Monday, July 2, 2007


I've been tagged by Bald-Headed Geek so I've promised to post 8 facts about myself. Here we go:
1) Next year will be my last year of highschool (Grade 11 in Quebec). Don't let my age fool you- I can run mental circles around many adults that I know (I'm also super humble).
2) I was always one of the tallest in my class, but now I'm just average on the side of tall. When my doctor told me that I am average percentile in hight, I got so angry and thought to myself "you're average! You're an average doctor!".
3) I kickbox 2-3 times a week. I've lost so much weight and gained so much muscle in my few months of kickboxing- every go out and join a dojo!
4) I am an avid reader and especially devour anything written by a crazy conservative. Love her or hate her, Ann Coulter's books are on my bookshelf, along with Mark Steyn and Robert Spencer. For some balance, I watch CNN or read the newspaper.
5) I have absolutely no idea what I want to study. I always thought that I would go into medicine but I see myself as more of a lawyer since I love to argue, talk and hear my own voice.
6) I am so disorganized that I freqently lose school assignements in my locker.
7) I blog so that I don't have to mumble to myself whenever I hear the news.
8) I get a better workout when I argue politics that when I play sports (not that I'm bad or anything; I just love the shocked looks on people's faces when I say politically incorrect things.)

Now I tag:
- Nanc
- Brooke
- Angel (Woman Honour Thyself)
- Jungle Mom
- Joe Gringo
- Emet MitSiyon


Brooke said...

Gads, you're making me feel like a geezer! LOL!

I'll respond to this, probably on Wednesday. I'll be WAY too busy tomorrow with the kiddies' activities!

WomanHonorThyself said...

woohoooooooo! I gotta think..ugh!

nanc said... to narrow this down to eight things...

Rafi G. said...

great list

Joe Gringo said...

Alright brother........a high schooler! I had you older that's for sure, but great to know Canada has a bright star!

Gotta like a politically incorrect kickboxing conservative who likes to out! Go to law school....they need more like you

Rita Loca said...

Ok, I will do this tonight for sure!!! You are in HS!?!?! There is hope for the future generation!!!

nanc said...

my tag is up, but i'm going to comment mod tonight - too many trolls, not enough time to hunt them down and bbq them for supper...i'm going to check out the others!