Saturday, March 1, 2008

No Value in Being Dead

One of the most tired liberal Jewish canards is "but we're better than that!". Oh how we love to trot out our moral superiority, how we value life, even enemy life, how we risk our soldiers to protect enemy civilians. Speaking to any Jewish leftist, one can hear peons to our higher standards, even as the number of dead Jews piles up. I have had enough!

2 Israeli soldiers paid the ultimate price in defense of the Land and People of Israel. Their souls are surely in the highest levels of Gan Eden along with all the other Jews who died al Kiddush HaShem. And yet, why did they have to die? There is no need for one Jewish soldier to endanger themselves by stepping into Gaza to fight. We have a powerful airforce- let us bomb Gaza into submission. Israel should turn Gaza into a parking lot if the rockets aren't stopped. Mercy has its place, but now is the time for harsh and cruel revenge.

I hear the protest- "we're better than them! We don't do that!" Blah, blah, blah, blah. Jews, listen now and listen well: There is no moral value in being dead. It doesn't matter how much better we are than the Arabs, how much more moral, how superiour we are if we are dead. Israeli soldiers being killed in house-to-house combat is nothing to be proud of. Only a corrupt moral system places the life on an enemy civilian over your own soldier. The Torah says ve'chai bahem - and you shall live by them (Lev. 18:15) We should live by them, and not die by them. Bomb Gaza, destroy Hamas, crush enemy oppostion and expel our foes, but do not for one second place a Jewish soldier in uneccessary harm. When you're at the funeral of a young soldier (G-d forbid), moral superiourity means little.

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WomanHonorThyself said...

amen my brother and to heck with the dang Media and their endless anti semitism!