Saturday, December 15, 2007

Declaration of the Jewish People to the World

(by Rafael V. Rabinovitch)

To the Nations of the World

We, the Jewish people, both in Eretz Yisrael and in the various places of our exile, hereby declare:

1. That the Jewish People are the sole heirs to the Land of Israel, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea;

2. That all the Jewish people, each and every Jew, and only the Jews, have the right to return to the Land of Israel;

3. That the Jewish People have the right and duty to settle the Land of Israel in its entirety, to work the land, to build industry on it, and to do so respecting its holiness as the Torah commands;

4. That any individual Jew, even with the claim of representing the Jewish people, the people and/or government of Israel, or any representative or ruling authority; has no right to give away the collective right of the Jewish people over the Land of Israel;

5. That we will not accept any declaration, agreement, legislation, court ruling or decree that contradicts our right to the Land of Israel. This includes any instance where our right is only partially recognized, or where another people or entity alien to our people is said to share rights over the Land of Israel;

6. That the name of our land is the Land of Israel, Eretz Yisrael, and that we do not recognize the sovereign validity of any name imposed by foreign conquerors, or any people called after such imposed name;

7. That the capital of the Land of Israel is the entire city of Jerusalem, and that this is an unconditional truth not subject to debate or negotiation. No other people or entity of any sort has sovereign rights over that city, and even the collection of all the nations of the world has no such right;

8. That the Temple Mount is our most Holy place, and that no one has the right to violate its holiness and physical integrity. The remains of the First and Second Temple shall not be touched unless it is for the specific purpose of building the Third Temple;

9. That the State of Israel has the duty to keep the Land of Israel on Jewish hands, and any violation of this duty is to us of no validity. We do not recognize any territorial concession, and no peace may come from such thing.

Jews and non-Jews please sign this petition and G-d willing, the world will hear our voice. Post this declaration on your blogs and help propagate the Jewish message!


John Brown said...

You mean AshkeNazi Zionists, right?

Not Jews.

Papa Frank said...

JB -- how's that child-molester worship going for you?

Buena Prensa said...

I am a zionist jew and I totally disagree with that declaration.
Won't sign it.

Yehudi said...

Buenaprensa, if you don't sign that petition, then don't ever call yourself a Zionist Jew. From now on you are an arab. No self-respecting Jew with a modicum of pride would come in here and smugly say, "I am a zionist Jew and I totally disagree with that declaration." Moron.

Yehudi said...

JB, if you put down the crack-pipe long enough to get a breath of fresh air, you'll realize that 'The Man' isn't as bad as your paranoid, drug-clogged brain thinks. Your profile says you're from Palestine. That's funny since no such place exists on the globe, but let's pretend you're referring to Gaza.

Here's what you need to do to demonstrate on behalf of the down-trodden terrorists...just as they launch more missles at innocent children in Sderot, run out and give that launcher a big bear hug. Now don't let go! Don't be alarmed by the attack helicopters you see coming at worries! You'll have just enough time to kiss your dreadlocks goodbye.
Goodbye, John Brown. Don't come back.

WomanHonorThyself said...

bravo my chaver Bar!..keep pitchin hun..wer'e catching!..btw..the comments on my last post got deleted by can re-post if u wish hun!:)

Anonymous said...

A nice sentiment, but many in the world already believe that Jews believe what the petition says.
Don't Israeli citizens need elect those who will fight against their enemies with overwhelming and undeniable force?

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Bar Kochba,
Hello again my friend. Just wanted to say that here in the Great Satan we love tiny, tiny Israel. She is so hot, fun and free - especially sweet that she weilds a military FAR above her weight class.

After all, if 350 million unfree, unhappy and unhinged Arabs can despotically dwell in nearly 22 nations - then why not let less than 10 million have their very own. Especially since it would not become a rat's nest of terror like their neighbors who lead the world in illiteracy, gender apartheid and honor killings.

Also very glad to read the River to the sea bit. That is key - especailly since history is not so kind to nations constantly and consistently launch and lose wars of territorial aggresion. Example? Compare a map of Deutschland in 1914 to a map of 2007. Try and make the case for returning turf that has been German since Roman times and the world will laughingly lecture you about the wages states pay when they repeatedly attack their neighbors. And repeatedly lose.

There is a link to Bar Kochba at my non jewish, non Israeli American Hillbilly website. It's under the links for "LiTtLe SaTaN".

sincerely, your friend, CoUrTnEy

Brooke said...

Buenaprensa's comment is still boggling my mind!

Rita Loca said...

bar, I have signed it but will get the word out to others.

Batya said...

I love the illustration, perfect for last week's parsha.

Tsofah said...

buenaprensa? I'm NOT a Zionist Jew and I STILL signed it! Guess it proves you don't have to be a zionist Jew to know the land of Israel belongs to G-d, and G-d said He gave it to the Jews, so...there ya go!

G-d's the Boss!

John Brown said...

When are you going to post the "Declaration of the AshkeNAZIs Forbidding Nigger Jews to come to Apartheid Israel?"

John Brown said...

No invisible sky-goblin gave anything to a bunch of white European squatters. Palestine was given to the AshkeNazis by the imperialist UN in 1947.

Without the UN, your little settler colony doesn't exist.

Needless to say, since then the Vanilla genociders squatting on stolen land have depended on Uncle Sam's WELFARE CHECKS!

Avi said...

JB-- you're not welcome here anymore you stalker troll. BTW Israel is for all Jews, black, white, brown and purple. You're too much of a racist s*** bag to understand that.

Open question: How do I ban him?

Anonymous said...

Go to your settings and turn comment moderation on.

No problemo :)

John Brown said...

Give it a rest, BK. All the Zionist papers back in your squatters paradise have written how the AshkeNazi rulers of the genocider colony no longer want nigger Jews.

VANILLA Zionism only in the Apartheid colony, thank you.

Yehudi said...

What an idiot. I thought I told him to hug a rocket launcher...

Anonymous said...

The irony of course being JB, would happily push Jews of all colors into ovens if he only had the chance

Karen Townsend said...

Thanks for coming to my blog and commenting and letting me know about the petition. I signed. Proudly.

John Brown said...

I got no beef with Jews - unless they're a bunch of genociding, land-grabing, AshkeNazi anti-Semite's.

As for Zionists, however, I'd gladly give them a push - they're a genocidal breed best wiped off the map.

Pthomas said...

Consider me signed. jb (little letters for a little mind) too bad you didn't follow Yehudi1's advice. I'll pray harder next time. :)

Avi said...

JB: K, Zionists evil, kill them, got it. You're not welcome here so why do you keep on coming back?

Anonymous said...

He keeps coming here because he's been banned from every other site he's infected.
I appreciate no comment moderation, but eventually many more trolls like him show up, and you lose your readers, and the flavor of your comments section.

John Brown said...

I keep coming back to educate and inform you about AshkeNazi supremacists. For example, this was in Ha'aretz today:

Some 1,000 Ethiopian immigrants demonstrated on Tuesday against the government's decision to close down next week its operation to bring the Falash Mura to Israel...

This has outraged Ethiopian immigrant groups. "There are 8,500 people who left their homes and villages and came to Gondar [where the Israeli representatives are based] in the hope of immigrating to Israel," said Avraham Negusa, who chairs these groups' umbrella organization. "These are people who have parents, siblings and children already living in Israel. And now, along comes the interior minister and changes the policy."

John Brown said...

So why is it that Apartheid Israel doesn't accept real Jews but they take any AshkeNazi sqatter simply because they're lily-white?

Mickey Blustein, JOOish Nazi said...

Just go to the ovens, John Brown.

Beeing a JOOish Nazi, I've got just the thing for you.

Rita Loca said...

bar, Oh you get JB!!! Now you know why I have comment moderation!!! and a few other Chavista goons.

Anonymous said...

My prophesy is coming true faster than I thought.
Turn on your comment moderation.

Anonymous said...

And if your moderation was on, you could catch my typos too! ;)

John Brown said...

How quickly fascist bombast dissolves in the face of one dissenting voice, eh BK? The clock's-a-tickin!

Anonymous said...

For John Brown-Online Oblivion.
You'll have to find another blog, man-child.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Israel and its people will never lose my support! Hope you don't mind, but I'm going to steal that image you have with the post and provide a link to the petition, 14k is a lot, but not out of the realm of possibility.

I find it odd that you would be called "AshkeNazi Zionist," when it is the Arab states that learned a thing or two from the Nazis. That sad, sorry episode was crushed, yet its misguided system is continued by others with a milquetoast, limp grip on what is true. They are children and will never grow up...ugly violent children that do not stand a chance as they are bred from birth to seek Israels destruction.

This is unfortunate as there is to a degree that which they obviously have no control over; it's there socialization. Ultimately it is their bad luck; regardless of political correctness, peace, what have you...they need to be and will be taken down.

'"Uncle Sam's WELFARE CHECKS!"'

That's rich; for one freedom isn't free, whether paid for with blood or cash money. Twoots - how much are you asshats getting from Uncle Sam and you don't appreciate jack sh*t! You just use it to keep killing so that your world remains the backward pit it is.

Jumping Jiminy, the avatar is a "free Mumia" image...hmmm, odd...if you kill you get JB's admiration.

"Now don't let go!" BEAUTIFUL!!!!

If the "launcher" idea doesn't work, perhaps a Dragon would work...if JB wants to hit the target he's gonna have to keep aiming until it hits the target...should be enough time for the choppers.

John Brown said...

Before Ariel Sharon went catatonic - pissing and shitting himself - he specialized in killing.

Not so much anymore, but regardless, he's a mass murderer - an AshkeNazi genocider - and I despise him.

Like millions of other people languising in Uncle Sam's concentration camps, Mumia is victimied by Vanilla Justice. The word of Pigs - however silly - gets precedence over evidence.

Anonymous said...

I'm bailing on this commentary...
Catch ya later!

Avi said...

About that genocide: Israel's super-industrialized and advanced technologically. It has an amazing military. If its busy killing Arabs, why hasn't it finished them off yet? We Jews are so lazy that it takes us over 60 years?!

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

JB - If geographically you actually reside in the area that your Arab brothers could have given two sh*ts about the plight of so-called Palestinians; then you live in a self-imposed prison that Uncle Sam could never match.

Mumia? Pretty cool how history has a way of changing isn't it? Unsurprising considering you are located in that "rewritten" area with the "pity-party" miscreants that kill because they are not human or humane enough to deal with it any other way. But for the ignorance of a yASSer araphat and others it might be a more peaceful area.

Palestine is yours? Fine, crap in your own house and not in the homes of those that can conceive of peace without slaughtering innocents. Oh, yes, yes, of course Israel has taken a number of your terrorist ilk; it's not the fault of Israel that you wallow in ignorance, nor that you have to pop your head up to fire - you've chosen your battle.

It is thanks to "palestinian leadership," hamas, iran and all the rest that you live in feces; you've chosen the route of hate and violence. Hate is easy so it's understandable that those that cannot change their own diapers or realize a better existence.

You GIRLS are responsible (it's the only responsibility your folks show any sign of). Were you all a little more responsible you'd pick yourselves up by your bootstraps and stop making believe your cause is real and/or based on reality; Israel would probably be the first to offer its hand to assist. Can't see that though, can you?

Realpolitik has allowed you to exist as you have for as long as you have otherwise you guys would be flushed just like any other floater.

When one has a neighbor like "palestine" it often pays to "specialize in killing." Hey, but you guys aren't doing anything wrong right? Dang that Israel; perhaps Israel should thank you girls were it not for the quality of the fertilizer in your AO it may have not flourished and succeeded as well as it has.

"Vanilla Justice" and "Free Mumia" is all you have to say, type or post and we all know where you're coming from...speaks volumes. Put a little effort into something other than killing, self-pity and hatred and you might see that there are good things in our lives. Thank you however, for showing us that there are bad things in our lives as well. We can't all be stupid, so thanks for taking the reins and investing so much in stupidity so we don't have to. Appreciate it.

Government employees been paid lately? "Welfare" payments not making it in? No worries though, your pals in region will help you...oops; see? sometimes I can be wrong.

You do realize that it won't be Israel that is wiped off the face of the earth, don't you? What you are sowing will lead to much more useless violence and death in the years to come; in the end though your heroes won't be the ones standing.

Thanks also for making me feel extra smart

John Brown said...

Mumia is free.

He will be released when he becomes President of Uncle Sam's plantation.

MUMIA in 2008

John Brown said...


Your little colonial settler colony was midwifed in 1947 as a UN Charity case and since then has relied upon Uncle Sam's welfare checks to continue it's 60 year campaign of genocide.

Without welfare, Apartheid Israel vanishes from the pages of time.

Diplomacy is a tricky thing, BK. Apartheid Israel knows what it can get away with internationally, because it knows that without the welfare checks it can't exist.

Better, in their eyes, to slowly and steadily steal Palestinian land.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

"...midwifed in 1947 as a UN Charity case..."

Thanks for the clarification JB; I had forgotten that thousands of years meant nothing if it was prior to 1947.

You guys get your $7 billion international welfare check from France yet?

I apologize for having been a dink in and out through my comments, but some days I just don't have the patience in dealing with those that prefer propaganda to fact. A terrorist kills an Israeli, Israel retaliates and somehow to the likes of you guys this just isn't fair. Quit your whining, what a bunch of pussies.

Do you think "palestine" would exist if nations had the "palestinian freedom fighter" mindset? You guys are pretty lucky the feminization has taken hold as well as it has.