Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Liar, Murderer, Hellenizer, Thief

From Arutz-7:

The IDF and General Security Services (Shin Bet) released for publication Sunday night that two Palestinian Authority (PA) National Security Force officers and another accomplice are the ones who murdered 29-year-old Ido Zoldan on November 19.

Israeli security officials knew Zoldan was murdered by PA policemen, because two of the three terrorists who shot him to death were arrested the next day in a joint IDF and Shin Bet operation.

The information was withheld until after the Annapolis summit, however, and only cleared for publication after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert returned from signing a joint declaration with PA Chairman, and acknowledged Fatah leader, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen).

Zoldan was shot to death by the three terrorists at approximately 11:30 pm near the PA-controlled Arab village of Funduk, near Kedumim. Magen David Adom medics who arrived at the scene tried desperately to revive him, but to no avail.

The Fatah terrorist group, Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, took responsibility for the murder and said it was carried out to protest the upcoming Annapolis conference.

Two terrorists are members of the Palestinian National Security Force in which Israel and the United States have invested money, political support, and actual weapons as part of their effort to prop up the Abbas government.

The two PA policemen and their comrade-in-arms were all members of a terrorist cell from their nearby village of Kadum, close to the northern Samaria Jewish community of Kedumim. Dafar Baram, who was apprehended along with Abdullah Baram, serves in the PA's Ramallah police department.

The third murderer, Fadi Jama'a, also served in the PA National Security Force and was apprehended by fellow PA police. He remains in PA custody. All are 22 years old.

Hmmm... Jews killed by Fatah policemen? Nah.. they would never do such a thing. Olmert trusts them so much that he has given them over 50 armed vehicles and tons of weapons, not to mention releasing over 400 Arab terrorists, as yet another "goodwill" gesture.

Olmert is a Hellenizer straight out of the Chanukkah story. He loves Bush so much that he's prepared to have Jews be murdered rather than fall from grace. Not that I would like Olmert to meet the same fate as the apostate Jew in Modi'in, but he should be tried and incarcerated in a dank cellar somewhere.

Despite Olmert's love of the West and "goodwill" gestures towards the Arabs, it doesn't really seem like they are willing to reciprocate. Just recently, Muslims in Antwerp (what lunatic government let those barbarians in?!) protested a Belgian grocery chain Delhaize for selling Israeli products. (Muslims protesting? What a shocker!) The Jews of Antwerp organized a counter demonstration where over 300 Jews showed up to buy as many Israeli products as possible in support of Delhaize's decision to carry Israeli products.

If Muslims have an objection to Israeli or Jewish products, let them boycott them and go to hell.

Muslims: Jews didn't invent soap so I don't understand why you guys are so adverse to that one...


Eitan said...

Shalom, salaam, and hello(just kidding ya 'bout the second from left...I wouldn't use that (kind of) language.

Indeed, this is very alarming news. Oh whoops...did I say "news"? Hasn't this been happening in one form or another since...well neither one of us goes that far back but my point is yes, the Israeli government is just like the Hellenized Jews who were in charge at the time of the Hashmona'im. We, the tiny minority, won then and we will win now. But we must do something about the situation lest it be too late.

I will be returning to Israel in 3-5 years. I have a clear plan. How 'bout you? e-mail me if you feel like it.


Eitan "Ha'ahzari"

Yehudi01 said...

LOL! Great video..I've seen that before. When you suggest that muslims have an aversity to soap, are you really saying they smell? They're dirty...filthy even? I can go there with you...but what about the teaching that all of us, (Jew and non-Jew alike) contain Divine sparks, and therefore deserve to be treated with respect and dignity? Aren't we all created in the Divine Image? During Hanukkah, aren't we reminded that we, as Jews...the light-bearers of Hashem, are mandated to be a "Light unto the Nations?" Didn't mean to preach...lol! Just found a soapbox that I thought I'd stand on for a minute! Hanukkah sameach, BK!

WomanHonorThyself said...

Un real Bar!...Seen this Vid..love it!..yasher koach!

The Hermit said...

We do the same thing in the U.S. We pick somebody to be our "partner" and arm them to the teeth even if they hate us and use the weapons against us. I guess you have to be a politician to understand the logic behind this.

Bar Kochba said...

Yehudi: You are very right and thank you for calling me on this. Maybe next time I'll replace the word Muslim with Islamo-fascist to make it clear that my ire is only extendede to the filth living in caves, who hate Jews and boycott Israel.

benning said...

Excellent video! Thanks!

Olmert is a fool, but he's also a Leftist, thus his worldview is skewed to fantasy and unreality. So his actions since taking office, though suicidal, are hardly surprising.

Brooke said...

Benning stole my thunder, LOL!