only 7 or 8 years old at the time she was doing the laundry.

Although he married her when she was six and he was 57 (everyone said they made a lovely couple!), the prophet Mohammed was a great respecter of the innocence of childhood, and did not demand his conjugal rights until Aisha was nine.

Instead, he played the Islamic babysitting game of 'Mufa khathat' by tickling her thighs with his trouser-minaret, and of course when he got to the vinegar-strokes he shot off all over the place.

On her ninth birthday the marriage was consumated. Mohammed gave her a birthday cake with 8 candles, promising her she'd get the ninth at bedtime.

The lesson is that we Muslims are honorable gentlemen and should try to emulate our prophet and refrain from 'going all the way' with children under nine years old.

I was meditating on these scriptures one day last week, when something most distressing happened to me. Those of you who know me will be aware that it is my custom to put on my traditional Islamic garment, known as a Mah-kint-osh, and go down to the nearby primary school at hometime to inspect the Kuffar bints and some of the prettier boys.

But on that particular day I found out that the Kuffar parents had complained to the institutionally Islamophobic police. I was grievously abused by an officer who called me a 'dirty old pervert'. This caused me great distress. I have never been so insulted since that time I was thrown out of the petting zoo.

Needless to say I made an immediate complaint to the authorities and pointed out that I was performing an Islamic ritual in following the glorious example of our noble Prophet (pbuh). In calling be a 'pervert' the officer had not only offended myself, but insulted the Prophet, the religion of Islam, and the entire Ummah. The situation was swiftly resolved and I obtained his immediate dismissal and £600,000 as an out of court settlement. Allah is indeed great.

Well I must go now as I need to pay my nightly visit to the cowshed, where Daisy and Buttercup are expecting me to make it a threesome.

- Ayatollah Khomeini
Child Protection and Animal Welfare Officer
Caliphate of West Yorkshire

Anonymous said...

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

I see our brothers in Londonistan have been jailed for demanding the right to peacefully rape and behead the filthy Kuffars in response to the Danish cartoons.

I pray that Allah's wrath may descend upon the damnable Danes for their insult to the prophet. May Allah turn their lager to vinegar and infect their bacon with swine fever.

With beer and bacon haram, we shall then, with Allah's help, accomplish the final destruction of the Danish economy with our anti-LEGO campaign. Behold the following Fatwa and despair, Oh Danish blasphemers...


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,
Introducing THIGHO, a halal replacement for LEGO.
It is the duty of every Muslim parent to prevent their children playing with the accursed Danish LEGO blocks (may Allah send his gremjinns into their factory so that they may be produced misshapen and fail to fit together.)

Khomeini Childcare Enterprises has therefore launched a new amusing pastime for Dads and kids to be marketed as THIGHO (known as Mufa’khathat in Arabic - but our publicity department said this wasn't catchy enough for the English-speaking market).

For reviews of THIGHO see

Be assured to know that our beloved Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) played THIGHO with Ayesha when she was aged between 6 to 9. But beware, if you let your children play with the damnable Kaffir LEGO, they could produce abominations like this...

Mufa’khathat makes for happy Muslim families

- Allahu Akhbar
Ayatollah Khomeini
CEO Khomeini Childcare

Anonymous said...

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

Here is an excerpt from my recent correspondence with a fellow Muslim living in the filthy Kuffar Dar al-Harb of Britanistan:

"We must improve the acceptability among the Kuffar of Islamic customs such as stoning, so that they need no longer be carried out in secret, but can eventually be recognised as proper spectator sports and hopefully televised.

Might I suggest that we hold a mass stoning of our wayward wives and daughters as part of a multicultural festival to celebrate diversity.

To demonstrate our inclusiveness, we should invite a prominent member of each of the Christian denominations to cast the first stone at each victim. None of them would dare refuse for fear of being labelled Islamophobic, racist, BNP-sympathisers etc.

However, I must go now as I am baby-sitting my cousin's six year old daughter. I will tell her the story of Mohammed and Ayesha and then sit her on my lap and we'll talk about the first thing that comes up. I hope to persuade her that she will please Allah by paying vigorous homage to my trouser-minaret.

- Ayatollah Khomeini
Child Protection Officer
Caliphate 0f West Yorkshire

13 June 2007 15:03
Ali Jihadi said...
I agree, O Ayatollah. Prior to the stoning event, perhaps we could undertake some peaceful raping and torture? We could call it "Rape Idol" or "The Pain Factor".

We could have a panel of judges assessing the performances of the participants - e.g. number of ripped hymens, amount of blood spilled etc.

It would be an occasion of much peace, respect and tolerance. After all, Islam means peace, does it not?

Anyway, I can feel my personal sword twitching. Where is my donkey?

Anonymous said...


Following recent adverse reactions in Glasgow, Muslim doctors should perhaps avoid Scotland and consider moving to Wales.

Wales is a land of opportunity and reservoirs. It is the ideal place for a young Muslim doctor with an interest in microbial pathogens to gain his first practical experience.

However, as well as opportunities there are risks, such as the dangers of seduction by the lustful Welsh sheep, goats and cows. Muslim pedoetricians should also be warned about the sex-mad Welsh toddlers who will lead them astray and then complain to their Islamophobic parents that they started it.

But most of all, as trainee doctors, they must be made aware of the filthy Kuffar slags known as nurses.

My Muslim colleagues - Dr Leeth al-Dohs, Dr Homi Saeed and Dr Aggun I. Singh-Deth - received an invitation from the dirty-dancing clitorally-intact nurse bints to attend a disco where these gyrating slags pulsate their uncovered meat to the lustful rhythms of their accursed infidel music.

(Please excuse me a moment while I pay homage to my trouser-minaret. - Ahhhh... that's better!!!!)

I was unable to attend because I was involved in certain experiments regarding new uses for nitroglycerin borrowed from the hospital pharmacy, Dr Leeth al-Dohs was working on Kuffar infant mortality, Dr Homi Saeed was spending most of his time in the microbiology lab following the untimely deaths of his two technicians, and Dr Aggun I. Singh-Deth was designing an advanced type of ambulance which can get to places where no jeep would be allowed to enter.

Luckily, Dr Homi Saeed's younger brother, Sewi, said he would go to the disco, and had a special jacket made for the occasion, full of king-sized Lebanese party-poppers. He said he expects have a good bang with the nurses before the night is over.

- Dr C. Riyal Kilah
Secretary, Muslim Medical Malpractitioners' Association

Anonymous said...

Islamic pedophile rings that prey on Kuffar children are prevalent throughout the Muslim-infested areas of Northern England. The police normally turn a blind eye to these activities for fear of damaging community relations. However in one particular case they have been forced to act, though they have insisted on a news blackout - Charlene Downes (aged 14) somehow annoyed her Muslim handler and was gang-raped, strangled and then turned into kebabs and burgers and fed to Kuffar customers of the Muslim-owned fast food joint.

Anonymous said...

More on the MSM news blackout on Islamic pedophile rings:

Anonymous said...

you are a sick and illeterate asshole!

Anonymous said...

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