Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chutzpadik Haters

During the recent conflict in Gaza, anti-Israel rallies were held worldwide. They were noted for their sheer ferocity and aggressiveness. During these rallies, slogans such as "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas" and "Burn Jews as fossil fuel" were chanted. Another feature of these rallies were signs comparing Israel to the Nazis. A favourite tactic of Israel-bashers is to make comparisons between the IDF and the Nazis, thereby delegitimizing the State of Israel. Israel is demonized as apartheid and racist, guilty of the original sin of being in existence. By claiming such a state is the epitome of racist evil, Israel's foes legitimize her destruction.

Close to 70 years ago, one third of world Jewry were brutally murdered in the greatest crime ever committed in human history. The Jews of Europe were dehumanized, forced into ghettos, chocked and gassed, and then burnt in ovens and crematorium, while the world stood by silently. Once the war came to an end, the world realized the depths of depravity and evil to which it had sunk and resolved never to repeat the horrors of the Shoah. Today, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the wicked Nazis who wantonly spilled Jewish blood are leading the campaign against the Jewish state. Instead of regretting their crimes, they have been denying and minimizing the Holocaust. Racked with guilt over their grandparents complicity to murder, they have decided to downplay and belittle the Final Solution with cynical and obscene comparisons between Israel and the Nazis. As witnesses to the Holocaust are dying out and becoming ever more rare, such historical revisionism cannot go unchallenged, especially as anti-semitism continues to rise in Europe and America. For the Jewish people, it seems to be 1939 all over again.

The German National Democratic neo-Nazi party announced that it will be holding a solemn vigil in downtown Berlin for the victims of 'the Gaza holocaust'. The NPD has seats in the national parliament, and has gained significant support both at the local and federal levels. "Joint hatred of everything Jewish is unifying neo-Nazis and Islamists... German-Palestinians protestors unashamedly admitted that they would vote for the NPD during the next election," Charlotte Knobloch, the head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, warned in her speech at a pro-Israel rally earlier this month in Munich. In a similar vein, the Spanish government has cancelled its Holocaust memorial ceremony in protest of the supposed 'genocide' in Gaza. Marking the Jewish Holocaust while a Palestinian Holocaust is taking place is not right," a local City official told Barcelona's La Vanguardia newspaper. Other European countries have taken to Holocaust references. A Norwegian diplomat stationed in Saudi Arabia sent a mass-distributed email stating that "the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors are doing the same thing to the Palestinians, as the Nazis did to their grandparents," using her official Norwegian Foreign Ministry address.

This abuse of history is so sick and twisted. Whatever one's opinion on the Gaza conflict, there is no comparison between the systematic campaign and extermination and annihilation waged by the Nazis against the Jews and a military struggle between a sovereign nation and terrorists. It is an insult to the victims of the Holocaust to equate them with civilians killed unintentionally in the cross-fires of battle. Apparently, anti-semitism and Holocaust denial allows history and events to be perverted. The same countries that happily delivered up their Jews for destruction are denying the grossness of their crimes, and allowing such a travesty to occur again.

Since the beginning of the Israeli operation in Gaza a few weeks ago, anti-semitism has flared up worldwide. Jews in Europe and North America have suffered the worst wave of anti-semitism since the Second World War. In Britain, there have been over 220 anti-semitic incidents, including bombings and vandalization of synagogues, Jewish institutions and kosher restaurants. Jews have been beaten up on the streets. In France, dozens of synagogues have been bombed as well as Jews threatened. Over Shabbat in Chicago, 5 synagogues were defaced. A homemade bomb was found outside of a Chabad House in Florence. In Rome, a trade union has proposed and put forth legislation to identify and boycott Jewish-owned businesses. Protesters have marched violently through Jewish areas in Antwerp and Paris and Italian police had to prevent protesters from entering Venice's historical ghetto area.

The hateful and ridiculous comparisons between Israel and the Nazis have made Jews targets once again. While any person has the prerogative to disagree with the specific policies of the State of Israel, accusing Israel of 'genocide' in Gaza is akin to blood libel. Those who besmirch Israel attempt to demonstrate the state as so evil that the only solution to the conflict is a Final one. According to their logic, such an apartheid racist state must be dismantled and destroyed. All decent and moral people must renounce their moral inversion and recognize that this is a conflict between terrorists and a democratic state. There are no similarities between those who shoved Jewish children into gas chambers, and Israeli soldiers trying to prevent jihadi rockets from falling on civilian targets. Those who are condemning Israel for defending itself are of the same stock as those who sat by while the Jews of Europe were being murdered. It appears that the world never learns.


Yasemin said...

Thank you for posting this. I wish that this was on the front page of the NY Times. This is exactly what I've been thinking for weeks.

I got my first flag for questionable blog content last night because I dare to question Islam and Palestinians on my blog. My Muslim readers don't always approve and they like to censor if they can as you certainly may know.

Have you ever been flagged for content like that? I really hope not.

Ducky's here said...

You made yourself targets once again. Man up and quit whining.

All that carnage just to ensure that a nutjob right wing government is elected in Israel next month.

Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, questionable content? Well try publishing this:


The relationship of male Muslims to the rest of humanity is one of predator to prey. There are the razzias (raping, pillaging raids) against harbis, the extortion of jizya from dhimmis, the treatment of their own women as property to be owned, the organised pedophilic and gang-rape attacks against European kuffar women and children, the encouragement of enslavement in the Koran, and the persistent criminality of all descriptions.

Islam has much in common with the Mafia. It's a predatory international criminal conspiracy, and once you're in, the only way you can leave is through death.

Islam is impervious to rational analysis because its motivation is sexual and material predation, rather than any search for theological or philosophical truth. You can no more reason with these Pedophilic Death-cultists than you can reason with the Mafia itself.

This is why the jails of the west are full of disproportionate numbers of Muslims, and why so many kuffar prisoners convert to a cult that provides them with a psychopath's charter. To the Muslim, murdering, raping and pillaging the kuffars isn't criminal, it is simply carrying out Allah's will.

Islam was founded by a predatory pedophile and caravan-robber, and his followers copy his example.

Anonymous said...

What do you call, shooting children in the head and backs while eating chocolate and crisps. Unintentional collateral damage.

Or lying about use of phosphorous bombs on civilians ?

Bombing deliberate UN coordinates ?

Stop whining will you ? I can tell you, I will never support Israel again.

Anonymous said...

I am one of many Americans who has absolutely no pity for a nation of murderers who revel in the mass killing of innocent women and children as if it where some act of bravery.

No pity whatsoever

Yasemin said...

Thank you Islam delenda est. Islam is a sick religion and I'm not afraid to continue to say so. I don't want my blog removed but I refuse to give in to Muslims trying to censor me. This is America not Egypt.

Anonymous said...

BK, please dont try to say how Western and similiar Israel is to the Goy nations and for that reason please like us, it doesnt work and the only rational and moral reasons we have come from the Torah.

Avi said...

Ducky: So because Israel carries out a military operation to defend itself, Jews worldwide are now legitimate targets? I'm sure we made ourselves targets in 1939 by controlling the backs.

Lucy: The UN school was being used to stockpile weapons, and was a launching site for missiles. Hamas hides among civilians and then cries about "massacres".

Anonymous: Glad to know that the Arabs have lost your support.

KL: Long time no see. What happened to Jewish Vengeance? I don't see how I've used the fallacy which you've mentioned. I simply said that it is an absurdity and obscene to compare Israel with the Nazis, yimach shemam.

Ade said...

Some Interesting Research

Their New World Order for us Dummies.

What Jaq boots Smithy is really up to with her ID card scheme.

Of course we were warned about the Globalists.

and not just once either.

Do you really believe Oswald could arrange this

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What is this non specific 'Change' he keeps talking about, has anybody bothered to ask him.
Who Knows, but it's obviously not this :-

Anonymous said...


DA' WA or DAWAH - Propaganda for Islam with the object of converting infidels or producing a sanitized, favourable impression of Islam. May involve Taqiyya (see below)

DAR AL-HARB - The domain of war. All those lands not under Islamic control.

DAR AL-ISLAM - Those lands under Islamic control.

DHIMMI - A non-Muslim who accepts Muslim supremacy and pays the Jizya (protection money - see below)

HARBI - A non-Muslim who does not accept Muslim supremacy and is thus regarded as being at war with Islam. All Harbis must be killed.

INTIFADA - A violent Muslim uprising in Dar al-Harb. In India and Britain this is termed 'Communal violence'

JIHAD - The struggle to destroy Dar al-Harb and make Islam supreme throughout the world.
Jihad has many aspects.

JIZYA - Protection money paid by Dhimmis to their Muslim masters.

KUFFAR - Variant spellings are Kafir, Kaffir, Kuffer etc. A Kuffar is a non-Muslim, there are two types - Dhimmis may be allowed to live, but Harbis must be killed.

NAJIS - Ritually unclean. Kuffars are najis.

RAZZIA - A Violent raid of rape and pillage into Dar al-Harb.

SHAHEED or SHAHID A Muslim who dies in the process of killing Kuffars. He goes to paradise, together with 70 of his nearest relatives.

TAQIYYA - Lies, falsehood and disinformation employed to further the cause of Islam.

- Harbi

Anonymous said...

It is indeed scary over here in the UK. The atmosphere is terrible.

Anonymous said...