Thursday, June 12, 2008

If you like what you see..

Then JBlog Me. Help spread the message and fight for the truth. Tell me what you think.


WomanHonorThyself said...

brilliant piece Bar..keep being a kiddush Hashem my friend!!!

Anonymous said...


Islam divides the world into two implacably warring blocks - Dar al-Islam versus Dar al-Harb (the domain of war - those lands which are controlled by unbelievers) . Muslims are instructed by the Koran to establish supremacy over kuffars (unbelievers) by any means necessary. Islam is a classic meme or mind-virus whose primary objective is to propagate itself no matter how much suffering and death it causes in the process, just like the rabies virus. In fact Islam has been called 'the rabies of religions' .

Since Islam is a vicious, wicked and thoroughly disgusting cult with a particularly loathsome founder, it can't spread in the manner of other religions by voluntary conversion, but has to force itself on people. And that's where Jihad comes in.

We normally think of Jihad in terms of major attacks like 9/11 , 7/7 and the child rape and massacre at Beslan , but in fact the aggression can take on many subtler forms. The thin ends of a thousand wedges are slowly being inserted into the structure of Western civilisation.

Here are just a few of the forms that jihad can take, no doubt you can think of others:

BOMBING JIHAD - The objective is not only to cause death and destruction, but also to force the kuffars to waste vast amounts of money and military manpower on security , thus furthering the Economic Jihad.

CENSORSHIP JIHAD - The Islamic belief system is primitive, tribal and illogical and cannot withstand the light of rational analysis. All criticism of Islam must be shut down especially within universities.

CONTAMINATION JIHAD - Jihadists contaminate food to be served to kuffars with their faeces and urine

CORRUPTION JIHAD - The objective is to undermine kuffar public confidence in institutions such as the police , medical profession and immigration service.

DEMOGRAPHIC JIHAD - The objective is for Muslims to gain power by breeding faster than other sections of the population. Muslim women are breeding machines who produce vast numbers of children, and now that polygamy has been legalised Muslim men are free to import up to four wives each.

EDUCATIONAL JIHAD - Muslims are seeking gradually to remove non-Islamic subjects from the school curriculum and to Islamify schools by introducing Muslim observances and revisions of history.

ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL JIHAD - The objective is to weaken the economies of kuffar nations and if possible get control of their major assets. Sharia finance requires kuffars to mortgage their countries' infrastructure to Muslims.

HUMILIATION JIHAD - Islam is a culture obsessed with honor/shame and domination/subjugation. Islam will therefore look for any opportunity to degrade and humiliate the kuffars, such as the popular 'jihad-snuff videos' where kuffars are made to beg for their lives and then ritually slaughtered anyway.

IMMIGRATION JIHAD - Muslims are illegally swarming into Western Europe. Once established they bring in their very extended families by 'chain-migration' so that before you know it one Muslim has brought in his entire village.

INFILTRATION JIHAD - Similar to Corruption Jihad except that the objective is to infiltrate institutions in order to make them useful to Muslims.

INTIMIDATION JIHAD - Muslims are quick to take offence at the slightest provovation, even something so trivial as an ice cream wrapper. This makes the kuffar eager to appease their demands to avoid trouble. Of course appeasement only gives rise to further demands - give an inch and they'll take a mile.

LITIGATION JIHAD - Offended Muslims are very keen to sue kuffars on the slightest pretext. The objective is not necessarily to win the case but to harass the kuffars and force them to spend vast amounts of money on their legal defence, eg the security-probing
Flying Imams who sued the passengers who reported their suspicious behaviour to the authorities, the
hijab-wearing Muslima who didn't get the hairdressing job and Mark Steyn sued in a Canadian kangaroo court for telling the truth about Islam.

NARCO JIHAD - Muslims are the major suppliers of heroin. This trade supplies funding for jihad and helps destroy kuffar society. The drugs are also used to lure kuffar children into Islamic paedophile rings.

SEXUAL JIHAD - Rape and paedophilia are and always have been essential weapons in jihad. Kuffar women and children are booty to be enjoyed by their conquerors. Paedophile abductions of kuffar children by Muslim pimps have become commonplace.

STREET JIHAD - Young kuffar boys, usually alone or in small groups, are set upon and viciously attacked by much larger groups of older youths and men. These crimes are usually hushed up by the media eg Kriss Donald castrated, blinded and burned alive; Henry Webster skull smashed in three places and permanently brain-damaged, and many more only reported in the local press. .

Anonymous said...

Sheep and the Goats - Judgement on nations who hurt Israel

The "Sheep" follow Jesus and the "goats" do not.

The "sheep" know that Israel has not been replaced, that God is watching Israel, that Israel is still the "apple" of God's eye. The "real Book" says in Zechariah (the Prophet) 2:8 that the Jews are the "Apple of God's Eye", meaning the most most delicate and touchy spot on His body. Don't dare to poke Him in the apple, the most delicate part of the eye that feels the most pain.

The "sheep" are aware that God has promised to bless those who bless Israel, and to curse those who curse Israel. It also says in the "real Book" that God's covenant with the Jews is eternal and ever lasting.

Stop and think.

God has clearly set up a sort of a "wall", or a line in the sand, as a test from the beginning. The Jewish Test. The Nazis didn't listen when they killed 6 million Jews; so 20 million Germans lost their lives in World War II. The Pharaoh of Egypt didn't listen - so he lost his life chasing the Hebrews. Pharaoh tried to kill Jewish babies, so he watched as all Egypt's first born son's were killed. History is filled with these real tests of what happened to people who mistreated the Jews (Spain became a 2nd rate power immediately after expelling the Jews, and similar things happened to Britain). Look what happened several times to Arab countries who connived to attack Israel in the last century.

America won its War of Independence due to a great part from the 30 million dollars the Jews in Philadelphia raised by selling their own personal property, at the request of George Washington, at a crucial turning point, in 1777.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Anti-semitism…

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Gen 12:3 - KJV (beware inferior imitations)

“Anti-Semitism…is the most horrible blow yet suffered in the ever-continuing Passion of Our Lord: it is the bloodiest and the most unforgivable because He receives it upon His Mother’s face”

I wonder if the BNP might wish to give an official response to Daniel Finkelstein’s concerns which he expresses in the second part of this article:

Following on from Mr Finkelstein’s comments, several other contributors have repeated the same taqiyya, and indeed there seems to be a mass hysteria about the BNP which is propagating without any rational examination through all subsequent articles in this magazine:

Someone needs to sort this out.

Anonymous said...

“Sura 23:91 No son did Allah beget”

But do you know that Allah begat three daughters? Muslims (with their ‘magnificent monotheism’) absolutely HATE to be reminded of this, and Salman Rushdie got a fatwa for mentioning it in the ‘Satanic Verses’.

But here they are in their full glory, Allah’s wayward daughters - the three uncovered ‘dancing slags’ - el-Lat, el-Uzza, and Manat: