Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Later Day Saints Ackbar?

I'm in my hotel in Florence now, relaxing. I'm still here for a few more days. I wasn't planning on blogging but when I started to mutter to myself after reading the newspaper, I decided that instead of the other tourists thinking that I'm insane, I should commit my thoughts down to paper, or at least HTML. So here goes:

On September 11th, a group of religion fundamentalists committed a horrendous attack on non-belivers in the name of G-d. These extremists are the subject of a new film, September Dawn, by Christopher Cain, starring John Voight. Who could these lunatics who kill for their faith be? The Mormons, of course!
From Wikipedia:
September Dawn is an upcoming 2007 film by Christopher Cain, scheduled for wide release on August 24, 2007. It sets a fictional love story against the historical tragedy of the Mountain Meadows massacre of September 11, 1857, when a wagon train of emigrants of more than 120 men, women and children was attacked and murdered by a group of Mormon militiamen and Paiute Indians.
The director of the film intended to explore the dangers of religious fundamentalism, as it is so prevalent in our world today and what more logical targets than those evil, bloddthirsty Mormons! It's not like any other religious group ever massacred civilians on September 11th!
But seriously, why did Christopher Cain, who had a much more obvious group who commit evils in the name of G-d, choose to make a movie about Mormons? Muslims, whose September 11th massacre is far more relevant, seem to have somehow slipped his mind. The violence done in the name of Mormonism pales in comparison to that perpetrated by the followers of the 'Religion of Peace'. Which of the two religions was founded by a pedophile bandit? Which Prophet ordered his faithful to spread their new religion by the sword? It definitely is not Mormonism.
Christopher Cain is hardly the only director to go to lengths to avoid any Hollywood discussion or representation of Islamic terror and violence. The Sum of All Fears and Red Eye, along with many other movies with terrorists, always involves terrorists who are either American or European. How is it that the group that has committed 95% of the airline hijackings in history has been ignored? When 24 logically decided to have a season involving Islamic terrorists (far-fetched, I know), FOX was attacked by CAIR as being Islamophobic. Right, and portraying the Nazis during WWII as Germans is Allemanophobic... Kingdom of Heaven, a superbly crappy and historically inacurate movie about the Crusades with Orlando Bloom, goes to unecessary lengths to show the Christians as ruthless brutes who disturb the multicultural, tolerant Muslims who at that time were harrasing Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land. Why let fact get in the way of political correctness and dhimmitude?
CAIR and the rest of their jihad-sympathizing leftist cohorts make an honest discussion of Islam and parts of that faith that give rise to atrocities impossible. Whether we like it or not, the US currently has soldiers deployed in at 2 Islamic countries, Iraq and Afghanistan. To deny that there is a war going on between Muslims and the West is ridiculous, especially since the Iraq war is a big issue for the Left. Terrorist groups with names like Islamic Jihad must be freedom fighters who are simply angry at Western imperialism, nothing to do with Islam at all. Just close your eyes and keep walking- nothing to see here!
Christopher Cain is a coward for choosing Mormons as his target in his new movie. He knows that Mormons will not march through the streets demanding his head and nor will they strap bombs onto themselves to protect their beliefs from defamation. However, he misses a golden opportunity to warn the West about the Islamic danger. At least we'll all be prepared for the coming Mormon intifada!

Jesus and Later Day Saints Ackbar!!


WomanHonorThyself said...

Muslims, whose September 11th massacre is far more relevant, seem to have somehow slipped his mind. ..or his alleged mind!...what a joke !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's right... It was the Muslims that massacred a wagon train in southern Utah... boy, I'll bet Cain feels stupid.

What the Hell do they put in your coffee over there?!!! Are you guys fu@#ing retarded?

Cain made a movie about an event is US History, not a movie about Muslim terrorists. I am sure if they were in the wagon train, they would have been in the movie.

You are so high and mighty and full of self-inflated importance. Why don't you go make a movie about Muslim Terrorists?!!!!

Morons...oh, I mean Mormons...


Rita Loca said...

You will surely get some wonderful comments about this!!! I can't wait to read them!

Brooke said...

I wonder if this has a political slant... You know, to make Mitt Romney look like a nasty, evil, horrible MORMON right before the primaries?

Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

Mormons do not perform human sacrifice to propitiate their deity.

But Mormons, Jews and Christians alike are candidates for blood sacrifice to Allah.

And no Kaffir, no matter how pacifist, is safe from this evil, sadistic, violent, perverted, parasitic and predatory cult.

Read about Islam's war against Buddhism at


Maybe the world's final interfaith conference will consist of Buddhists chanting 'Om Mani Padme Hum', Christians singing 'Kumbaya', and Muslims screaming 'Allah Akhbar' as they chop their heads off.

Something drastic has got to be done to stop the inroads of these savages, but none of the Kaffir religions have got the intellectual or spiritual strength to do anything.

Maybe we need a raging atheist like Stalin, who for all his faults knew how to deal with Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Islamophobic videorant from Pat Condell. Watch it before it's banned!


Bald Headed Geek said...

I did not realize that you are a fellow Montrealer (though I have not lived there in over 15 years)!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this yet another far left agenda in Hollywood, to demonize Mormons, just because Mitt Romney is a viable candidate, I would not be surprised, the far left is known for these sort of sick twisted things. However the War on Terror is now, not something that happen 100 years ago, but as usual in the mindset of the far left, the War on Terror dosen't even exist!

Pat Condell is a egotistical moron, he's not worth anyone's time!