Monday, September 17, 2007

Enemies within and without

Shanah Tovah everyone! 5768 is here! Unfortunately, the New Year has already been ushered in with bloodshed, violence, jihad and anti-semitism.
New signs of a growing neo-Nazi threat in Israel, brought by gentile Russian immigrants, is really worrying. Last week, a neo-Nazi cell in Petach Tikvah was busted. Its members are responsible for attacks on religious Jews and the desecration of a large synagogue in Petach Tikvah. It seems that this more attacks and pogroms are yet to come.

From Arutz-7:

Neo-Nazis attacked a 70-year-old woman who was walking on the bridge connecting the Meridian Hotel and the Neveh David neighborhood in Haifa Monday morning.

The gang members beat her and shouted out "Heil Hitler," in the latest of a series of Nazi attacks that began with the arrest of a Nazi gang in Petach Tikva 10 days ago.

The victim said that two youths accosted her. One kicked her, causing her injuries, and the other gave a Nazi salute and shouted out "Heil Hitler." She was able to escape when a street sweeper stepped in to help her, but not before he, too, was beaten.

Haifa Radio also reported that a family from Neveh Yosef, not far away from the scene of the attack, was victimized by Nazi activity on Monday as well.

The family woke up to find their car's tires had been slit and that a huge swastika on top of a Star of David had been painted on the vehicle.

Reports of neo-Nazi organizations, swastikas scrawled on synagogue walls and other anti-Semitic crimes are increasingly being reported in the Jewish State.

Teen Arrested for Spraying Swastikas in Migdal Haemek

Neo-Nazism also found its way this week to the town of Migdal Haemek, southeast of Haifa. A 17-year-old anti-Semite was caught Sunday spraying a swastika on a neighbor’s car.

Police requested permission from the court to extend custody of the teenage attacker, who they said had admitted to spraying Nazi symbols on cars and public shelters, according to a report by Ynet.

Further questioning was necessary, said detectives, in order to determine whether the young Ukrainian immigrant is a member of a neo-Nazi gang. “We are checking to see whether there are other teenagers involved,” said a police spokesperson.

Swastikas Scrawled on Buildings in Holon

Nazi grafitti was found Sunday on walls in the town of Holon, near Tel Aviv. Residents there discovered several buildings spray-painted with swastikas and the word "Hitler."

The perpetrators have not yet been identified.

Swastikas Scrawled on Dimona Synagogue, Perpetrator Still at Large

Jews arriving for services at the Beit Ephraim synagogue in the northern Negev city of Dimona last Friday discovered their house of worship painted with Nazi symbols.

Two swastikas were found on the second day of Rosh HaShana, the Jewish New Year, sprayed on the synagogue wall and the fence surrounding the building.

Mayor Meir Cohen, who was among those who first spotted the Nazi graffiti, vowed to “do nothing else but deal with this issue.”

The mayor said he personally would offer a monetary reward of NIS 2,000 (approximately $480) to anyone with information leading to the arrest of the vandals.

Nazi Vandalism in Eilat Synagogue on Rosh HaShana Eve

Nazi and Christian slogans were scrawled on the walls of a Sephardic synagogue in the resort city of Eilat on the eve of the Rosh HaShana holiday last week. The graffiti was discovered Monday evening by congregants who arrived to attend a class and to pray the evening service. The synagogue is located in a heavily religious neighborhood.

"Hitler is the Messiah," proclaimed one of the statements. "Long live Hitler and Jesus Christ" declared another. Crosses and swastikas were also scrawled on the building, which is located in a heavily religious neighborhood.

"We were all shocked and stunned," said Rabbi Yair Hadaya, son of the city's Chief Rabbi, Moshe Hadaya. "I do not view it as an affront to the rabbi, but rather as an affront to the country and the Jewish people," he added.

Police initially said it appeared to be an isolated incident, but Eilat deputy police commander Eitan Gadasi later said it was too early to tell whether the attack had been carried out by neo-Nazis. "Such incidents happened in the distant past in Eilat," he said, "but at this point it is too early to say whether there is a neo-Nazi cell in [this city]."

Approximately a year ago several teenagers were arrested after being caught spray-painting swastikas on tombstones in the Eilat cemetery.

Israel was founded as a refuge for Jews who had survived the horrors of Nazi Germany. In a country that was meant to be a safe haven from anti-semitism, why is Israel importing neo-Nazi anti-semites? Clearly, there is something wrong with Israeli immigration laws when individuals who have no connection to the Jewish People and are dedicated to their destruction, come to live in the Jewish State. Unfortunately, under Israeli law, anyone who has 1 Jewish grandparent is entitled to make aliyah, even though they may not be halakhically Jewish. Only Jewish law determines who is Jewish and Israel must adopt it as a basis for aliyah.
Its not like Israel needs to import any more anti-semites. Maj.-Gen. Amos Yadlin, Israel's top intelligence chief, told the Knesset, Sunday, that Hamas is preparing a major attack against Israel before the November conference in Washington. Hamas even invited reporters to see the intense training that they had done over Rosh Hashana! So let's see- Israel's population is 10% Arab fith-columnists, in some cases, 40% of Russian immigrants are goyyim and among them neo-Nazis (!!!!), Hamas is planning a major attack against Israel and of course, our fearless leader Olie is planning peace (of the grave) talks with Syria. 5768 is looking bright.
On the Jewish calendar, it is now the Aseret Yemai Teshuva, Ten Days of Repentance. It is a time for spiritual reflection, growth and a return to the source, Hashem. Unfortunately, the Jewish soul is being threatened. Our heart, which we have faced in prayer for 2 000 years is being desecrated by the Islamic wakf. In addition to this parade of Jew-hatred and spiritual filth, a parade of thousands of missionaries is set to descend on Jerusalem for the annual Sukkot march through Jerusalem.

Arutz-7 explains:

The line-up of speakers at this year's event, which will be held at Jerusalem's Binyanei HaUmah Convention Center, includes David Pawson. In a speech entitled "God's Eternal Covenant with Israel" (reprinted in Family Restoration Magazine), Pawson stated,

"One day the people of Israel as a whole will become Messianic Jews [believing in Jesus - ed.]... Prayer for Israel is not enough; preaching is also necessary. The church's silence over the holocaust was bad enough; her silence about hell would be a worse betrayal... True lovers of Israel will speak on behalf of Jews to Christians and on behalf of Christ to Jews. To pray for the peace of Jerusalem must include that peace with God which only Jesus can bring."

"'Zionism' is only 'Christian'," Pawson stated, "when He [Jesus] has the pre-eminence."

In case it may be objected that it is offensive to the Jews to speak of such things, and that Christians must "comfort" Israel, Pawson explained: "There is no final comfort in a lie... We cannot help but be missionaries, and I have discovered that some Jews despise us if we pretend not to be..."


Another featured Feast of Tabernacles speaker, Jack Hayford, was one of 1,100 Christian Zionists and Messianic Jews who took part in the Road to Jerusalem conference in California last year. He spoke there of “helping the church understand what God’s doing among Jews today and how to relate to it.” Co-speakers at that Road to Jerusalem event were co-founder Rev. Raleigh Washington -- who said, "when a Jewish person recognizes that Jesus is his messiah, he becomes a Jew who has now found his messiah” -- and Rev. Mike Bickle of Kansas City, Mo., who used the phrase “unsaved Jews” and said a Satan-like leader “will be required to exterminate the Jewish race.”

These Christian Zionists are not true friends of Israel but are wolves in sheeps clothing. Many of my readers are Christian Zionists and I truely appreciate their support for Israel. What I don't appreciate though, is thousands of missionaries coming to my Holy Land in an attempt to 'save' me. I don't need your 'salvation'- I have a faith called Judaism and I get what I need from the Torah. Anyone who attempts to missionize us, to deceive us into abandoning the religion of our forefathers or to tell us that you can be a 'Jewish Christian' (just like a 'kosher pork') is not an ally and had no place in Israel. Israel was meant as a place where we can be 'unsaved', safe from anti-semitism, free from the hatred and oppression of the rest the world. Unfortunately, the corrupt anti-Torah government of Israel continues to import Russia goyyim (who one former member of the Israeli government said would hopefully 'secularize' Israel), neo-Nazis, bring in Christian missionaries to teach Jews about JC, allow the Temple Mount to be plundered and desecrated and continue to offer more concessions to our enemies.

Enough is enough! We can't keep on sitting around asking Hashem to send us Moshiach unless we are prepared to stand up for ourselves and for what is ours. Where are the protests? Last week's Haftorah portion read "Return O Israel unto Hashem, Your G-d, because you have stumbled in your sins" (Hosea 14:2). We truely have stumbled in our sins. It's right before Yom Kippur- don't miss the boat.

Teshuva- Just do it


KEvron said...

"The world would really be much better if American soldiers were all murdered by al-Qaeda terrorists and the US was under sharia. At least there would be lower taxes as Bin Laden said!"
Bar Kochba 09.17.07 - 7:52 pm

what a horrible thing for you to say, bk. i've a good mind to report you to the feds. and you, a zionist and all....

l'shanah tova, i guess, if those words really mean anything to you.


WomanHonorThyself said...

why on earth did the Israelis allow those Russians in their midst!..theyre the same animals who forcibly pulled the Jews out of Gush Katif!

Rita Loca said...

Not all "christains" missionaries use such inappropriate methods. I am beginning to feel a bit "baited" here.
A true christian certainly would not be part of anything Nazi. Jesus teaches all men are equal and any other teaching is not true Christianity but a distortion made by evil men.

KEvron said...

from the image:

"Turn to Jesus or Burn in Hell"

islamofascists to the left of me, christofascists to the right....


Yehudi said...

BK, it looks like we both had a visit from 'nice' people. At least mine were from muslims...avowed enemies. This retard is an American traitor. Get a rope.

Avi said...

JM: I'm sorry if you feel baited and I didn't mean to say that all missionaries use innapropriate tactics. However, I object to people who pretend to love Jews only to convert them. We don't need thousands of people coming to our country in order to have us abandon our faith. JM, I realize that Nazism and Christianity are incompatible (though the Catholic Church did provide some of the basis for Hitler).

Anyways, being a New Year, I ask your forgiveness and everyone else's whom I have offended.

Gmar Chatima Tovah!

FLORIAN said...

BK: When did the Jewish calendar begin counting? Supposedly from Abraham? Noah? Adam & Eve? Just curious..

Rita Loca said...

bar, I am not offended!! NO!!
Just pointing out that to equate all Christians with these types would be unfair.

Have a Happy New year.

Anonymous said...

BK, dont apologize, we Jews apologize way too much. Anyone who attempts to missionize Jews deserves death, I dont care what their methods are whether they are honest or not. Anyone who wants to murder Jews whether its our souls or our bodies is our enemy.

And you should understand the reason the government brought in all these Russian goyim was for one purpose and one alone, to weaken the Torah community in an attempt to prevent us from taking power.

falcon_01 said...

Those are alternative-energy windmills, not nazi symbols... ;-)

I'm a Christian with a Jewish last name and feel baited too. I'll forgive you if you give me some land for peace... ;-) j/k

Seriously though... Israel does too much of that, and I think you have a point. I really do believe Jesus is the answer, but trying to cram it down your throat like that doesn't help Israel OR the US. Being so rude certainly doesn't win converts- just pushes people away... and I think that's the plan. No real Christian would go about doing anything like that- it just proves there are forces trying to divide us, and we must not let that happen.

If we were truly behind Israel, we would work more to putting a stop to this nonsense, and working to let the Jewish people flourish on their land- not undermining them every step of the way with heavy handed "diplomacy."

Avi said...

KEvron: At least these Christians hope that in the future, JC will take care of the Jews as opposed to the Muslims who go and take care of them themselves.

Angel: Exactly! It only shows what happens when Jews stray from Torah.

Yehudi: What ever happened to punishment for treason? I guess it kind of disappeared as well as loyalty, patriotism and common sense.

Flo: The Jewish calendar started with the Creation of Adam and Eve on the Friday night right before Shabbat. FYI There is no scientific evidence of HUMAN civilization before 6000 years ago- the whole 6 days/ billions of years thing is the topic of another post

JM: Obviously not all Christians are the same. I am simply pointing out that a Christian friend is someone who offers his support, not his Jesus.

KahaneL: I'm not apologizing to islamofascists, leftards or those who wish to have us trade in our faith. I'm just saying what Christian support should mean. And I realize exactly why goyyim are being imported into Israel. Not content with allowing Arab traitors to vote, the corrupt gov't needs to weaken the Torah community.

Falcon-01: Your religious beliefs are your opinion but kindly don't take them to Israel, parade around Jerusalem and attempt to 'save' Jews. We have a Torah and we have our own 'salvation'. The point of these missionaries is, however, to love us to death and to get us to convert in gratitude for their defense and support of Israel. No thx!

Always On Watch said...

I find the neo-Nazi movement surreal. Has the world learned nothing from the Holocaust? Why are these neo-Nazis tolerated?

As to Christians and their mission, well, many get out of line, as evidenced by the pictures and posters you show here. But the majority of Christians whom I know wouldn't use such tactics. Sure, they evangelize, and perhaps you find that offensive. But normal evangelization should not be offensive!

Rita Loca said...

Forceful evangelism would be worthless as Christianity teaches free will. Being baptized, or attending a Christian church will not make one a Christian anyway.
I do have a question for you, Bar, and please excuse my ignorance on this, but according to Judaism, what kind of hope would a gentile have for heaven in eternity? I have never heard what the belief is on that.

Anonymous said...

JM, a Goy who follows the Sheva Mitzvot Benai Noach is assured a place in the world to come.

Avi said...

What I love about Judaism is that there is no such concept as eternal condemnation or only Jews being 'saved'.
Traditional Jewish sources show tell that all righteous gentiles have a share in the World to Come. (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Teshuvah 3:4 based on Tosefta Sanhedrin 13:1; Talmud Sanhedrin 105a) Righteous gentiles have a place in the world to come.
([19] Eliyahu Rabbah, 10)
[The prophet Elijah said]: I call heaven and earth to witness that whether it be Jew or gentile, man or woman, manservant or maidservant, the holy spirit will rest on each in proportion to the deeds he or she performs.
(16] Shemot Rabbah 19:4)
The Holy One declares no creature unfit, but receives all. The gates of mercy are open at all times, and he who wishes to enter may enter.

Essentially, the Torah teaches that Judaism is a religion for Jews, not for the entire world. When a non-Jews expressed desire to convert, the Rabbis are supposed to discourage him to make sure that he is sincere! Non-Jews have the 7 Noahide commandments to observe. However, a Christian's belief in G-d (the Trinity would be considered idol worship for Jews but not for a non-Jew) or a Muslim's belief in Allah, would be enough to count as worship of G-d. Even a Hindu or somebody else who truly worships their gods, with sincerity and acts morally because of it, will be accepted by Hashem.
The Jewish belief in hell is very different from the Christian one. All people commit sins in their life and to properly enjoy the World to Come, they must spend some time in purgatory to cleanse themselves. (Some rabbis say hell is when you realize what G-d intended for you to be compared with what you actually became and accomplished.) Everybody (most normal people) in the end gets our of hell Gehinnom and reaches the Paradise.
Conclusion: G-d loves everyone and He doesn't want everybody to be Jewish. The righteous of all nations have a share in the World to Come.

KEvron said...

"At least these Christians hope that in the future, JC will take care of the Jews as opposed to the Muslims who go and take care of them themselves"

wow. such altuism brings a tear to my eye....


KEvron said...

"At least these Christians hope...."

do they also hope for american soldiers to be killed by aq terrorists, and that the us come under sharia law?


Brooke said...

I cannot believe that neo-Nazis still have the balls to exist.


As for the Christian-Nazis? They are not Christians! SPIT!

Anonymous said...

These posters, were they being paraded in the streets of J'lem? doubtful...I do not know of ANY rational Christian denominations that would use such inflammatory posters. You are completely misrepresenting Christianity by choosing to put up the most radical and marginalized examples.

Further, the Christians Zionists coming to Israel are NOT coming as missionaries. They are coming to celebrate Sukkot. They believe the Tenach and are walking out their faith. It just so happens that Christianity and Judaism DO overlap to the chagrin of many Jews and Christians. It would do well for both groups to be more respectful of one another.

I would like to know when this speech was made by the speaker you mention and to read it in full in it's context. I find it hard to believe that the ICEJ would invite someone who promotes evangelism in Israel.

Christian Zionism does NOT equate to Christian Missionary. Are there those who will evangelize...sure. But they evangelize to everyone not just Jews. I really don't get why Jews get so upset over Christians sharing about Jesus. It's pretty simple to say "No thank you" and move on. A JW or Mormon who attempts to "convert" me does not scare me. There is no chance that they will "steal" my soul. I do not loathe them. I pity them and move on.

When Messiah comes it will all be straightened out. If it is JC (as I believe it to be) Christians will be the ones who are converted to Judaism. He was a very religious Jew, practicing 1st century Temple Judaism. If it's not JC then I believe that HaShem will have mercy on Christian Zionists who loved His royal family the Jews and His Land - Eretz Yisrael. Thus Christian Zionists still be converted to Judaism.

Check out Isaiah 2:3

Anonymous said...

Christians always say "Why do Jews get so offended when we share about Jesus, if you dont want any just say no thanks and move on". But to convert a Jew to Christianity is to murder his soul, physical and spiritual murders are both crimes which rightfully bring on the death penalty. I dont care if Christians wish to peddle their beliefs to the Goyim but when they missionize to Jews they deserve to be beheaded, and that will be the law once a Torah government arises.

Anonymous said...

But, when will a Torah govt. arise? I can't see it happening until Moshiach. Then it will be a moot point. Christianity will not exist.

When you strip Christianity down to it's most basic core, it is about faith in the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that the one true G-d of the Universe created Israel and through Israel would come a Messiah. Christians want to follow this G-d alone. Is there error in Christianity? NO Doubt! I see the dispute btwn. Christianity and Judaism as being about the identity of this Messiah. Sooo, when He makes His Grand Appearance ALL who have been awaiting His (Moshiach)arrival will follow Him and He will teach us Torah... not Christianity.

Avi said...

CZ: The dispute between Christianity and Judaism is about much more than the identity of the Moshiach (in Judaism there is no concept of 'believing' or 'accepting' the Moshiach- his reign will be evident). Christianity differs from Judaism in many different aspects and we should examine them.
Nature of G-d: Judaism believes that G-d is an absolute unity, with no body or form and no divisions. Mainmonides begins his magnum opus, the Mishne Torah, by writing :Thee fundamental of fundamentals and the pillar of wisdom is to know that there is a Prime Cause and a Creator for all that was Created... It has been explained in the Torah and Prophets that the Holy One, Blesses be He, has no shape or form, as it is written: "For Hashem You G-d is G-d in the heavens above and the Earth below" (Joshua 2:11) and the body cannot be in two places at once as it is written "for you haven't seen any image" (Deuteronomy 4:15) "and to whom will you allegorize Me and compare me?" (Isaiah 40:25) and if He would have a body, it would be similar to all other bodies.

"For I the Lord do not change" (Malachi 3:6). "G-d is not a man" (Numbers 23:19) Clearly, since G-d repeatedly forbids idol worship, G-d cannot be incarnated in a human form. Jews say twice a day, write on their doorposts and say before they die "Hear O Israel, Hashem is our G-d, Hashem is ONE".

Forgiveness/ Atonement: Christians believe that without JC, everybody is sinful and cannot achieve salvation. Judaism completely rejects that notion and asserts that everyone must atone for their own sins.

"Fathers shall not be put to death for their sons, nor shall sons be put to death for their fathers; everyone shall be put to death for his own sin" (Deuteronomy 24:16, II Kings 14:6).

"But everyone will die for his own sin; each man who eats sour grapes, his teeth will be set on edge" (Jeremiah 31:30).

"The person who sins will die. The son will not bear the punishment for the father's iniquity, nor will the father bear the punishment for the son's iniquity; the righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself" (Ezekiel 18:20).

"No man can by any means redeem his brother, or give to G-d a ransom for him" (Psalms 49:7).

"So you shall not pollute the land in which you are; for blood pollutes the land and no expiation can be made for the land for the blood that is shed on it, except by the blood of him who has shed it!" (Numbers 35:33).

Atonement and repentance can only be achieved through prayer to Hashem, confession (and in the time of the Temple, may it be rebuild speedily in our days, with sacrifices). The Torah writes:

That every man will turn from his evil way, then I will forgive their iniquity and their sin." (Jeremiah 36:3).

"Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and let him return to the L-rd, and He will have compassion on him; and to our G-d, for He will abundantly pardon." (Isaiah 55:7).

"I acknowledged my sin to You, and my iniquity I did not hide; I said, `I will confess my transgressions to the L-rd', and You did forgive the guilt of my sin." (Psalm 32:5).

"And if My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." (II Chronicles 7:14). "But if the wicked man turns from all his sins which he has committed and observes all My statutes and practices justice and righteousness, he shall surely live; he shall not die. All his transgressions which he has committed will not be remembered against him; because of the righteousness which he has practiced he shall live...When a wicked man turns away from his wickedness which he has committed and practices justice and righteousness, he will save his life...Repent and turn away from all your transgressions, so that iniquity may not become a stumbling block to you (Ezekiel 18:21- 22,27,30).

"By lovingkindness and truth iniquity is atoned for..." (Proverbs 16:6).

"If you return to G-d you will be restored; if you remove unrighteousness far from your tent...then you will delight in G-d..." (Job 22:23-27).

"Depart from evil, and do good, so you will abide forever." (Psalm 37:27, cf. Ezekiel 33, Zechariah 1:3, Jeremiah 26:13).

Intercession: Christianity holds that 'no one comes to the father except by way of the son'. The Rabbis, however, explain that the Second Commandment 'Thou shalt have no other gods before me' means as an intercessor before G-d. G-d is accessible to every single person and we have no need to pray to His 'son', saints or spirits.

These are just a few difference between Judaism and Christianity, among them are the commandments, the Eternal covenant with Israel...
For more info:


Hashem bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bar Kochba. I agree with you on these differences existing. My point was taking a complicated issue and attempting to distill it down to the simplest terms.

There is a great deal of error in Christianity, yet a great deal of truth. My hope is that Christians and Jews can agree to disagree and not feel a need to compete.

Addressing a few points. Please note I don't want to get too deep into this. Just wanting to clarify because Judaism in trying to refute Christianity while not understanding it has made some wrong assumptions (Christians also have made erroneous assumptions about Judaism as well as Christianity).

When Jesus was here it was during the 2nd Temple era. Today, Judaism is just a bit different. An example is a functioning priesthood and sacrificial system. Jesus and His followers did participate in this system. His followers continued in the sacrificial system until the destruction of the Temple. The atonement issue in Christianity is directly linked to the High Priest's function.
In Christianity it is understood that the Messiah is Prophet, High Priest and King. How can this be when the High Priest is to be descended from Aaron and the King from Judah? In Ezekiel 40-48 it seems Messiah will be doing this. And didn't King David once offer sacrifice w/o a Priest?

Regarding the Trinity... 2/3rd of it is in line with Judaism. Judaism does recognize the Ruach Hakodesh. As far as the 1/3 where we disagree. Yea, that's a biggie. ;) The trinitarin belief does embrace the nature of G-d as a complete unity (echad). Honestly, it has me scratching my head at times. I have my own questions and if they all can't be reconciled in this world I KNOW they will be in the world to come. I have had some of my questions w/ Christianity answered through my study of Judaism. Studying Judaism has brought alot to light and has made me think much deeper.

A study I would like to do is the Messiah of Judaism and the Messiah of Christianity. What are the differences? What are the similarities? What are the expectations?

Please, don't give up on friendship with Christians we are very reasonable. Set your boundaries. A true friend will respect them. A "no thank you" should suffice, a beheading is a bit over the top...


Anonymous said...

CZ, I do this only in case Jews who have not learned Torah read your distortions.

1. There is no truth in Christianity except by accident, and certainly no competition. Goyim who could barely read stole the Torah and began making comical misinterpretations; thats Christianity.(The vast majority of early Christians were not Jews but Idumeans who had falsely converted to Judaism.)

2. Before the Beit HaMikdash was built sacrifices could be brought anywhere, after its construction Karbonot (with the exception of the Korban Pesach) could only be brought in the Beit HaMikdash. So David HaMelech's actions make perfect sense.

3. Ruach HaKodesh is a lesser form of divine revelation, somehow Christians talked themselves into believing this was a part of Hashem.

4. Mashiach is a Jewish male-line descendant of David through his son Shlomo(Guess Jesus is out since he supposedly doesnt have a father) he will restore full Jewish sovreignty and the rule of the Malchut, he will fight the wars of Hashem and return the Jewish people to Eretz Yisrael, and he will rebuild the Beit HaMikdash. He will not perform miracles or necessarily be a Navi.

Pilakuvakisa pedofiilikulttien edustajia kohtaan on jokaisen ihmisoikeus. Ihmisoikeuksiin ei kuulu tulla loisimaan toisten lompakolla pedofiilirikollisina ja sotarikollisina vastikkeettomasti eläen said...

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Avi said...

For the Jewish viw on moshiach is a great site. The great thing about Christians and Jews is that we can talk without chopping each other's heads of, something that the Mohammedeans have never understood.

Rita Loca said...

Thanks fro the helpful comments n my blog.
This discussion could go on forever, say 2000 years or so!

marallyn ben moshe said...

gmar hatima you and everyone you love...a sweet new year...stay, marallyn

Anonymous said...

Bar: thanks for the link. I looked it over. It will be a good resource for my study.

KahaneL: Would you please explain or send a link that will help me to understand what you mean by the Ruach being a lesser form divine revelation of HaShem

Here are some links to help balance your blog post on this event of Christian's celebrating Sukkot in Jerusalem. Michael Freund and the ICEJ respond to the Chief Rabbinate's decision.
Freund's Response:

The ICEJ's Response:

Have a great Day! :)

Anonymous said...

oops! Let me try this one more time.
Here is the correct link for the ICEJ response.

KEvron said...

"As for the Christian-Nazis"

you mean "christofascists"....


ChristianMan9000 said...

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. - John 14:6