Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The One-State Final Solution- Part I

One of the proposals of the far Left to solve the Jewish-Arab conflict is a One-State Solution. According to this plan, Israel would be replaced by a binational state of Jews and Arabs, living in equality and harmony. In the Leftist utopia, Arabs and Jews would co-exist with equal rights and priveleges in the state of Israstine or Pali-el. The reality, however, is much more frightening. This One-State Solution is nothing but a herald of the Final Solution. Here's why:

1) The "Rwanda" Solution:

The dream of Jews and Arabs living together in perfect harmony is just that- a dream. Binational states have never succeeded without the occassional genocide or repression. In Rwanda, two seemingly similar tribes (to foreigners) massacred each other in a span of days, leaving 800 000- 1 500 000 people dead. If two groups who speak the same language, practice the same faith and are more or less similar, cannot manage to live together peacefully without slaughtering each other, we can derive a kal va'chomer that it would be impossible to have a binational state of groups as different as Arabs and Jews, who follow different faiths, speak different languages, different cultures, different histories and whose mindsets are light-years apart. Even if we look at cases where the groups differ in only one aspect, the pickings are slim. Belgium is composed of 58% Dutch-speaking Flemish and 32% French-speaking Walloons. Tensions between the two communities is very high and a significant portion of the population supports partition. In Canada, a binational state of sorts, with French Quebec a province in English Canada, there is the constant spectre of separation. While the conflict is today mostly peaceful, it has at times erupted violently. If Canadians, who are known for their calm nature, can resort to war, why should it be expected that the Arabs, whose history has shown them to have no such reservations, remain pacifistic? Such a proposal can only lead to prolonged war and eventual genocide between the Arabs and Jews. There is no guarantee that, upon allowing millions of Arab refugess into the newly created state, that they will not celebrate their state by murdering every single Jew that they can get their hands on, as was the case in the pogroms of 1920-21 and 1929.

2) Islam dominates and is not dominated:

The area that is today thought of as the heartland of the Islamic world was once Christian lands and many countries had large and prosperous populations of Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians and Hindus. Just to illustrate the amazing level of Islamic tolerance, there are no Jews in any Islamic countries with the exception of a few thousand living in difficult conditions in Morocco, Iran and Turkey. This is in keeping with the Islamic doctrine of dhimmitude where non-Muslims are relegated to second-class status, according to the Qur'an's command that non-Muslims "feel themselves subdued". Non-Muslims face harsh discrimination and this is still apparent even in "modern" Islamic countries. Egyptian Copts have difficulties constructing new churches and are often attacked by Islamic fundamentalists. Churches in Turkey, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc. are often burnt down. Assyrian Christians in Iraq have been forced out because of Islamic renewal due to the US-led invasion. In traditional Islamic jurisprudence, Jews fall under the category of dhimmi and in the binational state, Islamic scholars will certainly demand that they comply with the debasing laws of dhimmitude. It is doubtful that the government of this new state will be secular as secularist movements have all failed in the Islamic world, and where they have succeeded, they have needed to repress Islam militarily. Islam is not meant to be equal to other faiths but to dominate and rule over them. In that vein, synagogues will need to be lower than mosques, will not be able to renovated and Jews will be subject to many difficulties. The creation of a binatinal state would mean Jews willingly accepting to become second-class citizens under Islamic sharia law, something that can never be allowed to happen.

3) The Death of Zionism:

Zionism arose out of the Jews' natural desire for self-determination, a right granted to all other peoples. Woodrow Wilson's famous 14 points affirmed each nation's right to self-rule. This dream was realized with the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, a place where the Jewish people would no loner be oppressed by the gentiles but be masters of their own destiny. The creation of a binational state would signal the complete end of the Zionist dream and the renewal of the exile. Since the Arabs possess 22 states and the Jews one, it is ridiculous to demand that the Jews relinquish their singular state to create a binational country. Since the beginning of the exile in 70 CE, the Jews have hoped and prayer for a return to sovereingty, to build a new land, a Jewish state with a Jewish culture and character, in which to observe the mitzvot and become "a light unto the nations". Such national aspirations are impossible living as a minority under Arab rule.

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WomanHonorThyself said...

as always Bar..eloquent and irrefutable!..the Arabs will never co exist with anyone ...what an insult to anyones intelligence to ask the Israelis to walk like sheep to the slaughter!

Brooke said...

OT, I put you back on the blogroll. I opened it up a few days ago to tinker, and your link must've gotten messed up then.

Every time I touch that thing it explodes.

heidianne jackson said...

i can't believe the unmitigated gall of those who propose such a solution. the whole goal is to continue to minimize the jews until our position is nothing more than a footnote in history.