Monday, December 3, 2007

Daily Dose of Blasphemy

Goat at the Barnyard got this lovely comment from a 'peaceful and tolerant' Muslim:

"Seasonal maledictions and woe unto you Kaffir Jews and Christians.

To all you Jewish sons of pigs and monkeys celebrating Hanukkah, I pray that Allah may send hurricane force winds to blow out your menorah candles and that your one day's supply of consecrated oil be consumed in 12 hours.

Your victory over Antiochus (pbuh) is a mere temporary setback and could not have occurred without assistance from the whisky-sodden Scottish mercenaries of the clan McCabeeus. We shall have our revenge on these Celts with their voluptuous hairy legs and all too revealing kilts that tempt the true believer into sin! One day we shall have Shaheeds who are trained to a drive a Jeep into Glasgow airport and then press the detonation button, rather than the other way round.

May Allah’s vengeance also fall upon you Christians, worshippers of the winged idol sodomized by the topmost branch of a conifer sapling. The tree-idol is the ultimate in debauchery, for our beloved Prophet even at his horniest never had carnal relationships with vegetation.

Moreover you Kaffirs mock the Prophet's mufa’khathat of Ayesha with your blasphemous custom of sitting children on Santa's lap. This practice is an intentionally Islamophobic parody of the hadith in which Mohammad said to Ayesha “Ho! Ho! Ho! Come here little girl and sit on my knee and let’s talk about the first thing that comes up”.

And of course ‘Santa’ is an anagram of the most secret holy name of Allah.

But worst of all, you defile the sacred symbol of Islam - the mistletoe - by performing your writhing, steaming promiscuous orgies beneath its sacred berries. The mistletoe, by its mode of sustenance, is a holy symbol of the role of the Ummah in Dar al-Harb.

So, may Allah curse your abominable festivities. May your tinsel tarnish and your balloons deflate. May your turkeys catch bird flu and your Poinsettia be consumed by aphids. May your elderly relatives give you presents of ill-fitting knitwear and your objectionable in-laws buy drumkits for your children. May your holly scratch you and the wounds turn septic, and may your ivy be of the poisonous variety.

Inshallah soon all of Dar al-Harb will be Muslim, and your corrupted infidel ******mas Carols will be replaced by the genuine halal versions:

Little Bomber Boy
Jingle Belts
Violent Night
While Shepherds Screw Their Flocks
I stoned Mommy for kissing Santa Claus
Wreck the Halls
Go Shell Them From the Mountain
Frosty the Boobytrap
Oh Come all ye Fanatical
No-go Town of Bethlehem
Hijacked Three Ships
Oh TannenBOOM
Slay Ride "

I think our response should be some blashepmy so I have posted some sacriliegeous cartoons for our Infidel viewing pleasure. If Muslims riot over a teddy bear, I wonder how long until these reduce them to blind, sputtering rage. I just hear the fatwas coming.

Not the most mature of responses, I know, but how mature can you be when dealing with a religion that is so sensitive that it riots over a teddy bear and a bunch of cartoons?! The West is already way too sensitive and accomodating when it comes to the followers of this pedophile pseudo-prophet.

I'll end off with giving the Rambam's, Maimonides, opinion on Mo. (For an interesting polemic on Judaism, Christianity and Islam, read his Epistle to Yemen)

After him [Jesus] arose the Madman [Muhammad] who emulated his precursor since he paved the way for him. But he added the further objective of procuring rule and submission, and he invented his well known religion. All of these men purposed to place their teachings on the same level with our divine religion. But only a simpleton who lacks knowledge of both would liken divine institutions to human practices.


Goat said...

Hee, good one Bar, I am going to skewer him some more as well, it doesn't appear like he has been back since he posted that comment.

English kaffir. said...


OVERWORKED nurses have been ordered to stop all medical work five times every day to move Muslim patients’ beds so they face towards Mecca.
The lengthy procedure, which also includes providing fresh bathing water, is creating turmoil among overstretched staff on bustling NHS wards.
But despite the havoc, Mid- Yorkshire NHS Trust says the rule must be instigated whenever possible to ensure Muslim patients have “a more comfortable stay in hospital”.
And a taxpayer-funded training programme for several hundred hospital staff has begun to ensure that all are familiar with the workings of the Muslim faith.
The scheme is initially being run at Dewsbury and District Hospital, West Yorkshire, but is set to be introduced at other hospitals in the new year.
It comes on the back of the introduction in some NHS hospitals last year of Burka-style gowns for Muslim patients who did not wish medical staff to see their face while operating or caring for them.
Last night critics slammed the procedure and claimed the NHS would be better off investing its resources in tackling killer superbugs such as C.diff and MRSA.
One experienced nurse working at Dewsbury said: “It would be easier to create Muslim-only wards with every bed facing Mecca than have to deal with this.
“Some people might think it is not that big a deal, but we have a huge Muslim population in Dewsbury and if we are having to turn dozens of beds to face Mecca five times a day, plus provide running water for them to wash before and after prayers, it is bound to impact on the essential medical service we are supposed to be providing.
“Although the beds are designed to be moved, the bays are not really suitable for having loads of beds moved around to face a different direction, and despite our best efforts it does cause disruption for non-Muslim patients.”
The changes have been instigated by Dewsbury and District Hospital’s chief matron, Catherine Briggs, after she held a series of consultation meetings with local Asian GPs, ethnic minority patients groups and Muslim chaplain Ilyas Dalal to find out what staff could do to further improve Muslim patients’ experience of the NHS.
In accordance with the rules of Islam, Muslims are required to pray five times a day. The religion dictates they must wash themselves in running water prior to prayer and must be facing in the direction of Mecca while praying. Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, is revered as the birthplace of the prophet Mohammed, who was born around 570AD.
Turning beds so they face towards Mecca was a key proposal put forward during the hospital meetings, along with suggestions that Muslim women should only be seen by female doctors.
Although the Trust, which also oversees hospitals in Wakefield and Pontefract, could not guarantee women-only doctors, they agreed that “wherever possible” specific patient requests would be carried out.
Mrs Briggs said: “Some of our former Muslim patients suggested that a more informed understanding of the Islamic cultures would help staff to further improve their service.”
Last night Conservative MP David Davies said: “Hospitals should be concentrating on stopping the spread of infections than kow-towing to the politically correct brigade.
“If the need for fresh running water is so great then perhaps family members could be on hand to assist the already overworked medical staff.”

Anonymous said...

What an amazing amount of energy these online haters have!
This one seems to have an education. Where do you think he learned his hate, four years at an American university?

Brooke said...

That comment MUST be a joke; it seems so ludicrous at times, even beyond that of a typical Islamist's lunacy.

EK, As a person who used to work in a hospital, I can tell you that hospital admin is always far more interested in PC cow-towing than things of legitimate medical concern.

Joe Gringo said...

Just spent the last weekend up in Prescott picking mistletoe for my son's Cub Scout Pack to sell, that's funny......Mistletoe......the sacred symbol of Islam a parasitic plant/fungus.

Man, that dude sure had a bad hair day.....great post BK.

Anonymous said...

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Goat said...

Brooke that is what he is claiming today, that it was parody, somehow I don't believe him. His website is also pretty over the top and serious at the same time. I forget the muslim term for lying to the infidel but that is the feeling I get.

Goat said...

YJM, I would British univerities since he is from the Glasgow area.

Anonymous said...

Goat said "I forget the muslim term for lying to the infidel "

Goat, I can assure you, as Allah is my witness, that there is no such thing as 'taqiyya'.

Brooke said...

I think the term you are looking for is taqiyya.

If this guy isn't lying, and he's not a Islamist, then he's one vitriolic, first-class freak job.

Either way...

Anonymous said...


A reward of 100 billion Sudanese dinars (or five US dollars, which ever is the greater at the current exchange rate ) will be offered for the beheading of this vile creature which has escaped Islamic justice.

Upon being found guilty of defiling the name of Mohammed, by the crime of being called Mohammed, and sentenced to 400 lashes , the bear replied that he never wanted to be known as 'Mohammed' in the first place but preferred to be called 'Christopher'. The sentence was immediately increased to death for apostasy and insulting Islam.

Unfortunately the will of Allah was thwarted before the sentence could be carried out when the bear escaped, as a result of a raid by the combined forces of Mossad and the SAS (may Allah curse and damn these pigs and monkeys and then really lose his temper and bladder control and scream and roll around on the floor in a full scale tantrum and spreading pool of pee ).

The bear has since appeared in England as a British National Party mascot and has converted to Anglicanism.

Shaheeds - you know what Allah expects! Decapitate the apostate bear! And just think what you could buy with 100 billion Sudanese dinars - a camel, two goats, four wives - or best of all a really sexy little catamite!

Allah Akhbar!!!

Anonymous said...

Joe Gringo
Mistletoe, the sacred plant of Muslims? Umm, we're not druids genius. I just live up the road in Flagstaff, btw, come insult me to my face sometime.

Taqqiya is a Shia term that only refers to Shia pretending not be be Shia if they fear for their lives. Most Muslims don't even use the term as a reference to anything but a kind of hat. I realize all you Spencer worshipping clones don't actually know anything about the few Arabic terms you've heard, but that one is seriously overused.

I just stopped by out of curiosity, I was about to answer you on my site. After looking at the commentators you pull and comments about us all being dirty, I don't believe you have well intentioned discussion in mind frankly. It saddens me that you talk with one voice in one spot and another voice somewhere else. Frankly, it bespeaks weak character.


Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, I thought you were smart, but you do realize that long quote you posted was obviously a joke written by someone who doesn't like Islam, not a Muslim, right?


Yehudi said...

Dave, I have a quick question for you that I have always wanted the answer to:
Why are muslims willing to kill and die for a "prophet" (I use that term so very loosely when referring to him), when he is known pedophile?? Are you kidding me?? Dave, are YOU willing to die for a man who would love to have sex with your little girl? Now you know why the world hates you.

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