Monday, July 9, 2007

Likud Primaries

On Tuesday, the Likud Central Committee will meet to determine party primaries for party leader and Prime Ministerial candidate. The lone challenger to current Likud Leader Binyamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu is Moshe Feiglin of the Manhigut Yehudit. MK Silvan Shalom withdrew supposedly to prevent an electoral confrontation with Netanyahu. The polls currently show 78% of Likud voters in favour of Netanyahu and 14% for Feiglin.
Its time for the Right to learn that Bibi is not the answer. Bibi gave more weapons to the Palestinians that Rabin, handed over Hebron which led to the sniper death of 3-month old Shalhevet Pas, shook Arafat's, may his memory be accursed, hand and voted for the Disengagement. He talks tough now but it is only a matter of time 'til he will play the Left's game and hand over more land. The truth is that Israel needs a leader who is beyong the Right-Left continuum; Israel needs belief-based leadership. The answer is Moshe Feiglin.
From his website, here are his goals:
The time has come to make Israel the authentic Jewish homeland we've dreamed of for millennia -- an Israel motivated and governed by Jewish values and love for every Jew.

Our country must focus on our shared Jewish identity. All of its systems must reflect our Jewish values:

Firm faith that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People reflected in both internal policy and foreign affairs

Authentic Jewish education for every child in the country

A judicial system based on Jewish values

Jewish labor for an effective, creative and moral economy

Restoration of moral strength and deterrent power to Israel's army

Media that reflect Jewish values and morals

A massive Aliyah program designed so that every Jew in the world can come home and feel at home!

In last primaries, Feiglin won a respectable 12.5% of the Likud vote. Hopefully, with G-d's help, he will be the Likud leader. It's time for a change. Vote for a Jewish Israel. Check out his site and tell me what you think.


Mad Zionist said...

Feiglin has no chance. None. But what a dream it would be if he somehow got there.

WomanHonorThyself said...

ah get rid of Olmerttttttttttttttttt!!!!

ziontruth said...


I'm not sure about that. Never underestimate the Israeli Jewish public. Having seen former peacenik friends of mine go Kahane in the last few years, I have no small hopes.

K. Shoshana said...

While I would agree that the Israeli voting habits can always surprise one, and I would like to see Feiglin carry the vote, but I don't believe his time has yet come.

Rita Loca said...

Hows the beach? Glad to see you still find time to blog. I enjoy your posts .