Friday, April 17, 2009

Jewish Naqba النكبة (Catastrophe)

In the 1940s, close to a million Jews from Arab countries were expelled from lands in which they had lived for 3000 years. They lost billions of dollars in property and came penniless to Israel. While we hear so much about the "Palestinian" refugees, the plight of the Mizrahi Jews has all but been forgotten.


Progressive Pinhead said...

Did you ever write your argument for the debate I challenged you to?

Avi said...

YA, I'll get to it. All in due time.

Any thoughts on the double standards between the Arab and Jewish refugees?

Anonymous said...

Bar: good post. Shavua tov!

Progressive Pinhead said...

All refugees who so desire should be repatriated there is no double standard. That said, Zionism is the issue that caused the refugee problem and that is the issue that needs to be addressed.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't use the word 'naqba' and give any credence to the fakestinian distortion and lie.

Anonymous said...

First of, this so-called Jewish naqba is a big lie. You should check history books for facts.

Secondly, Sephardi Jews were lured, and many times terrorised, by the Mossad to convince them to come to Israel. In Morocco, the Mossad bribed officials to turn a blind eye on the smuggling of Moroccan Jews. On other occasions, they were lured with promises of riches and financial support. Up to this day, Moroccan Jews go to Morocco to visit their shrines and old neighborhoods and they are welcome to resettle in if they want. Some of them did. In Iraq, the Mossad committed acts of terrorism and blamed it on the Panarabists to convince Iraqi Jews to leave Iraq after they resented the idea for years.
The true Naqba is the Palestinian naqba, which resulted in tens of thousands of refugees who can not go back to their land because Israelis banned them from doing so while they still invite Russian and Ashkenazi Jews who have never set foot on the Palestinian soil to come settle there.