Monday, December 22, 2008

No to a Two-State (Final) Solution

Check out the 18.


Anonymous said...

Bar Kochba,
What is your native language, what languages do you speak?

Deborah said...


You know I hate the premise of the 2-State solution! I despise it! I believe Jews will never again be ripped up from the Land!! Israel's final boundaries will extend as far as they were promised by G-d... far beyond where they lay now. Eretz Yisrael belongs to the Jews forever! But how can Israel, as a nation, possibly think or hope that G-d will take His proper place in this battle when Jewish lives are snuffed out by abortion, which is allowed and granted by the Israeli government? A Jewish fetus is a life set apart, sanctified, from the world and unto the L-RD!

I only ask because I pray for the L-RD's protection, peace, and defense of the the Jewish people... I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel, but my heart breaks when I ask G-d to protect His precious people when the lives of Jewish babes are not protected by their own.

How long, O L-RD?